Omar Chaudry's Warlock V4.0
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Basis:Ish'Ta, Crusade 13, ACTA
Last Update:Sept 23rd, 2000
Modeling Program:Lightwave 3D v5.5
Hardware:Pentium III 500, 64MB
Polygon Count:36,248
Object Count:?
Time Spent:?
Plugins Used:None
Components:John Slone's hull texture and Kinematics file
Licence:Limited Licence (See website)
Web Site:
Notes:"I used the pictures leaked from the B5:ITF game, and stills from "Babylon5: A Call to Arms" and "Crusade". My best model yet. Looks good from far, object not very detailed, but the textures are. Rotatable turrets as well as rotatable side missile platforms."
Lightwave 3D R5.5 Model ZIP(2,050KB) - Hypermart
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