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Album Name: In the Beginning
Composer: Christopher Franke
Episode #: Babylon 5 Movie #1
Order Online: - -

Track Title Time
1A Opening 2:03
1B It Began 35 Earth Years Ago 1:48
1C Londo on Earth 2:12
1D Meet The Grey Council 2:45
1E Londo's Terrible Truth 0:48
2A Londo Remembers 0:55
2B Grey Council In Session 1:43
2C Decision To Go 1:00
2D Dukhat & Kosh 0:40
2E Cargo Arrival 0:43
2F Prometheus On Course 1:08
2G Delenn Inducted  0:22
2H Earth Attack 5:04
3A Minbari Attack 0:44
3B Troop Assembly 1:40
3C I'll See You Soon 0:35
3D Delenn In Her Quarters 0:39
3E Delenn Meets Kosh 1:36
3F The Human Allies 0:45
4A Franklin In Medlab 0:24
4B Franklin Arrested 1:37
4C Minbari Attack 2:20
4D Sheridan's Plan 2:21
5A Destroy The Black Star 2:08
5B Londo About Interception 1:13
5C Centauri Attack 1:58
5D Captured And Released 2:46
6A The War 3:22
6B President's Call 1:43
6C The Battle Of The Line 5:34
6D Valen's Reincarnation  0:51
6E Our Last Best Hope For Peace 0:54
6F The Story Is Never Over 2:43
6G End Credits 0:47
Total Time: 57:12

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