Submit Critisism - Critisism Board Unavailible

If you have any concerns about the model (no matter how small), I will post them here as well as foreward them to Havco (if desired I can relay them anonlymously). I will draw up diagrams verifying the error and illustrating a fix for the problem. Critisism is the only method to ensure the best possible models, so please do not hessitate.

The below critisisms are intended to display any flaws that I have found in the model. Their point is to ensure that each model is as accurate as possible, so do not be discouraged if there are a lot. Once you fix these problems, just email me some new views and they will be re-analysed. If anyone has any additional problems, feel free to email me and I will post them along with the below data.

General Remarks
  • Texture is too dark (may be lighting difference)
  • Texture mapping on ends of top section not linear
  • Missing Markings (EA, WL 24, Shipname)
  • Recovery Bay
  • Diagram (From Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

  • Warlock Engines Extrude too Far from Hull
  • Top & Bottom Armor Plates to Big
  • Side Armor Plates too Small
  • Warlock Engine Armor Too Small
  • Various Errors in Omega-Section
  • Main Warlock Chassis extends too Far
  • Incorrect Shape at end of Top Chassis
  • Recovery Bay (various errors)
  • Missile Pod too Large
  • Nova-Turrets not Wide Enough
  • Incorrect Shape/Size on Base Structure
  • Base Structure Does not Extend far Enough
  • Angle on Top Bow at Wrong Angle
  • Foreward Guide Lights too Far Back
  • Primary Sensor Boom too Fat
  • Sensor 'Pedals' too Short