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BABYLON5: Walkabout
Album Name: Walkabout
Composer: Christopher Franke
Episode #: 318
Order Online: - -

Track Title Time
1A Where Is The Captain 0:55
1B Vorlon Ship Arrival 2:07
1C Main Titles (With Narration) 1:29
2A Swedish Meatballs 0:26
2B G'Kar & Na'Kal 1:18
2C The New Vorlon 0:40
2D Changing Places 0:36
2E Conversational Developments 2:32
3A Sheridan & Lyta 0:20
3B Sheridan And The Vorlon Mystery 0:39
3C Song: Good Bye 2:43
3D Caylin Introduced 1:06
4A En Route 0:39
4B Caylin & Franklin 0:38
4C Lyta & Sheridan 1:04
4D Begin To Attack The Shadows 1:22
5A Battle Part 1 2:35
5B Battle Part 2 3:33
5C Caylin Unconscious 0:16
5D Caylin Diagnosed 1:09
6A The Return 0:47
6B Song: All Of Me 1:45

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