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40 years ago, director Stanley Kubrick was riding high following the back-to-back Oscar-nominated films Dr. Strangelove and 2001: A Space Odyssey, but it would be his next movie that would really define the filmmaker's career.
A Clockwork Orange was Kubrick's adaptation of Anthony Burgess' 1962 novel, a film that introduced many people to Malcolm McDowell as Alex, a gregarious street thug who leads his three "Droogs" on a rampage of sex and violence that shocked the world when it was first released. Alex eventually makes a mistake that gets himself arrested and he takes part in an experimental process that turns the tables on him, as he's no longer able to experience violent or sexual thoughts. Even forty years later, the film says as much or more about our society as it did back then, and the film clearly has had a huge cultural impact on youth culture as each new generation discovers it.
On Tuesday, May 31, Warner Home Video will be releasing a 40th Anniversary Edition of the film on Blu-ray which includes a number of new bonus features including a doc called "Malcolm McDowell Looks Back" and other docs, including Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures and O Lucky Malcolm!. The same day, they will release Mike Kaplan's documentary "Never Apologize," in which McDowell celebrates the life of his long-time director and friend Lindsay Anderson, who directed the actor in IF… and O Lucky Man!, the movies that preceded and followed A Clockwork Orange.
If that wasn't enough, McDowell also appears on the new TNT law show Franklin and Bash, which is set to air on Wednesday, June 1.

Now on DVD at the Warner Archive:

Five-hundred bucks doesn’t come easily for private eye Philip Marlowe (James Garner). But when it comes by way of a bribe, it might as well be five cents. He rejects Winslow Wong (Bruce Lee) and his offer of cash...and Wong promptly karates the detective’s office into a junkpile. In a colorful whodunit based on Raymond Chandler’s The Little Sister, Garner’s easygoing style contrasts agreeably with the grim task of sleuthing a case of missing persons, blackmail and ice-pick murders. Carroll O’Connor, Rita Moreno, William Daniels, Sharon Farrell and Jackie Coogan are among the cast of characters living in a sprawling ’60s L.A. so hard-boiled somebody’s got to crack. And when that happens, it's Marlowe’s job to put the pieces together.
Official Trailer:

If you loved ROCKFORD FILES, you will truly enjoy MARLOWE. This movie takes a bit from movies created around the same time, MATT HELM, IN LIKE FLINT - and it has a sequence with Bruce Lee that you will truly enjoy. This is a very entertaining movie from the 60s -- with plenty of action to keep you on your toes.

The GoBots are reporting for action on DVD and they have never looked this good! Experience the first five episodes of the exciting animated series - known to fans as The Battle for Gobotron saga - in revitalized digitally remastered splendor.
On distant planet GoBotron dwells a race of robots able to transform themselves into amazing fighting vehicles. As war rages between noble Guardian GoBots and evil Renegade GoBots, the Renegades escape to Earth to conquer the planet. But the Guardians follow and the battle begins. Along with heroic humans, Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter strive to keep Earth safe from the Renegades and other foes, from invading aliens to deranged scientists and dangerous gangs. Based on Hasbro's GoBots toy line, the American version of the Japanese toy line Machine Robo, the animated Challenge of the GoBots: The Original Miniseries explodes with intergalactic excitement.

I can't believe it was back in 1984 when we first saw the GO-BOTS. To tell you the truth, I still enjoy watching them. Somewhat like the Transformers, these robots come in good and evil. With a little help from humans, they save both Earth and Gobotron. This DVD is broken into five episodes that make up a total story. It may be a little long for a younger child, but the 7-10 year olds in my family will love these adventures.

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