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Marjean Holden and her husband Anton Michael will be appearing at "Hollywood Live", January 8 from 12 noon until 6pm at the St. Mark's Angelican Church Hall, corner of Burke & Canterbury Roads, Camberwell. This event is sponsored by Austrek (Star Trek Fan Club). For more information, you can call 03 9489 8743 or email The schedule for this appearance can be found at Marjean's website Crusade Babes.


I've started to add items to the Other Sci-Fi section of the Zocalo. Since I know a lot of you follow FarScape, StarGate and other items, I'll drop little notes over there of things that I find interesting. The most recent items include information from Majel Barrett Roddenberry and the new "Andromeda" series.

Peter Woodward's new movie "The Patriot" has a treaser out that you might enjoy. The Patriot


Just visited the TNT web site. Babylon 5 is back on their front page! That is COOL! Thanks TNT! TNT.


I've received some new FarPoint photos from John Upton and Paul Baltrunas. Nancy Pederson has also sent along photos of past conventions to share so I've added a few and will be adding more this weekend. Thanks for sending them along. They are wonderful!

If you have photos to add to the convention gallery, let me know. If you'd like to start a reader's gallery, that's possible as well. Just send along your photo and I'll begin a rogue's gallery for everyone to enjoy!


Sci-Fi Weekly has an update on Jerry Doyle's campaign for Congress. He's now the only qualified Republican candidate. When asked why his candidacy should be taken seriously, Jerry responded:

"I'm the only candidate with his own action figure."

Read the full article at Sci-Fi Weekly.


The next issue of Rising Stars should be out this week! This blurb can be found at the Top Cow web site describing the upcoming issue:

The hit series of 1999 continues as readers are introduced to a young woman who was born as a Special, but didn't manifest any powers or abilities. Or did she? Sometimes in life, the right circumstance just needs to present itself. Additional Rising Stars' characters and background history are revealed in this very powerful issue.

FC 32 pages $2.50 ON SALE 12/20-12/24/99

If you want me to pick up copies for you -- drop me a line!


CBS has a transcript at their site of JMS' appearance on CBS' Sunday Morning program. Follow this link to read what JMS had to say Future Seekers.

New Projects

Now that the holidays are behind us, I have a number of things I want to include here at The Zocalo Today, i.e. more interviews, chats, etc. If you have suggestions as to things you'd like to see included here, drop me a line at


In the latest issue of the Official Babylon 5 Magazine, readers are asked to select from four areas or characters to assist JMS in building a new story. Votes MUST be in by January 31. You can mail in entries to: "B5 Fiction Vote", Babylon 5 Magazine, Titan Magazines, 144 Southwark Street, London SE1 OUP. Internet votes are welcome at Please put B5 Fiction Vote in the subject line. The categories/characters are:

A. Old B5 Crew (during the 5 year arc)
B. New B5 Crew (after the 5 year arc)
C. Garibaldi
D. G'Kar

Please do NOT include story ideas or suggestions.


Date: 1/6/00 1:08:01 AM

Ranger Larry reports that:

Just saw Galaxy Quest and noticed Robin Sachs played the main bad-guy alien, Sarris.

Unfortunately, I could not confirm that anywhere on the web because there seems to be no complete cast listing.

Thanks Larry for the information!


While wandering the newsgroup this morning, I found a note from Peter David responding to a question related to his Centauri Trilogy. He says:

The Centauri trilogy will take us through Londo's death and Vir's ascension to the throne.


I know a LOT of people were disappointed when Sierra pulled the plug on the B5 game. Just saw a note over in the newsgroups that indicates a new model under development using the Freespace game engine which is based in the B5 universe. I took a brief peek and so far, it looks great. Check out their progress at


I talked to Tim in November, after he had done his "Crusade" episode. He provided me with some interesting comments concerning his work on both Crusade and Babylon 5. While reading will not do it justice, he did answer a number of questions I think every Babylon 5 has had about Zathras! Interview Page.


Want to leave a note for someone, want to wish someone a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, drop in a new recipe for spoo? Now you have someplace to do that! Just put up a simple message board. Want something posted, drop me a note and I'll get it into the message board.


Dave Brown from the UK has done a wonderful book review of "Final Reckoning" and passed it along. Drop over to the Review Page and see what he's said about the last of the Psi Corps Trilogy books.

If you've finished "Legions of Fire" and want to share your views, send them along. It doesn't necessarily have to be a review, but let us know what you think of Peter David's latest Babylon 5 novel.


Last updated: January 6, 2000

Just put some new material in this section you might want to check out!

Want to know what's on JMS' mind these days? Read excerpts from internet statements JMS has made on subjects like: Jerry Doyle running for Congress; B5 being included in a list of shows using vulgarity, etc. This and more is in the JMS Speaks section.


As the front page of The Zocalo Today changes, be sure to check the back issues to make sure that you haven't missed anything IMPORTANT! I don't want the front page getting too long so I shift information periodically into the archives. So if you aren't a regular visitor to The Zocalo Today, be sure to check out the back issues. Just use the button above!


Bruce Boxleitner will be doing a number of book signings in England and Ireland, January 24-February 4. For those of you who have not read Bruce's book Frontier Earth be sure to check it out. It's an interesting story!

The schedule for Bruce's signings can be found at On the Road with Bruce Boxleitner. Let's hope the publisher remembers we read here in North America as well and sets something up for us here as well.


Amazing Stories #600 Harlan Ellison has a wonderful short story in the current issue. You'll not want to miss it! In the Summer issue, Amazing Stories will once again feature an original Babylon 5 fiction by J. Michael Straczynski. Issue 602 on sale June 26!

If you need information on how to subscribe to this magazine, drop over to Amazing Stories. If you're having a trouble finding a copy, drop me a note. I can pick up an issue for you.

OFFICIAL BABYLON 5 MAGAZINE - Issue #19 . There are some wonderful items in this month's issue, including an insightful interview with Michael O'Hare, a terrific look at "A Sky Full of Stars" in the station log, and the third part of an interview with Bruce Boxleitner. This issue also has part two of a special Babylon 5 timeline that is absolutely marvelous.


The Convention Reports page includes: Sci-Fi Cruise, Best of Both Worlds (Sydney), Praxis, Tropicon, Slanted Fedora (Raleigh), Vulkon (Orlando) and United Fan Con are now loaded in the Reports section. My report on Far Point, with a few photos is also there. Catch the new photos in the convention photo gallery.

If you have experiences you'd like to share -- or photos -- send them along. We'd love to see/read them.


Gary Cole recently made a guest appearance on "Family Law" -- the new CBS drama staring Dixie Carter, Kathleen Quinlan and Julie Warner. Gary portrays a father who is having trouble keeping custody of his young child.

Gary has also been doing some voice work for two cartoon series. He has been featured in an episode of "Batman Beyond", as well as several episodes of the Fox television comedy "The Family Guy".

Jerry Doyle just returned home to Los Angeles from Canada, where he finished filming independent movie "Devious Being".

Carrie Dobro is doing a play entitled "The Powder Room" and stars Sally Kirckland. It's an ensemble piece about a group of women who come to take a woman's writing course (taught by Sally) only to have a man enroll in the class to much dismay. It's playing at The Court Theatre, 722 N. La Cienga Blvd. LA CA 90048. It opens January 13 and runs thru February 20th. Shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights at 8:00 pm, Sunday matinee (either at 2:00 or 3:00PM) and Sunday evenings at 7:00 PM. Carrie's character is one of the women in the class named Ether Girl -- she's an anetheseologist.

In a chat recently, Tim Choate mentioned that he was going off to a meeting about a part in a play, "Medea". Well, good news, Tim got the part of Jason. The production will be at at the Knightsbridge Theatre (35 S. Raymond St.) in Pasadena. More information will be available on this soon, so stay tuned.

The PAX TV network will begin showing "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" in January. A LOT of Bruce Boxleitner fans have been anxious to see this series again, so check your local cable listings and see when it will be shown in your area.

The Sci-Fi Channel in England will begin running American Gothic in February. Premieres: Tues 22nd at 9:00pm repeated Sundays at 11:00pm


This week's discussion topics:
1. What is your favorite Season Three Episode -- and Why?
2. What is your favorite Babylon 5 book -- and why?

I know! There's a let-down now that the holidays are over. But if you have opinions to share, send them along. They are most appreciated.

Visit the Discussion Topic page to see what other topics have been discussed. And pass along suggestions for future topics you'd like to chat about!

Discussion Topic

Send in your submissions to The Zocalo. Please put Discussion Topic in the subject line.



The script for January is "Mind War". It is available through the Fan Club for $20 and can be found in the Collectibles section. This is one of those episodes with a LOT going on throughout the entire hour. Catch Bester at his BEST!

Babylon 5 Bible -- The original Season One Babylon 5 Writer's Bible. This massive tome weighs in at over 60 pages with comprehensive backgrounds on all characters and story arc; as well as guidelines for writing SF for TV. This document is peppered with original (color and B&W) illustrations by Peter Ledger. Use this link to place an order Babylon 5 Writer's Bible.

Babylon 5 Series Treatment -- This beautifully bound original Babylon 5 Series Treatment written in September 1988, was used to sell the series. It contains different characters than were ever seen in the show. This treatment was ONLY given to Network/Studio heads. This document is peppered with original color illustrations by Peter Ledger. Use this link to order your copy from the Emporium Babylon 5 Series Treatment.

Autographed Babylon 5 Magazines

Set #1
Volume 1, Issue 8 - signed by Bill Mumy; Volume 2, Issue 4 - signed by Christopher Franke
Volume 2, Issue 5 - signed by Peter Woodward. Follow this link Set #1.

Set #2
Volume 1, Issue 4 - signed by Kathryn Drennan (author of B5 novel #9); Volume 1, Issue 6 - signed by Walter Koenig
Volume 2, Issue 3 - signed by Richard Biggs. Use this link Set #2.

Set #3
Volume 1, Issue 3 - signed by John Copeland (Producer of B5); Volume 1, Issue 9 - signed by Jerry Doyle
Volume 2, Issue 1 (UK) - signed by Tracy Scoggins. Follow this link Set #3.

Set #4
Volume 1, Issue 5 - signed by Peter Jurasik; Volume 2, Issue 2 - signed by Bruce Boxleitner
Volume 2, Issue 6 - signed by J. Michael Straczynski. Follow this link Set #4.

Sets are available for $50 each, so order them now! They will make fantastic Christmas gifts for that special B5 fan - maybe even you!

Membership Credits:
The Club has a chart up at that shows what credit you will receive based on your membership expiration date.

Ordering Information: There are a number of ways to order merchandise from the Club:

Credit card purchases can be made on-line, by mail, or by fax. The Fax number is 1-818-771-1677.

FOR PHONE ORDERS: Here are the numbers to use: 1-888-777-8517 or 1-818-623-1198 . Phone lines are open Monday thru Friday, 10-6pm PST. If no one answers the phone, please leave your credit card information on the voicemail. Val and Tony do process orders based on the time-stamped voicemail messages. Be sure to leave your phone number as well, just in case they have any questions.

You can send a check or money order for merchandise -- made payable to Babylon 5 Fan Club -- to Official Babylon 5 Fan Club, P.O. Box 856, North Hollywood, CA 91603.

** For all orders done by mail, it's best to send in an order form with your check or money order. Use this link to get a copy of the Order Form. There is a new reference list as well, so that you can check to see what merchandise is still available. Ref List.


Tye Bourdony ( has sent along another toon for your enjoyment.

I'm moving some cartoons from Todd and Tye over to a new page so that you can enjoy them longer than just a week. Check out the new Toons Page!

There's an interesting competition going on right now over at ToonZone. It's asking people to submit a "punch line" for a B5 cartoon. Pop over and try your hand at filling in the bubble!

Got toons? Want to share them? Drop me a line at and let's chat!



Harlan Ellison has been added to the guest list for AggieCon 31 - March 23-26, 2000 on the campus of Texas A&M University. For more information, check out

Claudia Christian has been added to the guest roster for the Gateway convention this summer. For more information check out Gateway's web site.

Stephen Austin has signed to do a number of new conventions. Check the calendar for specifics.

Pat Tallman and Jeffrey Willerth have dropped out of Best of Both Worlds 8 in Sydney. Information about the convention can be found in the calendar.


Are you attending one of the conventions on the calendar? Or another one perhaps? Do you want to see who else might be there? Drop your e-mail address to The Zocalo. We've begun an attendance page so that perhaps we can get together while enjoying the activities of the convention. Convention Attendance .


We've captured some of the ComLinkers on film -- yes, at conventions. Here are just a few pictures people have sent along for all of us to share Convention Pictures If you have photos you would like to include here, send them on to me at or


Want to know what conventions are ahead for the Babylon 5 and/or Crusade cast and crew? Use this link Convention Calendar.

Coming Up Next:

Star Trek & Sci Fi Convention
January 8-9, 2000; Portland, OR
Place: Airport Holiday Inn
Guest: Stephen Austin (Pak'Ma'Ra Ambassador)

For more information, visit their website at Creation Entertainment or call CREATION at (818) 409-0960 ext. 225** , 9am - 3pm Pacific Time. Or, write to to: CREATION TICKETS, THE GALLERIA TOWER, 100 W BROADWAY #1200, GLENDALE, CA 91210.

Hollywood Collectors Show
January 22-2, 2000; North Hollywood, CA
Place: Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn
Guest: Stephen Austin (Pak'Ma'Ra Ambassador)

More information to follow.

Feb. 4-6, 2000; Virginia Beach, VA
Guest: Peter Woodward

For more information, visit their website at SheVaCon or write to SheVaCon, P.O. Box 416, Verona, VA 24482-0416.

Gallifrey One
Feb. 18-20, 2000; The Airtel Plaza Hotel; Van Nuys, CA
Guest: J. Michael Straczynski, Peter Woodward, Carrie Dobro, David Allen Brooks, Fiona Avery, Maggie Egan

For more information, send a note to Gallifrey Conventions, PO Box 3021, North Hollywood, CA 91609 or call 818-752-3756. Visit their web site at:

February 18-20, 2000; Springfield, MO
Guests: Michael O'Hare

For more information, call 417-886-7219 or write to Visioncon 2000, PO Box 1415, Springfield, MO 65801-1415. Visit their website at .


It's not e-bay, but we have some interesting items in The Trading Post now from Jason Carter and Michael O'Hare. So check it out!

If you have items you'd like to trade, post a note here. You never know who might respond. Use this link to see what is already out to trade. Trading Post. To have items included in The Trading Post, send a note to The Zocalo. Please put Trading Post in the subject line.

Pen Pals

People thought a Pen Pal page was a good idea. If you would like to meet people who you could chat with or share your opinions of the show with, send along your e-mail or snail-mail address The Zocalo. It will be incorporated on the new Pen Page Page.

HAVING TROUBLE LOCATING MAGAZINES?: If you are a fan of the British magazines but can't get them in your local bookstores, why not drop a line in the Trading Post or Letters section and see if someone would like to trade you British magazines or US magazines or novels?

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We haven't forgotten all the wonderful pages created in support of Babylon 5 or Crusade. They now have their own page! I've added a few new ones, so be sure to use the button at the top of the page or Links Page.


January 8
7 am ET/PT "A View From the Gallery"

January 15
7 am ET/PT "Learning Curve"

January 22
7 am ET/PT "Strange Relations"


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