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The Zocalo Newsletter!

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Ranger Nick pointed out that on January 24, 2004, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Babylon 5 coming to the airwaves. As I thought about this, I wondered how we might best mark this event -- making it special in some way! Send along your ideas and we can see what we might be able to do.
Perhaps a special page with reflections of what Babylon 5 has meant to us? Perhaps we could suggest to SCIFI -- a special day of special episodes! Give it a little thought and let's see what we can come up with.

Here is the first suggestion on how we can celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Babylon 5.

Date: 12/20/2003 1:48:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Hollow1942

Hello Sandy: In addition to Ranger Karen's comments about sending thanks to JMS I believe thanks should also be sent to the wonderful actors who made B5 come alive for all of us.

I really enjoy reading your newsletter. Thanks for all your hard work.
Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Evelyn Alberts

Date: 12/09/2003 7:03:57 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Jan M Schroeder

Hi, Sandy!
I've been reading the ideas about what to do to show JMS our appreciation of 10 years of B5. While I think the idea of the star is good, I think that's more properly something the company's he's worked for to do. Surely MGM and Marvel at least would sign on. One reason why I don't think it's a good idea for the fans, though, is JMS' reaction the other times taking up a collection has been suggested. He's pretty much always demurred and suggested the $ go to a shelter for battered women.

I really like the idea of collecting notes and cards and letters, though. If possible, is there someplace where you could send him actual cards and handwritten letters? I'd love for him to get a big package of those - it seems a much more personal touch than forwarding emails (though a good idea also).


Date: 12/11/2003 10:14:20 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Sandy:
I think the idea of the ranger sent to you is very good. A message sent to JMS with the name of all the members of the community, and if possible, the members of the cast, too. A very simple but a good idea for the anniversary of the series.

This is my opinion. What do you think?

Date: 12/08/2003 1:19:39 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: CCB5Flamekeeper

Dear Sandy,

About the B5 anniversary coming up, we should lobby for the SFC to do a marathon on that date, and maybe an interview with JMS or intros by the stars or something, we could petition for that. I would also like to suggest maybe gatherings locally, but that might not work, but who knows. And I do like the idea of creating the Thanks list to send to JMS, at least,, Maybe we could raise money for a charity, maybe the stray cats charity JMS has gotten involved with, and send it to commemorate it,, maybe $10 for each year. Also, something to present to JMS, don't know quite what,, so these are just some ideas,, and I would like to try to participate in all of it, if possible. I will keep thinking and let you know what I might come up with.

All the best to you and yours this holiday season.

Faith manages,
Ranger Connie

Ranger Karen wrote:
Why not collect "thank you"s that could be compiled & sent to Joe from the community that he created? Perhaps some of the cast and crew members would enjoy participating in something like that as well. We love the world Joe created so much that almost 11 years after the pilot was first aired, we excitedly anticipate new B5 projects. I can't think of a better way to encourage him than to let him know we are still with him.

Date: 12/6/2003 3:15:31 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: "Jim Heidke"
Dear Sandy,
I think that one great way of celebrating the 10th anniversary of Babylon 5 would be to get JMS a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Rod Serling and Gene Roddenberry both have stars -- and JMS' work has often been compared favorably to theirs -- so it seems only right that he should be recognized there too. Nomination procedures can be found at .

The sponsorship fee is not cheap -- $15,000 -- but I wouldn't be surprised if 3,000 fans came up with $5.00 each. And, perhaps, Marvel, Top Cow, Warner Bros., Shotime, & the SciFi channel could each be enticed to contribute some money too, since JMS has made money for all of them and his prominence would reflect well on them. Also, there are the three generations of actors (from Murder She Wrote, Babylon 5/Crusade, and Jeremiah) that may wish to support this effort too.

Perhaps an account could be set up at PayPal to receive sponsorship donations (with any excess money received going to a favorite charity of JMS')?

Just a thought.

From warm & dry Tucson, AZ,
Jim Heidke

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