October 29, 1999

What's New


The Fan Club has some exclusive items available at the ebay auction site for the next couple of days. Check them out!

Beautifully crafted G'Kar statues!

Limited edition, deluxe, fully constructed, hand painted and gold leafed resin baked figure mounted on a large wooden base. autographed by J. Michael Straczynski, Andreas Katsulas and John Vulich from Optic Nerve. Check it out and send in a bid for the Deluxe G'Kar Statue.

Fully constructed, hand painted resin-baked figure mounted on a thick resin base. G'Kar, the beloved Narn leader, created by J. Michael Straczynski and John Vulich of Optic Nerve. Use this link to send in a bid on the Limited Edition G'Kar Statue.

Unpainted, full-figure sculpture of G'Kar cast in white resin. Model kit consists of 6 individual sections (head, left arm, right arm, torso with legs, left boot, and right boot). Assembly instructions are included. Kit is made by Optic Nerve. A great project to work on and create your own version of the great Narn leader. Use this link to offer a bid for the G'Kar Model Kit.

Babylon 5 Set Poster

This is a one-of-a-kind poster which was framed and hung on the Emporium set at Babylonian Productions. This poster was seen in Episode 215 "There all the Honor Lies", written by Peter David and directed by Mike Vejar. This can be yours now, so offer a bid at Set Poster.

Autographed Magazine

Volume One, Issue One of the Official Babylon 5 Magazine, printed in the UK by Titan. This issue has been out of print for some time and is no longer available. This First Collectors Issue is autographed in gold pen by Bruce Boxleitner, featured on the cover. Offer a bid now at Issue One, Volume One.

The Club also has autographed versions of the Official Babylon 5 Magazine available. Get Volume 1, Issue 8 signed by Bill Mumy; Volume 2, Issue 4 signed by Christopher Franke and Volume 2, Issue 5 signed by Peter Woodward. Hop over to the Emporium using this link Autographed B5 Magazines.


A new Crusade CD is available with the music of Evan Chen. Produced by Sonic Images, it runs 68+ minutes and incoporates music from several episodes. Click here to go to the web site at Sonic Images. Along with the music is an interview with Evan that is of interest. He tells how he developed the original sound track of "A Call to Arms", etc.


My trip to Australia was AWESOME! Bruce Boxleitner is a very special guy and Marjean Holden -- beautiful, talented and quite funny. More on the convention soon.


The transcript for the chat is available at B5 TNT site.


The new set of trading cards from Fleer/SkyBox are out. If you haven't heard about the cards already, there's a detailed description of them in Issue #2 of the Zocalo. Just use the back-issues button at the top of the page or click here.


I have added a couple of new sections to The Zocalo. One is Letters. Sometimes there's something you want to share and there's no appropriate place -- so send me a letter and I'll put it into the Letters section.

The other new section deals with CHARITIES. While at Far Point this weekend, I learned about two charities that will tug at your heartstrings! One is supported by Peter Jurasik and he did one heck of a job this weekend raising money! A little baby is in need of a double transplant -- liver and intestines! Peter is putting a tremendous effort into supporting the National Transplant Assistance Fund. Their web site is at National Transplant Assistance Fund. More on this soon from Peter.

There are a LOT of other charities supported by the B5 Cast and others in the science fiction community -- like the Galaxy Ball on this page! I'll be gathering more information to place on the Charity page so that you can learn about what these wonderful people are doing to help those who are less fortunate.

Other Science Fiction News. If you have information about another science fiction program you watch you want to share, pass it along and it will be posted on this new page. It's a way of sharing your views, opinions about other programs you enjoy.

JMS Speaks

I have gathered some of the more interesting and important postings from JMS on various on-line services. Click here for JMS Postings Last updated: October 28, 1999. JMS recently made a statement regarding the future of the Babylon 5 Fan Club. Read Fan Club Transition .


The following members of the Babylon 5/Crusade "family" will be celebrating birthdays this month. May they have many, many more

Jeff Conaway - October 5
John Vulich (Optic Nerve) - October 10
John Copeland - October 13
Linda Huse (set costumer) - October 16


Richard Biggs has just completed an episode of VIP, the series starring Pamela Anderson. Richard has also finished an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. No baby news as yet -- but very soon!

Bruce Boxleitner has just signed to do an independent film which begins shooting in November in Los Angeles. He will portray a doctor. Bruce's new book Frontier Earth is coming out in November. For more information about the book, visit For a review of the book, visit the BB Grapevine.

Jerry Doyle has just signed to appear in an independent film. Not much information available on it as yet.

Peter Woodward is currently in South Carolina filming "The Patriot" -- a new Mel Gibson movie! Peter's character is General O'Hara! Peter is also at work on Men at Arms a half hour entertainment series documenting use of weaponry through demonstration, reenactment and film clips. Peter is Creator/Writer and it is being produced by Greystone Entertainment.

Jason Carter's episode of "G vs E" will air on October 31. The episode title is "Cliffhanger". He also has a unique item in our Trading Post section. Take a peek Trading Post item.



This week's discussion topic: Why do you like science fiction?

Visit the Discussion Topic page to see what other topics have been discussed. Discussion Topic

Share your views with us! Send in your submissions to The Zocalo. Please put Discussion Topic in the subject line.



The 2nd Annual Galaxy Ball, hosted by Robert Beltran from ST Voyager, will be held on October 30 in Los Angeles at the Marriott Hotel Los Angeles Airport. It supports the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles. Robert has gathered a stellar (no pun intended) group of individuals this year -- the guest list is phenominal! Included so far are:

Bruce Boxleitner
Jason Carter
Walter Koenig -- new addition
Robert Trebor (Xena & Hercules)
Kate Mulgrew
Robert McNeill
Ethan Phillips
Tim Russ
Garrett Wang

I think that it is marvelous that this individuals are giving of their time for this very worthwhile cause!

You can learn all about it over at Galaxy Ball . Send an e-mail note to: If you aren't on the web, you can write to Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles, Inc., 8949 Reseda Blvd., Suite 109, Northridge, CA 91324-3943 or call (818) 718-6363; fax (818) 718-6362.


Sept. 13: Mira Furlan will be performing in the New Group world premiere of CRANES, a play by Dmitry Lipkin at the Theatre at St. Clement's (423 West 46th Street in New York City). Previews begin October 8 and the play officially open October 20th. The show closes on November 14. For tickets call (212) 279-4200. Visit for information about ticket prices and show times.


We are entering the last days of availability for Midnight On the Firing Line Episode One/Season One. You can still place an order through November 8 at at It's $20! Use this link to place your order Midnight Script.

Only a few days remaining on the sale of Crusade jackets for $250. Here's a link to Crusade Jacket.

Here's the description:
[Available to the public for the first time: the original Crusade cast and crew jacket. This oversize wool jacket features Dolman sleeves, a satin lining and a snap closure. This special order item is only available for the month of October only. For December delivery.]

Crusade Writer's Bible

This is a 25+ page publication that gives background on the series, the main and supporting characters and even a little on the Apocolypse Box! This is just like the document given to potential writers of episodes for the series. Use this link to purchase a Crusade Writer's Bible from The Fan Club.

Membership Credits:
The Club has a chart up at that shows what credit you will receive based on your membership expiration date.

Ordering Information: There are a number of ways to order merchandise from the Club:

Credit card purchases can be made on-line, by mail, by phone at 1-888-777-8517 or 1-818-623-1198 or fax to 1-818-771-1677. Phone lines are open Monday thru Friday, 10-6pm PST.

You can send a check or money order for merchandise -- made payable to Babylon 5 Fan Club -- to Official Babylon 5 Fan Club, P.O. Box 856, North Hollywood, CA 91603.

** For all orders done by mail, it's best to send in an order form with your check or money order. Use this link to get a copy of the Order Form. There is a new reference list as well, so that you can check to see what merchandise is still available. Ref List.


Precedence Entertainment has a number of collectible card games associated with Babylon 5. They even have announced one for "Crusade" that may be out in the spring! Check out their website at for release dates and upcoming products.


Official Babylong 5 Magazine - No. 16 There is quite a collection of interviews and behind-the-scene stories in this issue. Features include a beautiful mix of Crusade and Babylon 5 subjects, like Daniel Dae Kim and Stephen Furst. There is an extract from the latest B5 novel "Final Reckoning - The Fate of Bester" - there's a wonderful examination of Talia Winters - B5's original telepath! The Station Log for this month is from "Each Night I Dream of Home". It was wonderful seeing Rick Biggs again!

Amazing Stories #599 This is the issue featuring Lyta and G'Kar. It goes on sale October 25, so keep an eye out for it! If you would like to read about other features in the issue, drop over to Amazing Stories.

Non-Sport Update magazine (October-November 1999) Vol. 10, No. 5, contains a free Promo card for the upcoming Babylon 5 "Profiles" trading card series. Thanks for the word, Ranger Jim!

TV Zone - Issue #119 -- has a great special feature on Crusade. It's a good behind-the-scenes look at "Patterns of the Soul". This was a big episode for Carrie Dobro's character "Dureena" and the photos from the episode are great! Also included are some reviews of Crusade episodes -- in the back of the issue! Don't go there if you are a FAN of the series!

Cult Times - Special #11 -- Has the entire Crusade cast on the cover! Cool! They do a good job of talking with the cast about their characters and how they felt about the series!

Cult Times -- #48 - September -- talks with John Copeland about his efforts on Crusade as producer and director. John has been intricately involved in all aspects of the show and always has valuable insights.


FINAL RECKONING IS OUT! It includes a bonus excerpt from the next "Babylon 5" novel, LEGIONS OF FIRE: THE LONG NIGHT OF CENTAURI PRIME, by Peter David. This novel launches the three-book Centauri Republic series, and THE LONG NIGHT OF CENTAURI PRIME is scheduled to go on sale the first Tuesday of December.

LEGIONS OF FIRE will be followed by two more LEGIONS OF FIRE novels which will weave through Babylon 5 and Crusade territories. In the second half of next year or the beginning of 2001, Jeanne Cavelos (of THE SHADOW WITHIN fame) will begin her Techno-mage trilogy.

Precedence Entertainment and DelRey Books have entered into a cross-marketing agreemnt for Babylon 5 products. What does this mean? When you buy the next DelRey Book (NOT FINAL RECKONING) there will be a mail-in coupon in the back of the book. You will send that into Precedence for a special promotional card, completely tournament legal in the CCG.

You can read the entire press release on the News Page .


Another toon from Todd Brugmans for our enjoyment.

Convention Calendar

Want to know what conventions are ahead for the Babylon 5 and/or Crusade cast and crew? Use this link Convention Calendar.

Coming Up Next:

October 29-31, 1999, Cleveland, OH
Guest: Jeff Conaway, Bob Krimmer

For more information, send a note to or visit their web site at:

October 30-31, 1999, Janesville, Wisconsin
B5 Guest: Bill Blair (B5 resident alien)
Place: Ramada Inn.

For more information, contact Ray's Hobbies/JVL-CON 99, 1316 Monterey Lane, Janesville, WI 53545. Their email address is: Or visit their web site at: Their hotline is (608) 756-5684.

Boise Sci-Fi Expo
October 29-31, 1999, Boise, Idaho
Guest: Julie Caitlin Brown

For more information, send a note to or visit their web site at: Slanted Fedora.

Praxis '99
November 5-7, 1999, Pittsburgh, PA
Guests: Bill Blair (ultimate B5 alien)

For more information, visit their web site at Praxis '99 or call 412-650--8163 or 1-877-4-PRAXIS. For e-mail help, write to

November 12-14, 1999; Orlando, FL
Guest: Andreas Katsulas, Bob Krimmer, Peter Woodward, Carrie Dobro, David Allen Brooks

For more information, send a note to or visit their web site at:


Are you attending one of the conventions on the calendar? Or another one perhaps? Do you want to see who else might be there? Drop your e-mail address to The Zocalo. We'll start up an attendance page so that perhaps we can get together while enjoying the activities of the convention. Convention Attendance .

Our Photo Gallery

We've captured some of the ComLinkers on film -- yes, at conventions. Here are just a few pictures people have sent along for all of us to share Convention Pictures If you have photos you would like to include here, send them on to me at or

Zocalo Trading Post

We know a number of you collect the B5 trading cards from Fleer/Skybox and collectible cards from Precedence. If you want to trade with others here at The Zocalo, this area is reserved for postings of that sort. Use this link to see what others have to trade. Trading Post. To list items to trade, send a note to The Zocalo. Please put Trading Post in the subject line.

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People thought a Pen Pal page was a good idea. If you would like to meet people who you could chat with or share your opinions of the show with, send along your e-mail or snail-mail address The Zocalo. It will be incorporated on the new Pen Page Page.

TRADING PARTNERS: Here's a suggestion for those of you in the US or abroad that find it's really hard to get your hands on Babylon 5 merchandise -- whether it's magazines or whatever. Why not find yourself a trading partner! For example, I have a great friend in the UK -- Mark -- who helps me with all the magazines published in the UK that feature B5 or Crusade! He sends me the magazines and in exchange, I send him things he can't get in England -- like the trading cards or the novels or the "Rising Stars" comic books! There are a lot of things that you can exchange -- and it's FUN too!

The Zocalo - Today, Issue #2

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Babylon 5/Crusade Links

We haven't forgotten all the wonderful pages created in support of Babylon 5 or Crusade. They now have their own page! Use the link at the top of the page or Links Page.


For readers in Canada, visit the Babylon 5 Information Page for the latest on Crusade and Babylon 5

The lucky folks in Bellingham, WA will begin viewing Crusade on Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 9pm. It's available via Roger's Basic Cable out of Vancouver, Canada.

Channel Nine in Australia will begin showing "Crusade" on September 30.

Norway's TV2 has purchased the rights to Crusade. No air date has been announced.

Ranger Deiter reports that "Crusade" began airing in South Africa last week. That's wonderful. They have never seen Babylon 5, however, so it might be interesting to learn what they think of the series.


October 30
7 am ET/PT "Racing Mars"
8 am ET/PT "Lines of Communication"

November 6
7 am ET/PT "Conflicts of Interest"
8 am ET/PT "Rumors, Bargains and Lies"

November 13
7 am ET/PT "Moments of Transition"
8 am ET/PT "No Surrender, No Retreat"

November 20
7 am ET/PT "The Exercise of Vital Powers"
8 am ET/PT "The Face of the Enemy"


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