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What's New

I will be off to DragonCon today, so updates to The Zocalo may be a little late. Hope to see a lot of you at the convention.

I picked up copies of Amazing Stories #602. For those of you who have asked me to send off copies, I got them into the mail last night.

Ranger Kailin has provided us with a report on the Agamemcon convention. Be sure to drop over to the Reports Page to see what we all missed at the convention. Sounds as if Kailin and others had a great time with Jerry, Tracy, Wayne, Peter and David.

Just finished a visit to the Galactic Gateway. Mira Furlan has joined Jeffrey, Patricia, Robin and Claudia there. It has a great new look -- and there is a wonderful snippet of "Grudgematch" -- the latest Babylon Park parody. It's wonderful; check out the Galactic Gateway.

The Convention Calendar has been updated with a couple of new Slanted Fedora conventions featuring Claudia Christian. Details are below.

Crusade for a Cure -- has a couple of unique things going on right now. They have begun monthly auctions to generate interest in the convention -- and to raise money for the charity. This month, Brian Roe and Christopher Russo (the Babylon Park guys) have agreed to create a group montage of convention guests using Babylon Park characters. Bids on the work can be sent to

At the convention, there will be a Jeopardy contest. Convention organizers are asking for help with trivia questions. Entries should be sent to

For more details on these items -- and to learn more about the convention, visit their site at Ulysses Foundation.

The group had a charity auction and other activities at Agamemcon. I've gotten a report and have opened up a page for Crusade for a Cure activities. Crusade for a Cure.

In honor of Bruce Boxleitner's episode of Outer Limits airing this week, has an interview with Bruce conducted during the filming on it's front page.

While over at, be sure to check out the chat transcript for Pat Tallman and Jeffrey Willerth. It's always fun to talk to those two.

If you run an official fan club for one of the cast members, please drop me information on were fans can write to your club and/or cast member. With the Fan Club unable to forward mail, we want to make sure that people can reach Bruce, Bill, Mira, Jason, etc. I will gladly open up a separate page of addresses that people can use for their correspondence. If there are any special guidelines, please send those along as well.

Some unsuspecting soul wrote an editorial comment that was published in the last Science Fiction Weekly. In the editorial, he compared Babylon 5 and Deep Space Nine, ultimately calling B5 a rip-off of DS9. Well needeless to say, there were responses to that opinion -- and they have been published in the latest edition of SFW. You should pop over to the letters section and see if your opinion matches those of the fans who responded. Science Fiction Weekly.

We've gotten some good suggestions on how to get Babylon 5 fans together for the premiere of the show in September. Read all about it below.

Transcripts for chats with both J. Michael Straczynski and Bonnie Hammer from SFC are available at the SFC website.

I will be adding a new section to The Zocalo Today -- Publications of Interest! Since many readers are fans of FarScape, StarGate and other science fiction programs, I will put reviews of recent publications out to alert you to what is available on the newstands.

I've gotten a start on the new section -- Other Publications. There will be more about the articles in the magazines as I have a chance to read them.

If you have shows you'd like to see me cover, drop me a note to let me know which ones you are most interested in.

I've moved information about new JMS Crusade scripts and Rising Stars updates over to a separate page -- JMS Works.



JMS JMS did indeed come to chat with fans last night over on the Sci-Fi Channel. I don't know how many people actually attended, but the questions covered the gamit of subjects.


Date/Time: Wednesday, June 22, at 9:00PM ET

Bonnie Hammer, Executive VP and General Manager of the Sci-Fi Channel, held a chat last night with a few hundred fans of Sliders, Quantum Leap, The Sentinel, Babylon 5, Crusade -- and other shows I've forgetten. SFC seems to be going in a lot of new directions and they are looking at doing new things -- like the DUNE mini-series.

She did say, however, that they will be watching Babylon 5 very closely to see how well it does come September 25! That could be translated into a -- CALL TO WATCH!

Transcripts are available at



Jerry Doyle spent about 70 minutes on Yahoo last night answering questions from fans. Thanks Jerry for taking the time from your busy schedule to talk about issues that are most important to you and others in California. Your answers on NASA funding and the importance of education to our society should give people something to think about as they go to the polls this fall. The 24th District isn't too unlike much of America today.


Marjean I hope you had a chance to drop over to Yahoo Saturday night and chat with Marjean Holden, live from Australia! She spent about 90 minutes with us, answering questions about her new show, Beastmaster, as well as talking about her experience as an actress and Crusade. The transcript should be up at the TNT site soon.

Marjean will be chatting over at Pat Tallman and Jeffrey Willerth's site on Friday, June 23 at 6pm PT; 9pm ET.


Regent The Regent of Centauri Prime truly was here last night, in a marvelous chat with fans on Yahoo. Damian London, the marvelous actor who brought this character to life, spent 60 minutes answering questions about the Regent and the acting profession. His mix of humor and insight was delightful. Visit his website at Damian London Site.

The transcripts of chats with Jerry, Marjean and Damian are now up at the TNT site. You should drop over and read what was said.


While you should go over to read the entire transcript for the chats by JMS and Bonnie Hammer at SFC, I thought I'd sift through a bit and bring you what I thought were the most salient points made.


Upcoming projects:
"We're in the process of selling the Rising Stars film rights and there are some TV/film projects that are in the early stages but not yet nailed down to a point where I can talk about them."

New project on Seeing Ear Theater at Sci-Fi Channel:
"The new series is THE CITY OF DREAMS, a 13 episode all original series/scripts anthology series, for which I'm writing all 13 episodes, all half hours which will be available first on starting July 10th, then later on Dove Audio. The first episode produced is entitled "The Damned are Playing at Godzilla's Tonight" and stars Steve Buscemi."

More novels, comics, etc.
"At present there are no plans for books beyond the current roster, which includes the final installment of the Centauri trilogy (which just came through recently and is terrific), and the technomage trilogy, which Jeanne Cavelos is doing."

-- Amazing Stories will be doing some more B5 stories.

Most proud moment/scene/plot element of Babylon 5:
"Weird answer…the end credits in Sleeping in Light, starting from B5 blowing up, through the actual credits per se, where you see the characters as we were first introduced to them, and then at the end, and you can see the years and the story in their faces. I always get very moved by that sequence.

JMS advice on the show:
"If every B5 fan went out and got 5 to 10 people who'd never watched the show, and bugged them to watch the cycle when it starts on SFC…who knows what remarkable things could happen?"

A question from one of our readers---Do you have any idea the impact B5 has had on the lives of B5 fans?
"I've heard of that a lot, from different people who say it helped them get over the death of a loved one, that it created marriages, that it brought people together... but the most moving I heard was about a fellow who was dying, and had his sister make an audio tape of all G'Kar's speeches about not surrendering to despair... and he had that tape playing at his bedside endlessly, on repeat, to keep him going...and when he finally went away, it was to the sound of G'Kar's voice.... you cannot hear that and remain unmoved."

Babylon 5 coming to the Sci-Fi channel:
"Yeah, very much so. I think that this is the *perfect* venue for us: it's core SF viewers who appreciate intelligent drama, it's in prime time, it's shoulder to shoulder with other terrific shows.... I think that this is the best possible consequence for the show. I have every confidence that it will remain a viable program for SFC for a long time to come; this is where a show like this SHOULD be.


(Unfortunately, chatters interested in Babylon 5 and Crusade had to share the chat with fans of Sliders, Quantum Leap, Battlestar Galactica, etc.)

I am a big fan of the Babylon 5 sequel Crusade and had heard rumors that the Sci-Fi channel was trying to buy it last Feb. Can you tell us anything about why SFC did not purchase Crusade then and is there any chance you may purchase new episodes of it in the future?

"Our first entree into that franchise was picking up the entire of Babylon 5 series which starts to air September 25, which we are really excited about. We DID think about Crusade before it closed down, but the timing and the actual financial commitment at the time just actually wasn't going to work for us. We are actually open to considering it down the road. But first we want to see how B5 does on our air, and hope all of you tune in! The better it does, the more opportunity there will be to buy similar series! So please tune in September!

Additionally, we are devoting a 1-hour Sciography special to the B5, because we wanted to give it a special launch because we love the franchise so much!


As JMS suggested, we need to get people to watch the show as it begins it's run in September. As Bonnie Hammer said, SFC will be watching very closely to see how the show does.

WE NEED TO GET INVOLVED. We need to start identifying places where we can post messages, drop flyers, remind fans that the show is coming to the Sci-Fi Channel. If you will be going to a convention, drop me a line and I'll send flyers for the freebie table. If you know of a convention that is having a Babylon 5 or Crusade panel, this is a perfect place to get people to help in our efforts to spread the word. Send along the name of the person conducting the panel. I will get in touch with them to send along flyers and see if there are other materials that can be provided.

Do you have ideas on how we can rally fans, please send along your suggestions. I will post them for others to read and perhaps we can organize a chat on this subject. Rally Suggestions


Dureena Claudia

These photos can belong to you at a fraction of the price you'd pay on some of the auction sites around the net! Photo Shop. Check out details! Ordering is easy! If you would like to see more cast members added to the PhotoShop, drop me a note and I'll see what I can do.


The "Save Crusade" mailing list is growing. The purpose is to gather together people interested in saving Crusade and to identify people who can help with the effort. To join the mailing list, drop a blank note to If you have a problem getting on, drop me a note and I'll add your e-mail address manually.


Columbia House and Warner Home Video have ceased distribution of Babylon 5 on video. This decision stranded a number of B5 Fans with incomplete sets of their favorite series. Below is a petition that will be sent to WB to show that we indeed WANT OUR VIDEOS!

Even if you are not collecting the entire set, I hope you'll add your name to the petition, since I it would be wonderful to have the whole set available -- just in case you want the very one that is NOT in the collection, so far. Can you imagine NOT having a copy of SLEEPING IN LIGHT!!!!

To add your name to the petition, drop me your name and city/state to The petition can be found at Video Petition.

In order to get the petition on it's way, I will end collection of names on June 30. So if you have not yet signed up, do so now.


Jerry Doyle has a great website at It is full of information, including issue papers, special events, and endorsements. A new feature was added this week. You can hear Jerry (and other candidates) talk about issues on The Freedom Channel.

A special mailing list keeps individual abreast of Jerry's activities, carring information regarding press releases, upcoming personal appearances, voter alerts, etc. To subscribe to Jerry's mailing list, send a blank e-mail message to That is all that is necessary. If you have trouble subscribing to the group, drop a note to and you can be added directly to the listing.


ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS! The latest schedule for Babylon 5 panels and presentations is out at Dirk's website It looks Great. There will be a LOT of Babylon 5 and Crusade activity!

I'll be showing the ever-popular Babylon 5 bloopers as well as doing some presentations for B5 and Crusade. The The behind-the-scenes presentation resembles some old home movies I've seen! Should be fun!


Straczynski Dreams On SCIFI.COM

Babylon 5's "great maker" J. Michael Straczynski has created a new online audio series, City of Dreams, for SCIFI.COM's Seeing Ear Theatre. Steve Buscemi (Fargo) stars in the first episode, "The Damned Are Playing At Godzilla's Tonight," which will premiere on July 10.

The second installment of the 13-episode weekly drama will feature Frequency star Andre Braugher and Braugher's real-life wife, Ami Brabson, in an episode called "Rolling Thunder." Kevin Conway, the voice of the storyteller in The Outer Limits and the star of the PBS television movie The Lathe of Heaven, will narrate the entire series.

City of Dreams comprises new audio stories written for SCIFI.COM, ranging from the dark and ominous to the supernatural and hopeful.


"It's 13 half-hour audio episodes, first on starting July 10th, then afterward on Dove audio. I'm writing all 13 installments of The City of Dreams, and it's kind of a Twilight Zone approach, but made modern and given some new teeth.

The first one, "The Damned Are Playing at Godzilla's Tonight" stars Steve Buscemi, with Andre Braugher set for the next one."

Fiona Avery has received many requests from fans regarding her Crusade scripts. She is discusssing options with Bookface about putting her Crusade scripts on their site. Look for news on when her scripts will finally be available for fans all over the world to view (at!

From the LA Times: David Boreanaz, who stars in the series "Angel" on the WB network, has bought a Sunset Strip-area home from actress Claudia Christian, who played Cmdr. Susan Ivanova in the syndicated sci-fi series "Babylon 5."

Marjean Holden is currently in Australia filming the second season of "Beastmaster". She won the role of Atrina, a new character added to the cast for this second season. Marjean has completed a movie that will air on UPO in September. More details to follow.

Peter Woodward is in Egypt where he is hosting a documentary for a cable network.

Bruce Boxleitner's episode of "Outer Limits" will air on June 30.

Claudia Christian will be doing a special signing at JumpGate, a science fiction store in Portsmouth, NH July 6-7. The signing benefits victims of domestic violence. For more information, visit Jumpgate's website at Hector Diaz is the owner and a great guy.

BPark Pat Tallman, Wayne Alexander, Robin Atkin Downes and Maggie Egan star in: BABYLON PARK: GRUDGEMATCH.

The animated parody makes it's US Premier at DragonCon in Atlanta on June 30 and the Canadian Premier at TorontoTrek in Toronto on July 15.

GRUDGEMATCH is the second in a series of hysterical spoofs on some of the great science fiction shows of our time.

For more information, check out or


With the discovery that there is indeed water on Mars, here's the topic for this week:

Should NASA be given the ability to put more effort into exploring Mars and other planets in our solar system? Is the effort being put forth on an international space station worthwhile?

Several good submissions have been received already. Be sute to check them out and see if you agree. Send in your responses to either or You can also post your comments on the message board at To see what other readers have posted on this and other topics, follow this link to Current Discussion Topic page.


AS602 Amazing Stories Issue #602 -- My subscription copy of the magazine arrived last night. This contains another original Babylon 5 story by J. Michael Straczynski entitled "Space, Time and the Incurable Romantic". There is also a piece inside about the B5 game, entitled "Babylon 5: Crucible of War". The issue should be on newsstands very soon.

Issue #24 OFFICIAL BABYLON 5 MAGAZINE -- Issue #24A truly SAD day has arrived. The very last issue of the Official Babylon 5 magazine has hit the streets in the UK. Yes, Issue #24 is out. My hat is off to Nick Landau, Brian Robb, John Freeman, and others like Lou Anders who brought us this wonderful publication. It has been THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

OFFICIAL BABYLON 5 MAGAZINE - Issue #23 . Claudia Christian talks about her current projects and her life as Susan Ivanova. Fiona Avery has an original short story entitled "True Seeker" and Joe Nazzaro continues his "Making of Babylon 5" -- looking at season four! Endgame is the episode included in this month's Station Log and Lou Anders finishes up the JPL Connection. Don't forget the wonderful Babylon 5 Chronology. There are another 15 pages in this issue!


I've updated the B5 index . This page covers magazines like DreamWatch, TV Zone, StarBurst and others that have covered Babylon 5 and Crusade over the last several years. This index will expand as I add more issues and new magazines.

The Official Babylon 5 Magazine is indexed here as well. With the closure of the magazine in May, you'll want to see which magazines you have -- and which ones you will want to collect. The index may help you make a decision on which ones to choose. The Fan Club has many of the issues at , making it very easy to complete your collection.

If you have magazines that have featured Babylon 5 or Crusade that are not listed, send along their issue number and a note to indicate what the article was about. It would be nice to have a fairly comprehensive listing of Babylon 5 publications here.


The Fan Club has opened up Gold Channel for all Babylon 5 and Crusade fans. Be sure to drop in to see the exclusive photos and background material on the show. It was updated on June 15.

Comes the Inquisitor Fall of Night


The Babylon 5 Fan Club has two fantastic season two scripts for you this month. They are: "Comes the Inquisitor" and "The Fall of Night". The scripts are available in The Emporium at There is a special page over at for the scripts -- with some graphics. June Scripts.


With the publication coming to an end with issue #24, you'll want to make sure that you have the issues you most care about -- or the entire set. The Fan Club has most of the issues in quantity, so check out The Emporium and pick out the issues you need. Don't know which ones you are missing, let the reference page here at The Zocalo help you out. It has a full index of the magazine so that you can see who was featured and what stories were covered. If you have any other questions about the magazine, just drop me a line.

The Fan Club has most of the back issues of the magazine over at in The Emporium. Issues #22 and #23 have been added to the listing of available issues. They also have the much sought after Issue #1, Volume #1. So be sure to check out ISN and see what magazines you still need to complete your set.

Here are the perfect take-along items for a convention! The Fan Club has some PERFECT items for you – and they are reasonably priced, and waiting to be autographed!

The Antioch Calendar for 1999 is awesome. Yes, we know that it’s a 1999 calendar, but it carries a serial number – making it a collectible! The pictures are perfect for framing once you have the autograph in place! You can use this link for the Antioch Calendar or go the 'collectibles' portion of the Emporium.

Order any of the four sets of Autographed Magazines and receive the calendar FREE!

Second – Season 5 Cast Poster. The Club made available to members a wonderful poster for season 5. The poster would make a wonderful remembrance of the show – not to mention a fantastic collector’s item. It is located in the 'merchandise' portion of the Emporium.

Third – Season 5 Fan Club Photo & "Season 4 Fan Club Photo – These marvelous photos created for members of the Club are available for your enjoyment. They are $4.99 each with the purchase of $10.00 or more. Available in the 'merchandise' portion on the Emporium.

Babylon 5 Bible -- The original Season One Babylon 5 Writer's Bible. This massive tome weighs in at over 60 pages with comprehensive backgrounds on all characters and story arc; as well as guidelines for writing SF for TV. This document is peppered with original (color and B&W) illustrations by Peter Ledger. Use this link to place an order Babylon 5 Writer's Bible.

Babylon 5 Series Treatment -- This beautifully bound original Babylon 5 Series Treatment written in September 1988, was used to sell the series. It contains different characters than were ever seen in the show. This treatment was ONLY given to Network/Studio heads. This document is peppered with original color illustrations by Peter Ledger. Use this link to order your copy from the Emporium Babylon 5 Series Treatment.

Ordering Information: There are a number of ways to order merchandise from the Club:

Credit card purchases can be made on-line, by mail, or by fax. The Fax number is 1-818-771-1677.

FOR PHONE ORDERS: Here are the numbers to use: 1-888-777-8517 or 1-818-623-1198 . Phone lines are open Monday thru Friday, 10-6pm PST. If no one answers the phone, please leave your credit card information on the voicemail. Val and Tony do process orders based on the time-stamped voicemail messages. Be sure to leave your phone number as well, just in case they have any questions.

You can send a check or money order for merchandise -- made payable to Babylon 5 Fan Club -- to Official Babylon 5 Fan Club, P.O. Box 856, North Hollywood, CA 91603.

** For all orders done by mail, it's best to send in an order form with your check or money order. Use this link to get a copy of the Order Form. There is a new reference list as well, so that you can check to see what merchandise is still available. Ref List.


cartoon Another toon from Todd Brugman.

I'm moving some cartoons from Todd and Tye over to a new page so that you can enjoy them longer than just a week. Check out the new Toons Page!

Toon Zone Toon Zone Lyta Artist John Cook has some interesting toons at ToonZone . Do you have a punchline for the Cartagia toon? Visit Toon Zone and submit your ideas.

Got toons? Want to share them? Drop me a line at and let's chat!


Pat Tallman and Jeffrey Willerth have a chat room at their site Starglaziers. You can also get there through Pat Tallman's site.

There are a couple of regular chats that you might want to take advantage. One is over at Mike Helba has organized a weekly chat on Wednesdays at 10pm EST.

On the first Sunday of the month, there is a chat at Groucho's Babylon 5 Calvalcade beginning at 5:30pm ET. Groucho's is a good place to drop over and chat anytime.


The Art Gallery at The Zocalo Today is open. There are SO MANY talented people in our Babylon 5 community. We have enjoyed works by Todd Brugman and Tye Bourdony on our toons page, but there are a host of others who enjoy drawing, painting, sketching their favorite characters. Here are a few works that have been received. I have some others that will be added soon.

If you would like to share your work with us at The Zocalo Today, please send along a digital photo of your work and I'll begin putting the gallery together. If you do not have your work in digital format, drop me a note and we'll see what we can work out.


There are a number of fabulous Babylon 5/Crusade Clubs around the world. I'd like to begin listing them here on The Zocalo Today. Eric dropped me a note the other day providing information about a Club in France. I know there are other clubs in Brazil, Germany, Russia -- and who knows how many here in the US. Let's get a listing together. Perhaps we can share resources, even get together as we travel around. Drop the information about your Club to me at or That information will be added to the new B5 Fan Club Listing.

So far, we have clubs listed from France, Germany and Italy! That's fantastic. Let's hear from others -- even those in the U.S.!!!


Have you read the Babylon 5 books? Do you want to share a review? Want to voice an opinion? Here's the place to do it! Send along your review or opinion about any of the Babylon 5 books. It will be posted on the Review Page for others to read -- and comment about!


If you have a newsletter you'd like to have listed at The Zocalo Today, send the information along. It will be posted on the B5 Fan Club/Newsletter page.



Want to know what conventions are ahead for the Babylon 5 and/or Crusade cast and crew? Use this link Convention Calendar.


Claudia Christian has been added to the roster of guests at the Slanted Fedora, July 28-30, 2000; Philadelphia, PA

Claudia has also been added as a guest at the Slanted Fedora convention to take place in Indianapolis, IN November 24-26.


Are you attending one of the conventions on the calendar? Or another one perhaps? Do you want to see who else might be there? Drop your e-mail address to We've begun an attendance page so that perhaps we can get together while enjoying the activities of the convention. Convention Attendance .


Robin Atkin Downes sent along a couple of photos from FedCon.

There are some great shots of Jerry Doyle and Jeff Conaway at the Star Trek Grand Slam convention in Pasadena, March 31-April 2 on the Creation Entertainment web site.


June 29-July 2, 2000; Atlanta, GA
Guests: Tim Choate, David Allen Brooks, Andreas Katsulas, Bill Mumy, Peter David, Rick Biggs, Jason Carter, Stephen Austin, Walter Koenig, Brad Dourif, J. Gregory Keyes

For more information, visit their web site at:

Fangoria Weekend of Horrors
July 1-2, 2000; Chicago, IL
Guest: John Vulich, Optic Nerve (now works on Buffy, Angel, X-Files)

For more information, visit their website at .

Nexus 2000
July 7-9, 2000; Bristol, England
Guest: Walter Koenig

For more information, visit their website at .

Jumpgate Signing
July 6-7, 2000; Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Guest: Claudia Christian

For more information, visit their website at Jumpgate.

Shore Leave 22
July 7-9, 2000; Baltimore, MD
Guest: Claudia Christian, Marjean Holden

For more information, write to Shore Leave 22, P.O. Box 6809, Towson, MD 21285-6809 or visit their website at .

July 14-16, 2000; Los Angeles, CA
Guests: Robin Downes, Stephen Austin, Jerry Doyle, Ed Wasser, Wayne Alexander, John Iacovelli, David Allen Brooks, Carrie Dobro, Bill Blair

For more information, call 954-441-TREK or visit their website at .

July 14-16, 2000; St. Louis, MO
Guests: Peter Woodward, Claudia Christian, Jason Carter

For more information, visit their website at .

Toronto Trek
July 14-16, 2000; Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Guests: Patricia Tallman, Jeffrey Willerth, Robin Atkin Downes

For more information, visit their website at .

Slanted Fedora
July 28-30, 2000; Philadelphia, PA
Guest: Mary Kay Adams

For more information, visit their website at or send an e-mail note to

Crescent City Con
July 28-30, 2000, New Orleans, LA
Guest: Wayne Alexander (Lorien)

For more information, drop a note to Robert Neagle, Chairman, Crescent City Con XI, PO Box 52622, New Orleans, LA 70150-2622 or visit their website at or send an e-mail note to


There are some new and interesting items in the Trading Post. Take a look. If you have items you'd like to trade, post a note here. If you need a particular item, the Trading Post or Message Board could help you find it. Use this link to see what is listed. Trading Post. To have items included in The Trading Post, send a note to The Zocalo. Please put Trading Post in the subject line.

Pen Pals

If you are looking for someone to talk about Babylon 5 and Crusade with, the Pen Pal section is for you! Check it out! Drop a note to someone who is feeling B5 withdrawal -- BIG TIME!

People thought a Pen Pal page was a good idea. If you would like to meet people who you could chat with or share your opinions of the show with, send along your e-mail or snail-mail address The Zocalo. It will be incorporated on the new Pen Page Page.


We haven't forgotten all the wonderful pages created in support of Babylon 5 or Crusade. They now have their own page! I've added a few new ones, so be sure to use the button at the top of the page or Links Page.


Monday 6/26/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - All Alone in the Night

Tuesday 6/27/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Acts of Sacrifice

Wednesday 6/28/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Hunter Prey

Thursday 6/29/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - There All the Honor Lies

Friday 6/30/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - And Now for a Word

Saturday 7/1/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum

Monday 7/3/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Knives

Tuesday 7/4/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Confessions and Lamentations

Wednesday 7/5/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Divided Loyalties

Thursday 7/6/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - The Long Twilight Struggle

Friday 7/7/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Comes the Inquisitor

Saturday 7/8/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - The Fall of Night


June Birthdays:

Jeffrey Willerth - June 5
Donovan Brown (Optic Nerve) - June 6
Ann Bruice Aling - June 8
Mark Walters - June 10
Susan Norkin (Post) - June 10
June 11 - Adrienne Barbeau (Amanda Carter)

Mike Vejar - June 25

To follow Babylon 5/Crusade history, visit the new History Page for all significant dates in June! This is an extract from Terry Jones' wonderful Babylon 5 Chronology.


Here's a recent note from JMS on the subject:

Just an FYI to those who've been using the Ventura Blvd. mail drop for fan mail to actors....

As mentioned before, we're phasing out the forwarding of fan mail because we a) don't have the resources, complicated by b) the actors have scattered to the four winds, and it makes it very difficult to get everything to everybody in a timely fashion.

So, having provided prior mail to actors coming to the Ventura Blvd. mail drop will be sent back. Mail to actors should be sent via their official fan clubs. I will still be taking mail there, since it's my mailbox, but that's it.

Just so's y'all know and save a few bucks on postage and returns.

JMS' mail can be sent to:

14431 Ventura Boulevard, PMB 260
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


The front page of the The Zocalo Today changes daily, so be sure to check the back issues to make sure that you haven't missed anything IMPORTANT! I don't want the front page getting too long so I shift information periodically into the archives. So if you aren't a regular visitor to The Zocalo Today, be sure to check out the back issues. Just use the button above!

The Zocalo - Today, Issue #3

I just put out a copy of The Zocalo Today - Issue #3 in PDF format, for those of you who like to have a hard-copy version of the newsletter. The Zocalo, Issue #3. You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat to open the file. If you don't have that, please go to Adobe and download a copy of the software.


If you would like to take some flyers to a convention to help spread the word that The Zocalo is Back! drop me a line. I'll be glad to send you some in the mail. I've created a PDF file that can be downloaded and printed. Flyer Thanks for helping to spread the word about The Z!

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you.
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BABYLON 5 Awards Your web site, "The Zocalo Today", has been chosen to receive the BABYLON 5 UK TOP FLIGHT award ! Your coverage of the J. Michael Straczynski universe of Babylon 5 and Crusade is top flight ! Late breaking news, books, merchandise, cast & crew tid bits and humor, The Zocalo Today seems to be a one stop fan resource.

scifiGATE Award You have won the scifiGATE Award of Excellence.

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