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BABYLON5: Chrysalis
Album Name: Chrysalis
Composer: Christopher Franke
Episode #: 122
Order Online: - -

Track Title Time
1A Into The Conference 0:15
1B Death Of The Informant 0:43
1C Main Titles 1:27
2A Medlab 0:58
2B July Is Better 0:30
2C See You In An Hour 1:11
2D I Knew Him 0:44
2E Things To Come 0:42
2F I Must See 0:33
3A Believe Me 1:26
3B Send The Message 0:19
3C I Don't Like Where We Are Going 0:36
3D I Don't Like This 2:02
3E The Attack 1:13
4A He Wouldn't 0:13
4B I Do Not Have Much Time 1:57
4C There is Someone Else 0:33
4D Cheers 0:30
4E Time 3:08
5A Too Late 0:59
5B The Point Of The Exercise 0:33
5C She Is Changing 1:53
6A Transmission 0:13
6B Destiny 1:40
6C End Titles 0:36
Total Time: 24:51

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