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The Zocalo Today

Welcome to the Zocalo Today. Take your shoes off, get comfortable and stay a while.

The Zocalo Today is an interactive newsletter devoted to Babylon 5 and Crusade. If you have suggestions, please send them along. The Zocalo Today is as much YOUR newsletter as it is mine! I'm just pulling together things for you! Our weekly discussion topic is just one way you can interact with other Z readers. Send along letters, sightings of B5 cast & crew in other projects, convention reports, photos, etc. Don't miss our back issues. There is a LOT of information contained there and you'll not want to miss anything.

If you have questions, drop me a line at sgbruckner@aol.com or bruckner@isnnews.net.


October 20, 2000 05:13am

What's New

A lot of people got very excited the other day -- there were some actual Babylon 5 props for sale out at e-bay. It was a small lot of patches, but there was a Londo pin and some PPGs. Anyway, the bidding was hot and people who finally won items couldn't wait until they received them. Now the other shoe is dropping!

All auction items were pulled and returned to the consignee. JMS called the seller and had the auction halted. Major disappointment! Guess they are not ready to sell off items yet. Does indicate there's a market for them though! Hint, hint!

Everyone had a great time with Andreas at FarPoint a couple of weeks ago. Dawn and Connie sent in their favorite photos to be posted in the Photo Gallery. Take a peek.

I've updated the JMS Speaks section a bit. There's a new interview and a new reference to B5 comics!

John Vickery -- Neroon to B5 fans -- has been enjoying a wonderful in the stage version of "Lion King". The LATimes.com has a wonderful story on him and the role. There is a marvelous review of the show in the Hollywood Reporter.

On October 23, SCIFI will begin a West Coast feed of it's program schedule. What does that mean for you? B5 at 7pm instead of 4pm in the afternoon! Check your local listings to make sure of the change. Now THIS should help ratings!

It is always wonderful to see Babylon 5 mentioned at other website -- especially those that deal with hard subjects, like space. Over at space.com, you'll find a wonderful article entitled 'Signs and Portents' - A B5 Milestone Remembered. This is a great website, mixing space science with science fiction.


The numbers ae out for Babylon 5's first week at SCIFI. They are in the top 10! Here are the statistics:
Invisible Man 1.4
Species II 1.4
Raiders of Lost Ark 1.3
Chameleon 1.2
John Edward 1.0
Darwin Conspiracy 1.0
The Outer Limits 0.9
Babylon 5 0.8
Farscape Marathon 0.8
Alien 3 0.8

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 9/25/00 - 10/1/00

This week, political ads featuring John McCain will begin airing from Sherman Oaks to Thousand Oaks in California endorsing Jerry Doyle's campaign for Congress.

In checking the calendar ahead for Babylon 5 on SCIFI, I find that "In the Beginning" will air on Friday, November 10 at 9pm and again at 12:00AM. "The Gathering" will be rebroadcast in December!

Want to know more about "Midnight Nation"? There's a review of the latest issue over at IGN.COM. Have to admit -- this one I agree with.

I noticed this posting out at the B5 newsgroup and thought you might be interested:
These are the bookface.com top 10 list!

1 Out of the Darkness: Legions of Fire Book III (Bablyon 5) by Peter David (Chapter)
2 Tribulations by J. Michael Straczynski (Book)
3 CRUSADE: "Value Judgements" by Fiona Avery (Script)
4 Crusade: "To The Ends of the Earth" by J. Michael Straczynski (Script)
5 Dune: House Harkonnen by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson (Chapter)
6 Crusade: "End of the Line" by J. Michael Straczynski (Script)
7 Slaves of Obsession by Anne Perry (Chapter)
8 We Killed Them In The Ratings by J. Michael Straczynski (Short Story)
9 Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything by James Gleick (Book)
10 Variations on a Theme by Fiona Avery (Short Story)

Neil Gaiman, author of B5's "Day of the Dead", will be donating the original manuscript for his BBC TV series Neverwhere, as well as manuscript pages from the novel based on the series, for an auction to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The auction will begin on ebay.com on October 16 and end of October 26. For more details check out SciFiWire or the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund .

JMS has a weekly column at the new psycomic.com site. JMS' column is entitled, "Letters From the Edge." This week's installment is entitled "On a Web and a Prayer." Joe talks about his upcoming Amazing Spiderman duties. I hadn't noticed before, but psycomics.com is a SCIFI operation.

Sierra is giving away promotional materials from the canceled Into the Fire game. They have a mousepad, a poster, and/or a watch. They're free, except for shipping. http://www.sierra.com/b5 will take you to the order page.

This sounds the death knell for the game -- and means that the last remaining unseen footage of the cast and crew will remain unseen.

Fire Mousepad I got my mousepad and watch last night. This graphic doesn't do the mousepad justice. And the watch is very nifty as well. Super service.

A good piece for new fans can be found over at http://scifi.ign.com/tv/5364.html. It covers the series very well, giving background on each of the seasons.

Both formats There's been a lot of comment about how the pilot was shown, since it was not shot in widescreen, but SCIFI elected to show it in a quasi-letterbox format. Ranger Brian did a quick comparison for us. Thanks Brian.

The Bill Mumy Fan Club has a project and they need your help. They would love to get at Hollywood Walk of Fame Star for Bill. If you would like to help, go to Fan Club Projects page for more details.


Friday, October 20:
Kevin Sorbo is talking about Andromeda over at cinescape.com. He liked the transition he's made from Hercules and hopes that everyone will enjoy his portrayal of Dylan Hunt.

The Fleetwood Owen online auction house is taking bids for props and costumes from Ridley Scott's 1979 SF classic movie Alien. The items include unpublished production stills, an original alien costume, a complete spacesuit worn by Kane (John Hurt) and a flamethrower used by Ripley (Sigourney Weaver). The auction runs through Nov. 1. Fleetwood Owen is run in part by Fleetwood Mac band member Mick Fleetwood.

Neil Gaiman fans: There's a interview out on fandom.com. He talks about his latest novel, "American Gods" and upcoming projects.

Spacewalk Thursday, October 19:
Sending missions into space has become fairly routine -- except for those directly involved. It's fascinating to read stories on the CNN page about the latest mission and the spacewalks they have performed to repair equipment, etc. The latest crew should be home in a few days and we wish them good luck in the successful completion of their mission.

Want a little spoiler information about the upcoming Jurasic Park #3? There's a story about some of Laura Dern's scenes over at cinescape.com.

EON Magazine reports that: John Travolta left a crowd of journalists stunned at a press conference promoting his new movie LUCKY NUMBERS. He not only claimed BATTLEFIELD: EARTH would be seen one day as a science fiction classic (????) but that he is STILL going ahead with the sequel.

Not exactly sci-fi, but there's a new Love Bug movie on the horizon for Disney. Film makers are scrambling to get new productions finished before a much anticipated actors strike against producers. The big question here is: Will Herbie be the new model VW or the old, loveable one?

Wednesday, October 18:
After an impressive premiere, Fox's Freakylinks saw its audience drop 25 per cent. Like all new shows, it's under a microscope to see if it can maintain any sort of viewer base.

While I LOVE Scooby Do (although he will NEVER replace Daffy Duck or Marvin the Martian), what do you think of a live-action movie? Variety reports that WB will produce the movie, to be written by James Gunn and directed by Raja Gosnell.

Here's a different sounding movie for you. From the Hollywood Reporter: Matthew McConaughey is set to star opposite Christian Bale in "Reign of Fire," an action feature with fire-breathing dragons for the Walt Disney Co.-based Spyglass Entertainment and director Rob Bowman. "Reign" is scheduled to begin shooting in February in the United Kingdom. Set in England, "Reign" centers on a brood of dragons that establish dominance over the planet after they emerge from the earth and begin setting fire to everything. McConaughey will play the head of an American militia that has come to England to battle the dragons.

Empire Online reports that Pinewood and Shepperton, the two biggest film studios in the country, have been given the greenlight for a merger which could change the face of the British film industry.

Over at IGN.COM there's a not too complimentary review of Andromeda. I hope people will give it a chance. A lot of series pilots aren't the greatest!

Tuesday, October 17:
Cinescape.com is reporting that Xena will end with this, it's sixth season. The announcement came yesterday, indicating that they will fulfill the current 22-episode season and resolve a number of the issues related to the show.

Roswell is in trouble. The show's second season premiere attracted 4.1 million viewers, better than its first-season average audience of 3.5 million, but below the level needed to continue. Last week's second episode drew 3.9 million viewers, which was a 39 percent decline from its lead-in, 7th Heaven. "The WB will be watching it closely over the next few months to determine its future."

Monday, October 16:
ANGEL Fans: Over at fandom.com, there is a wonderful review of the series and turns it is taking for season two.

Sunday, October 15:
If you enjoyed the first two episodes of Andromeda, you will want to get to know the cast of Andromeda a little better. There is an extensive series of interview video clips available, including a chat with co-Exeuctive Producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe over at www.andromedatv.com.

Saturday, October 14:
Will Buffy be moving to ABC? That's the latest rumor. I suppose a lot hinges on current negotiations between WB and 20th Century Fox. Can't hurt that another network is interested!

The numbers are in for the second episode of "Dark Angel". They didn't do badly against the competition.


Earth View Here is a site that you'll want to visit -- and visit often. It's PERFECT for the new viewer -- and the old one! It has something for EVERYONE! The site is http://hyperspace.isnnews.net. The site's divisions are the major races of the show -- Centauri, Narn, Earth Force, etc. It gives background about each race, shows some of their ships, gives you some very good graphics as well.

Do you have a favorite Babylon 5 or Crusade website? Want to see it featured here? Drop me a line -- let's talk.


I posted information about a boycott of P&G yesterday and a few folks pointed out that perhaps there is another side to the story. I've taken down the notice and will try to get more information on why the boycott was called.

If anyone has more background information on this situation, please drop me a line. Thanks.


The Sciography episode about Babylon 5 MAY NOT air on SCIFI. Only time will tell on this one. However, I have been a little concerned about the program from the get-go. Their advertisements made the program seem more like an expose than a documentary! I had hoped that this was a way of getting people interested in the program -- not an indication of the direction the program would go. Since I'm not sure what the program contains, I'm not sure if I want to support an airing of the program! It's like buying something sight-unseen. If we enjoy it -- wonderful. If it tears down the B5 universe we all love -- we would NOT be happy campers.

So for this reason, I'm taking down the article supporting Sciography's return to the SCIFI schedule.


Paul Ben-Victor, Hobbes from The Invisible Man, will be over at SCIFI chatting on October 17 at 9pm ET. To join the chat, go to www.scifi.com/chat.

Stan Lee, mastermind behind such characters as Spiderman, the X-Men, and The Incredible Hulk, will be chatting over at Lycos next week, October 19 at 8pm ET; 5pm PT. For details on the chat, go to http://clubs.lycos.com/live/events/stan_lee.asp.


So what do you think of the new shows so far? Did Andromeda do anything for you? Did you enjoy the pilot movie for Dark Angel? What about Freaky Links or any of the other new series on TV? Drop me a line and I'll post your comments. It will be interesting to see if we share any of the same opinions!

I'm putting your replies out on the Genre Discussion Page.


Babylon 5

Delenn in Hungary reports that: Babylon 5 is now in the middle of Season 4. (october 2000)
Channel: RTL Klub
Time: every Saturday, 14.10 PM

Beginning: (Gathering and Season 1.) 22. 11. 1997. on channel TV3.
Beginning: (Season 2.-3.-4.-5.) 12. 11. 1999. on channel RTL Klub.
In Hungary is yet first time Babylon 5 on TV, but many from us have seen the show (all 5 seasons) on german satellite channels). And we have the B5 films also.

Ranger Maria from Spain has reports that after two years of waiting, season four of Babylon 5 is going to be shown in Spain. It begins October, 18th at 22:00 P.M. in the channel AXN which is alvailabe in the Satellite Network Canal SatÚlite Digital.

Ranger Sarah has talked to SCIFI in the UK. She has been assured that B5 is due to run again in the UK beginning Monday 20th November 2000. There will be two episodes a day, at 8am and 2pm, with the latter being a repeat of the earlier episode.


Ranger David reports that Canal + will run Crusade every Sunday at 4:45 PM. It will begin October, 8th.

If you have information about when and where Babylon 5 or Crusade is airing in your country, send it along and we'll post the information here to be shared with everyone.


Gary Cole

Office Space
Mike Judge (.Beavis & Butt-head.) directed this crude workplace comedy about a stressed out computer programmer (Ron Livingston) who plots against the world of corporate downsizing. Joanna: Jennifer Aniston. Bill: Gary Cole. Anne: Alexandra Wentworth. Samir: Ajay Naidu. Michael: David Herman.

Date Channel
Thu 19 9:30 AM ET HBOPL
Fri 20 12:45 AM ET HBOPL


Episode #7 "Samuel Beckett, Your Ride is Here", is now available at the Seeing Ear Theatre . The introduction to the story reads:
Surrealism. Existentialism. Minimalism. Stream of Consciousness. Spaceships. What, you expected something ordinary in the City of Dreams?

"When you experiment in audio, you can do only so many things with tricks. At some point you have to dive into the form of the narrative itself. So I wanted to try something that played with stream of consciousness, surrealism, minimalism and existentialism, but without losing some SF touchstones. Hence, this week's episode. One long and very weird conversation. And no tricks."

Already released at SET are: "Night Calls" featuring Tim Curry.
"The Tolling of the Hour" featuring Campbell Scott.
"The Friends of Jackie Clay" featuring Merwin Goldsmith.
"Rolling Thunder" featuring Andre Braugher
"The Damned are Playing at Godzilla's Tonight" featuring Steve Buscemi
"MCSD 00121J" From: Manasee County Sheriff's Department Manasee County, New Jersey

This is radio drama at it's BEST, so don't miss one episode.

Out of Darkness


Bookface.com will have the first chapter of this latest novel out soon, so be sure to drop over to www.bookface.com.

Peter David's final installment of this marvelous Centauri Trilogy, Babylon 5: Out of the Darkness Legions of Fire Book III, is scheduled for October/November release. The DelRey website has a brief synopsis of the novel up right now. Just search on author Peter David. Now would be a perfect time to wander over to your local bookstore and see if they have ordered copies of the novel!

Midnight Nation #2


JMS' new book about a hard-nosed homicide detective investigating what looks like another drug-related murder is out. I picked up some extra issues on Friday -- so if you want one, let me know.

Ranger Dan has written a review of Issue #1. Check it out on the Review Page. There are spoilers included in the review, so consider yourself warned!


Issue 11 As the saga of Rising Stars continues, the Specials are seriously raging out of control. Whatever ties they once had are being unraveled. Sides have been chosen and in their minds, this battle will not end with survivors. The safety of Earth is being jeopardized with every minute that passes.

Shipping October 18

Over at IGN.COM they have a synopsis of the latest issue.


JERRY DOYLE - Despite a cold, Jerry spent about 75 minutes on-line answering questions over at SCIFI Tuesday night. There were a good number of folks in the room, hope you enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. Jerry talked about his campaign (can't wait for them to release the lastest poll results!), working on Babylon 5, staying in touch with cast and crew, rumors of a new B5 movie, etc. SCIFI has the transcript up at http://www.scifi.com/transcripts/2000/jerrydoyle.html.

On Thursday night, RICHARD BIGGS spent about 60 minutes answering questions from fans -- ranging from what fatherhood is like to his idea of an ideal project. The transcript should be available from Yahoo soon.

JMS' chat September 20 at SCIFI is now available at http://www.scifi.com/chat.

Over the past few months, we've done a number of on-line chats with Babylon 5 cast members. To read the transcripts of the chats, visit the TNT website. The transcripts are located in the archive.

Pat Tallman and Jeffrey Willerth's chat transcripts from September 12 and September 19 are up at Galactic Gateway in the Black Hole Theater under Comet Tales.


Ivanova Galen

Check out the Photo Shop. Ordering is easy! If you would like to see more cast members added to the PhotoShop, drop me a note and I'll see what I can do.


Pat The beautiful Pat Tallman has worked with Penny Lane, an organization that benefits abused children, for many years. She was recently recognized by the organization for all her hard work in raising over $50,000 to build the Pat Tallman C.A.R.E. (computer, achievement, research, esteem) Computer Lab. The lab offers children an opportunity to learn computer skills and develop career objectives. Pat raised funds through autograph sales and she continues to be devoted to the organization. We applaud her in her efforts. (The photo shows Pat holding the Blue Skies Award for Brightening the Lives of Children.)

Peter Woodward, David Allen Brooks and Maggie Egan are in Australia for the "Best of Both Worlds" convention. I understand that Tracy Scoggins had to cancel at the last minute, but Virginia Hey from Farscape was more than an adequate substitute. Hope they have a wonderful time. Great city; great people.

Arina Marjean Holden is busy over at Beastmaster. Drop over and read all about her new, mysterious character Arina.

Jason Carter will be in an upcoming episode of "Charmed". He will not, however, be playing the Devil. He will be playing Andras, The Demon of Rage in Episode 6 titled "Power Outage". The episode is currently scheduled to air on November 16 in the US on the WB Network.

Joshua Cox (Lt. Corwin) has a recurring role as a male nurse in a new series on Lifetime Cable entitled "Strong Medicine". Read about it at: http://www.lifetimetv.com/shows/strongmedicine/cast/coxx.html

Dracula Robin Atkin Downes is currently portraying Dracula at the Hermose Playhouse! The play runs from October 19-26, Tuesday thru Saturday nights at 8pm.

Robin has a new clip available at his website. It includes a sequence from "Charmed" and some of his favorite Babylon 5 segments. Check it out at http://byron.b5.net/radtape.ram


A new illustrated companion is available for Farscape. Ranger Dave has done a fantastic review of the new publication for us. Go to Reviews to see what he has to say.



Sad news. The Fan Club has been caught in the woes of Netter Digital. The company filed for bankruptcy some months ago and the Club has been entangled in that. I would advise you to not order material through http://www.thestation.com until things are ironed out. JMS will be having the site taken down. Hopefully things will be straightened out soon and the site will be back in business before too long.


To help celebrate the arrival of W-I-D-E-S-C-R-E-E-N Babylon 5 on SCIFI, we're offering WIDESCREEN savings of up to 87% off lots of cool B5 collectibles!

Pick up Babylon 5 cast photos, regularly $5.95 each for just $2.95 each! Wanna save even more? Grab a set of 20 assorted Bab 5 photos, a $119.00 value, for just $14.95! That's a savings of over 87%!

Take $10.00 off the price of Babylon 5 t-shirts, normally $17.95, now just $7.95! Pewter B5 keyrings that sell for as much as $10.00 are now just $1.95!

Please note, this merchandise is available in limited quantities for a limited time. Once they're gone, they're gone for good! Check out the savings now at: http://store.scifi.com/special/b5 .

Of course, SCIFI Store is still your source for everything Farscape, Star Trek, MST3K, Star Wars, Buffy and more. But right now, we're offering the most incredible WIDESCREEN savings ever on Babylon 5 merchandise.

SCIFI Store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either ONLINE or TOLL-FREE via phone or fax. To get a free copy of the new, 48 page, full color SCIFI Store print catalog, please visit: http://store.scifi.com/catalog.


Sonic Images is running a fantastic deal on Babylon 5 Episodic CDs.

We are offering this special discount when purchasing a minimum of 3 CDs.

Buy any 3 (three) or more Episodic CDs to complete your collection and receive a 46% discount. You save $5.05 per CD!

When purchasing 5 (five) or more Episodic CDs you will receive a 46% discount AND get the new release of Sonic Images Prime Time for FREE!!!!! Sonic Images Prime Time is a great collection of original main titles and music from America's favorite prime time TV series.

Hurry!!! This offer is only valid until Oct/11/2000.
(Add tax and shipping)

For full details, visit http://www.sonicimages.com.


Let's talk about season one. We've seen about half of it now. What do you think are some of the most significant moments? Was "Signs and Portents" the biggest episode the biggest arc story? Or was it "And A Sky Full of Stars?"

Send in your responses to either TheZocalo@aol.com or b5web@aol.com.. You can also post your comments on the message board at www.isnnews.net/board. To see what other readers have posted on this and other topics, follow this link to Current Discussion Topic page.


If you are like me, sometimes you can't find the e-mail address for someone you know has either responded to a discussion topic or you met over in one of the chat rooms and would like to send along a personal note. How would a reader's directory sound? A White Pages of Zocalo Readers! Think that would be useful? If so, send in your name, state, e-mail address and (if you'd like to have it listed) birthday (without year) to sgbruckner@aol.com. I'll begin pulling together a directory of readers.
I've started to pull this together. Check out the Directory of Readers.


Sci-Fi's Schedule Ahead for Babylon 5 is:

Season One ("Signs and Portents")

Air Date Title

October 18 Eyes
October 19 Legacies
October 20 A Voice in the Wilderness part 1

October 23 A Voice in the Wilderness part 2
October 24 Babylon Squared
October 25 The Quality of Mercy
October 26 Chrysalis
October 27 Points of Departure
October 30 Revelations
November 2 A Distant Star
November 3 The Long Dark
November 6 Spider in the Web
November 7 Soul Mates
November 8 A Race Through Dark Places
November 9 The Coming of Shadows
November 10 Gropos

November 10 9:00 PM In the Beginning
November 10 12:00AM In the Beginning


John Cook has a new cartoon contest going. Try your hand at a punch line.

 Cartoon Contest header
 Cartoon Contest. Copyright 2000 by John Cook.

Old friend, Tye Bourdony has sent in another marvelous cartoon! I hope you enjoy this one.



TVZone #131 Andromeda claims the front page of the latest TV Zone. Also in the issue: Stargate, First Wave, Angel and a lot more.

TVZone #38 I have updated the Other Publications Page with current issues from TV Zone and Cult Times. Just picked up this month's issue of StarLog (Issue #279) and it has a LOT of interesting material inside. On the cover you'll see the cast of Andromeda. Inside there is a fascinating article on the aliens associated with Farscape. Joe Nazzarro talks to the fantastic team at Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

StarLog #279 If you are interested in having your own copy of any issue mentioned, let me know. Current issues are rather easy to come up with -- and I know there are a lot of Farscape & Stargate fans here. Let me know if I can get you a copy of TV Zone, Starburst or Dreamwatch.


The Official Babylon 5 Magazine is indexed here as well. With the closure of the magazine in May, you'll want to see which magazines you have -- and which ones you will want to collect. The index may help you make a decision on which ones to choose. The Fan Club has many of the issues at thestation.com , making it very easy to complete your collection.

Universe Today -- the Babylon 5 Fan Club quarterly can also be found here. The index gives you a rundown of what articles were presented, what interviews published.

If you have magazines that have featured Babylon 5 or Crusade that are not listed, send along their issue number and a note to indicate what the article was about. It would be nice to have a fairly comprehensive listing of Babylon 5 publications here.



A new list has just started for The Galactic Gateway. This site now has Jeffrey Willerth, Patricia Tallman, Mira Furlan, Claudia Christian, Robin Atkin Downes, Rick Biggs, Jerry Doyle, Bruce Boxleitner, Melissa Gilbert, Peter Jurasik and Bill Mumy under one umbrella. The Gateway will be growing with more cast members being added. To subscribe to the mailing list, send a blank note to thegalacticgateway-subscribe@egroups.com.


The "Save Crusade" mailing list has just topped 300! The purpose is to gather together people interested in saving Crusade and to identify people who can help with the effort. To join the mailing list, drop a blank note to savecrusade-subscribe@egroups.com. If you have a problem getting on, drop me a note and I'll add your e-mail address manually.


If you have not visited Jerry's website in a while, you might want to do so. The campaign is coming to a close and Jerry has been making up ground on opponent Brad Sherman daily. He has recently received endorsements from people like John McCain! Stephen Austin (Pak'Ma'Ra Ambassador from Babylon 5) has just been added to the staff as Volunteer Coordinator, so if you would like to help Jerry as election day approaches, please drop Stephen a note at volunteer@doyleforcongress.com. Jerry's website is full of information as well, so be sure to visit www.doyleforcongress.com.


Ranger Anthony has started a forum at delphi.com called Babylon 5: The Followers Forum... for people who follow Babylon 5.

The URL is http://www.delphi.com/bab5. Looking for a place to discuss the show, why not see what Anthony has to offer.


Pat Tallman and Jeffrey Willerth have a chat room at their site The Galactic Gateway. You can also get there through Pat Tallman's site.

There are a couple of regular chats that you might want to take advantage. One is over at About.com. Mike Helba has organized a weekly chat on Wednesdays at 10pm EST. http://babylon5.about.com/entertainment/babylon5/mpchat.htm.

On the first Sunday of the month, there is a chat at Groucho's Babylon 5 Calvalcade beginning at 5:30pm ET. Groucho's is a good place to drop over and chat anytime.


The Art Gallery at The Zocalo Today is open. There are SO MANY talented people in our Babylon 5 community. We have enjoyed works by Todd Brugman and Tye Bourdony on our toons page, but there are a host of others who enjoy drawing, painting, sketching their favorite characters. Here are a few works that have been received. I have some others that will be added soon.

If you would like to share your work with us at The Zocalo Today, please send along a digital photo of your work and I'll begin putting the gallery together. If you do not have your work in digital format, drop me a note and we'll see what we can work out.


There are a number of fabulous Babylon 5/Crusade Clubs around the world. I'd like to begin listing them here on The Zocalo Today. Eric dropped me a note the other day providing information about a Club in France. I know there are other clubs in Brazil, Germany, Russia -- and who knows how many here in the US. Let's get a listing together. Perhaps we can share resources, even get together as we travel around. Drop the information about your Club to me at sgbruckner@aol.com or bruckner@isnnews.net. That information will be added to the new B5 Fan Club Listing.

We have a new addition from HUNGARY! I hope that others will send along their information for posting.


Have you read the Babylon 5 books? Do you want to share a review? Want to voice an opinion? Here's the place to do it! Send along your review or opinion about any of the Babylon 5 books. It will be posted on the Review Page for others to read -- and comment about!


If you have a newsletter you'd like to have listed at The Zocalo Today, send the information along. It will be posted on the B5 Fan Club/Newsletter page.



Want to know what conventions are ahead for the Babylon 5 and/or Crusade cast and crew? Use this link Convention Calendar.


Stephen Austin has been added to the guest roster of Starz2000!

Bill Mumy will be participating in Mid-Ohio-Con 2000! Dates: November 25-26, 2000 in Columbus, Ohio.


Are you attending one of the conventions on the calendar? Or another one perhaps? Do you want to see who else might be there? Drop your e-mail address to TheZocalo@aol.com. We've begun an attendance page so that perhaps we can get together while enjoying the activities of the convention. Convention Attendance .


There are a number of good pictures from DragonCon and Agamemcon over in the Photo Gallery.


Starz 2000
October 21-22, 2000; Salem, VA
Guest: Richard Biggs, Maggie Egan, Stephen Austin

For more information, visit their website at http://iann.net/starz2000/ .

October 27-29, 2000; Cleveland, Ohio
Place: Holiday Inn Strongville
Guest: Andreas Katsulas, Julie Caitlin Brown, Peter Woodward

For more information, visit their website at http://www.vulkon.com or send an e-mail note to joemotes@aol.com.

JVL-CON 2000
October 28-29, 2000; Janesville, Wisconsin
Guest: Tim Choate, Bill Blair

For more information, visit their website at http://hometown.aol.com/rayshobby2.


There are some new and interesting items in the Trading Post. Take a look. If you have items you'd like to trade, post a note here. If you need a particular item, the Trading Post or Message Board could help you find it. Use this link to see what is listed. Trading Post. To have items included in The Trading Post, send a note to The Zocalo. Please put Trading Post in the subject line.

Pen Pals

If you are looking for someone to talk about Babylon 5 and Crusade with, the Pen Pal section is for you! Check it out! Drop a note to someone who is feeling B5 withdrawal -- BIG TIME!

People thought a Pen Pal page was a good idea. If you would like to meet people who you could chat with or share your opinions of the show with, send along your e-mail or snail-mail address The Zocalo. It will be incorporated on the new Pen Page Page.


October Birthdays

Jeff Conaway - October 5
John Vulich - October 10
John Copeland - October 13
Linda Huse - October 16

Have I missed anyone? If you know the birthday of someone connected with Babylon 5, pass the information along. We want to include everyone in our Happy Birthday Wishes.

To follow Babylon 5/Crusade history, visit the new History Page for all significant dates in August! This is an extract from Terry Jones' wonderful Babylon 5 Chronology.


Here's a recent note from JMS on the subject:

Just an FYI to those who've been using the Ventura Blvd. mail drop for fan mail to actors....

As mentioned before, we're phasing out the forwarding of fan mail because we a) don't have the resources, complicated by b) the actors have scattered to the four winds, and it makes it very difficult to get everything to everybody in a timely fashion.

So, having provided prior notice...fan mail to actors coming to the Ventura Blvd. mail drop will be sent back. Mail to actors should be sent via their official fan clubs. I will still be taking mail there, since it's my mailbox, but that's it.

Just so's y'all know and save a few bucks on postage and returns.

JMS' mail can be sent to:

14431 Ventura Boulevard, PMB 260
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


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