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What's New

On July 24, will have "Value Judgements", "The Well of Forever" and "Patterns of the Soul" available. These episodes, written by Fiona Avery will join the two episodes written by JMS and already available at bookface.

Walter Koenig's (Psi-Cop Bester) new movie, ³Drawing Down the Moon,² is now available on home video!

Order your copy today by calling toll-free 1-800-606-9642, or visit our website to order online at The price is only $22.95 (plus $3.50 shipping).

A brief synopsis of the movie:
The uproar begins when Gwynyth McBride, a self-proclaimed witch, opens a homeless shelter called ³Haven² in the depressed little town of Steadfast. Upstanding citizens don¹t want a homeless shelter in their community ... especially when it¹s run by a witch! Violent opposition erupts, led by an eccentric drug dealer with twisted plans of his own for the town. Can Gwynyth and the residents keep Haven alive in the face of increasing hysteria and brutality?

Netter Digital is filing Chapter 11. How does that affect JMS, the Fan Club and his upcoming projects?

Doug's company was always its own separate entity, and we've pretty much gone our separate ways after Crusade. The fan club, however, will continue for the time being, this should have no impact on that.

There is a wonderful picture of Peter Woodward at "The Patriot" party held recently in The Sunset Room in Hollywood. Mothership has photos and the story.

More photos from DragonCon are now in the Photo Gallery. Click on the button above or Photo Gallery enter here.

Over at, you'll find an interview with J. Michael Straczynski on Rising Stars. Go to to read the whole interview. Joe talks about the characters in Rising Stars, but also gives a little background on "Midnight Nation" -- his next series coming out in September.

There is a preview of the cover art for Joe's new comic series, Midnight Nation can be found at

The transcript of JMS' chat on Yahoo recently is now available at I'll post some highlights later today.

There is an interview by Mike Helba with Stephen Austin, Pak'Ma'Ra Ambassador while at DragonCon at Check it out. Stephen is currently working on a play in California where he must sing and dance!

The Zocalo Today is now open at Yahoo. The URL is This will be a place where we can chat about the show, current discussion topics at the newsletter, pose new discussion topics, etc. There will be a regular chat every Sunday at 6pm ET. I hope you will join the club and come in to chat.

SAN DIEGO COMICON - I had forgotten to list this convention on the convention calendar. It's going to be a huge event with a lot of B5 personalities -- including J. Michael Straczynski. Check out their webpage at for the schedule.

More pictures from DragonCon and Agamemcon have been added to the Photo Gallery. If others would like to contribute photos, from DragonCon or any other convention, please send them to me and I'll get them up in the Photo Gallery.


Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) will replace David Duchovny on The X-Files, playing the new partner of Gillian Anderson's FBI Agent Dana Scully.

Science Fiction truly gets NO respect. The Emmy nominations were announced yesterday and sci-fi came up dry -- with the following exceptions: ABC's Arabian Nights -- best miniseries; Buffy the Vampire Slayer's episode "Hush" received a best writing nomination for creator Joss Whedon; and 3rd Rock From the Sun, garnered a nomination for John Lithgow as best lead actor. There were nominations in the technical fields, including the X-Files which received six nominations, including best makeup, music, sound editing, sound mixing and special visual effects. (Optic Nerve does the makeup!)

Marvel Studios chief Avi Arad announced some movies that are moving forward, given the X-MEN's fantastic opening. "Obviously, we are talking about the [X-Men] sequel and [Fox's] Fantastic Four and [New Regency's] Daredevil and [Artisan's] Ghost Rider. All of these things have been in the works for a long time."

Other comic-themed films on a fast track include Columbia Pictures' Spider-Man, to be directed by Sam Raimi; Black Panther, being developed by Wesley Snipes; Blade 2, the sequel to Snipes' 1998 hit Blade; and Satan's Six, a project being developed at Universal by Tracy Kirby, granddaughter of late X-Men co-creator Jack Kirby, and Dark Horse Comics' Mike Richardson.

Let's hope "Rising Stars" isn't far behind.

Over at they have an interview with Harrison Ford. The focus is primarily on his new flick "What Lies Beneath", but he talks about the prospects of an Indiana Jones 4!

Thursday, July 20:
The success of the new X-Men movie seems to be generating interest in other comic book stories. Mark Gordon and Gary Levinsohn`s Mutual Film Co. are putting the finishing touches on a co-financing/co-production deal for Paramount`s Tomb Raider feature film. It is currently being cast in London.

Michelle Pfeiffer returns to genre films in the half ghost story, half suspense thriller directed by the Oscar Award-winning Robert Zemeckis "What Lies Beneath". has the story and interview.

Wednesday, July 19:
X-MEN Fans, Thad Beier from Hammerhead Productions, the SFX folks who took care of Wolverine's claws, etc. is interviewed at

Over on Sci-Fi Wire, Jonathan Frakes, Exec. Producer for "Roswell" talks about the coming second season and changes in store for everyone on the show. Check out the story at Sci-Fi Wire.

Kevin Bacon has played some pretty strange characters over the years. In his new movie, "The Hollow Man", he says it's the hardest work he's ever done on a movie. His discussion of make-up is interesting and brings back some memories of Babylon 5. The Hollow Man at

Tuesday, July 18:
More on the final season of Voyager can be found at Ken Biller talks about wrapping up some story arcs including the Tom Paris/Belanna Torres romance.

Can there be an Indiana Jones IV? Perhaps that is indeed in the wind. Harrison Ford commented: "Of course, I'd be eager to do a fourth Indy. It's a great character and the movies are great entertainment. A lot of groundwork has been sown on this character and these films. It deserves to be revisited. Steven (Spielberg), George (Lucas) and I have spent many, many hours discussing a direction for a fourth adventure…I'd personally love to see Sean Connery be with me in the next chapter." ABSOLUTELY!

Highlander fans! There's a fantastic trailer available of the new movie, Highlander, Endgame. Go to for a preview.

Monday, July 17:
There are some great new pictures of Kevin Sorbo and the Andromeda crew at the Cinescape site. Andromeda, the latest in Gene Roddenberry series, will premiere in October.

X-Men blew everything away this weekend. Intial box office numbers are $57.5 million. From initial reaction to the movie, it's GREAT. There are some great interviews out at Fandom , including Patrick Stewart, Ray Park and Bryan Singer.

Can you see Tom Cruise as Captain America? I guess Marvel is looking for visibility, should they proceed with this new production.

Episode II of Star Wars continues to draw a lot of buzz. Latest addition to the cast -- Jimmy Smits as Bail Organa.

Star Trek Voyager wrapped up the first episode of season 7 last week and there has been a rash of rumors about where the story will go this year. Will Voyager come back to Earth?

Will a new cast member be brought in to replace David Duchovny (who is only signed to do 11 episodes this year)? Evidently they are looking! According to The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, Chris Carter is believed to be eyeing Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead), Robert Patrick (T2), Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba), and Hart Bochner (Anywhere But Here) for the new male lead on X-FILES next season.


As Babylon 5 approaches it's premiere date on the Sci-Fi Channel of September 25, I wonder what resources we could make available to NEW Babylon 5 fans! When the show was on the air, there was a very active on-line community, the Official B5 magazine came out to provide us with information to digest and enjoy, the series would turn up in publications so that we could read about our favorite characters/actors. That will not be the case as these new fans discover Babylon 5. The Official Magazine is gone; the show has all but disappeared from most publications, even in the UK! How can we help new Babylon 5 fans?

I have started on the Babylon 5 Library. Thanks to everyone who have sent along suggestions for items to include in the library. I will be adding items to the library, with brief annotations to identify what the site contains.

Send your suggestions for items that should be included in this Library to If you know of a website that should be included, send along the URL and a description of the site and what you found so useful about it. I will open up new pages to the Library as it grows.

Thanks to everyone who have sent along suggestions already. They have been great and I'll be getting the Library started very soon.

City of Dreams


"Rolling Thunder" - featuring Andre Braugher is now available at Seeing Ear Theatre. The tag line says:
A father offers to give up anything to regain his lost child...and a certain Someone takes him up on it.

Date: 16 Jul 2000 21:09:04 -0600
"Just a note to let folks know that the second installment of THE CITY OF DREAMS goes up at on July 17th. I wanted to bring special attention to this one because, while "The Damned Are Playing at Godzilla's Tonight" was a good warmup episode, something fairly straightforward to get the radio-writing muscles geared up...this one, "Rolling Thunder," is one of the things I'm most proud of doing for radio. (Or audio.) It's a strong, emotional story and a real kick in the gut. So far it's reduced about half a dozen grown men who've heard it to tears. The performance by Andre Braugher is just terrific, very moving.

Check it out. This one's a keeper." - JMS

Here are some comments by JMS about "Rolling Thunder" and upcoming audio dramas at The Seeing Ear Theatre.

It's a very moving episode, and one I wrote kinda fiercely. The next two up are mainly fun episodes, one partially for humor, the other kinda creepy.

The next 4 after that are the experimental episodes, where I'm going to try and do different things with the form. It's really hard, because you have to turn your head upside down, but the first one should be quite entertaining, in a weird, scary kind of way.

Next week, "The Friends of Jackie Clay", featuring Merwin Goldsmith.

Last Monday, the Seeing Ear Theatre premiered JMS' new series "City of Dreams", a 13-week series of 30 minute dramas. "The Damned Are Playing at Godzilla's Tonight" - featuring Steve Buscemi launched the series


(W) J. Michael Straczynski (P) Keu Cha (I) Jason Gorder

Top Cow is pleased to present the next edition of the Black and White series. Revisit this epic tale written by J. Michael Straczynski that begins when a celestial event occurs in a small town that will change the inhabitants' lives forever. With beautifully rendered artwork by Keu Cha (Witchblade) and Jason Gorder.

(W) J. Michael Straczynski (P) Christian Zanier (I) Livesay (C)Brett Evans

With cover by guest artist Gary Frank (Kin), the one year anniversary of this wildly popular comic book begins the second act of the Rising Stars story (issues 9-16). This story arc jumps ahead in time to see the effects of full-scale conflict between many of the Rising Stars. In the first act of this series, the world shaped our, our characters begin to shape the world, and the world may not be very happy about those changes.


While at DragonCon at the end of the month, I stopped by the DelRey booth and talked to Steve Staffel, the person who takes care of Babylon 5 at DelRey. He gave me a brief run-down of the upcoming novels. I think this will whett your appetite for the upcoming novels.

LEGIONS OF FIRE: OUT OF THE DARKNESS by Peter David is the one fans have been waiting for, and it's going to drive them wild. Ever wonder how Sheridan and Delenn ended up in that dungeon? How G'Kar happened to be in the throne room at the right moment? Or what the deal was with David Sheridan? Well, this November . . . This is Londo's ultimate descent into hell, and Vir's ascent to the throne. It's a fantastic novel, and I can't imagine that there's a Babylon 5 fan anywhere who would dare miss it.

In March, Jeanne Cavelos begins THE PASSING OF THE TECHNO-MAGES with book one, CASTING SHADOWS. This wonderfully intricate novel delves deep into the culture and the secrets of the techno-mages, and reveals the sequence of events that took them to Babylon 5--and beyond. Elric is here, as are Galen, Alwyn, and even Isabelle. And so are Morden and Anna Sheridan. Before we're done, we'll learn of the reason behind the mages' fear of the Shadows, and we'll have the long-awaited link between B5 and Crusade.

Video 1.06


Ranger Dave reports that the penultimate Crusade video is now out in the UK, with The Memory of War and Visitors from Down the Street.

Channel 4 has started broadcasting Crusade on Sunday nights/Monday mornings. They had two episodes this week, and they announced that they would be The Needs of Earth and The Memory of War - I don't know what they actually broadcast first, but the second one shown was The Long Road.


Ranger Lee received a note from Columbia House saying that they have added new episodes to the B5 collection! They didn't say how many, or if they'd be picking up exactly where they left off, but at least they are doing more.

The next tape will be "Knives/Confessions and Lamentations." All remaining season 2 episodes will be delivered first. After season 2 has been completed, the next tape will be "Z'hadum/Hour of the Wolf". All season 4 episodes will be delivered up to and including 419. The last tape will be "Intersections/ Between The Darkness and the Light".


We recently had Jerry Doyle, Marjean Holden and Damian London in for chats at Yahoo. Be sure to check out the transcripts of chats at the TNT site.


JMS and Bonnie Hammer (Exec. VP for SFC) recently held chats at SFC. Transcripts are available at


"If every B5 fan went out and got 5 to 10 people who'd never watched the show, and bugged them to watch the cycle when it starts on SFC…who knows what remarkable things could happen?" - JMS, June 21 chat.

As JMS suggested, we need to get people to watch the show as it begins it's run in September. As Bonnie Hammer said, SFC will be watching very closely to see how the show does.

WE NEED TO GET INVOLVED. We need to start identifying places where we can post messages, drop flyers, remind fans that the show is coming to the Sci-Fi Channel. If you will be going to a convention, drop me a line and I'll send flyers for the freebie table. If you know of a convention that is having a Babylon 5 or Crusade panel, this is a perfect place to get people to help in our efforts to spread the word. Send along the name of the person conducting the panel. I will get in touch with them to send along flyers and see if there are other materials that can be provided.

Do you have ideas on how we can rally fans, please send along your suggestions. I will post them for others to read and perhaps we can organize a chat on this subject. Rally Suggestions


Pakmara Claudia

Stephen Austin has been added to the PhotoShop. Check out the Photo Shop. Ordering is easy! If you would like to see more cast members added to the PhotoShop, drop me a note and I'll see what I can do.



Bill Mumy recently guested on an episode of VH1's "The List". It was hosted by my pal Weird Al Yankovic. It's going to air in the first week of August. Bill and his band, The Jenerators will be performing live in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 29th at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier.

Here's the first glimpse of Marjean Holden in her new role as Atrina on "Beastmaster". We won't be seeing her episodes for a while, but she says "My character is a bit of a bad girl." Quite a change from her role as Dr. Chambers in Crusade.

Ranger Bridgitte reports that: Goran Gajic (married to Mira Furlan and director of episodes like "All My Dreams Torn Asunder") recently directed an episode of "OZ", the awarding-winning prison drama produced by Levinson/Fontana. Goran's episode titled, "The Bill Of Wrongs" premieres on Wednesday July 26 on HBO. The episode will be shown several times throughout the week. A schedule of times is posted at:

Gary Cole will play the lead in the award-winning Patrick Marber play, Closer, for Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre, which premieres July 6 and runs through August 27. The play explores love, sex, desire and betrayal in the the intertwined lives of two women and two men. This will be Gary's second play for Steppenwolf this season, following his fall performance in Side Man. Order your tickets now from Steppenwolf, at 312-335-1650!

IT'S A BOY!!! Tim Choate and his wife Madalyn are now the proud parents of a new son. Flynn Brian Choate was born in June 23 at 6:21am. He weighed 7lbs. 6ozs. and was 20 inches long. Tim, Madalyn and Flynn are all doing very well.

BPark Pat Tallman, Wayne Alexander, Robin Atkin Downes and Maggie Egan star in: BABYLON PARK: GRUDGEMATCH.

The animated parody made it's US Premier at DragonCon in Atlanta on June 30 and the Canadian Premier at TorontoTrek in Toronto on July 15.

GRUDGEMATCH is the second in a series of hysterical spoofs on some of the great science fiction shows of our time.

For more information, check out or


A number of movies coming out now are adaptations of stories presented originally in other formats -- books, comic books, etc. Do you think the big screen (or TV) can ever match what has been written by some of the best authors of all time? Give examples of productions that you think have worked -- and those that have failed.

This is a tough topic, but we've received some great responses so far. Send your responses to either or You can also post your comments on the message board at To see what other readers have posted on this and other topics, follow this link to Current Discussion Topic page.


Sci-Fi Ent Sci-Fi Entertainment - The August issue of Sci-Fi Entertainment has an article entitled, "The Lost Crusade". It is interesting to read comments from cast members about the wonderful relationships developed during the filming and their desire to continue with the project. Marjean points out that they still try to stay in touch and get together for dinner. Seems as if most of the cast has been pretty busy! Peter Woodward with "The Patriot"; Gary Cole doing a movie in Mississippi and two animated series; Carrie Dobro working with her husband in a two-person comedy entitled "Marriage Is Murder"; Marjean Holden now working on "Beastmaster" in Australia, and Daniel Dae Kim having done the "Murder She Wrote" movie and an assortment of other TV series appearances.

AS602 Amazing Stories Issue #602 -- The issue is on news stands now. It contains another original Babylon 5 story by J. Michael Straczynski entitled "Space, Time and the Incurable Romantic". There is also a piece inside about the B5 game, entitled "Babylon 5: Crucible of War". The issue should be on newsstands very soon.

Issue #24 OFFICIAL BABYLON 5 MAGAZINE -- Issue #24A truly SAD day has arrived. The very last issue of the Official Babylon 5 magazine has hit the streets in the UK. Yes, Issue #24 is out. My hat is off to Nick Landau, Brian Robb, John Freeman, and others like Lou Anders who brought us this wonderful publication. It has been THE ABSOLUTE BEST!


I've updated the B5 index . This page covers magazines like DreamWatch, TV Zone, StarBurst and others that have covered Babylon 5 and Crusade over the last several years. This index will expand as I add more issues and new magazines.

The Official Babylon 5 Magazine is indexed here as well. With the closure of the magazine in May, you'll want to see which magazines you have -- and which ones you will want to collect. The index may help you make a decision on which ones to choose. The Fan Club has many of the issues at , making it very easy to complete your collection.

If you have magazines that have featured Babylon 5 or Crusade that are not listed, send along their issue number and a note to indicate what the article was about. It would be nice to have a fairly comprehensive listing of Babylon 5 publications here.



The "Save Crusade" mailing list is growing. The purpose is to gather together people interested in saving Crusade and to identify people who can help with the effort. To join the mailing list, drop a blank note to If you have a problem getting on, drop me a note and I'll add your e-mail address manually.


If you are interested in tracking how Jerry's campaign for Congress is coming, you will want to subscribe to the doyleforcongress mailing list. Get weekly updates on events, press releases, endorsements, etc. To become a member of the list, sent a blank note to


The Fan Club has opened up Gold Channel for all Babylon 5 and Crusade fans. Be sure to drop in to see the exclusive photos and background material on the show. It was updated on July 15.


There will be NO NEW SCRIPTS for July. The Club is giving you a chance to catch up on scripts you may have missed -- and giving you a discount as well. Here are the scripts available through the Babylon 5 Fan Club:

"Midnight on the Firing Line" $15.00
"Soul Hunter" $15.00
"Mind War" $15.00
"A Voice in the Wilderness" part I $15.00
"A Voice in the Wilderness" part I (Autographed) $25.00
"A Voice in the Wilderness" part II $15.00
"A Voice in the Wilderness" part II (Autographed) $25.00
"Coming of the Shadows" $15.00
"Coming of the Shadows" (Autographed) $25.00
"The Long Twilight Struggle" $15.00


With the publication coming to an end with issue #24, you'll want to make sure that you have the issues you most care about -- or the entire set. The Fan Club has most of the issues in quantity, so check out The Emporium and pick out the issues you need. Don't know which ones you are missing, let the reference page here at The Zocalo help you out. It has a full index of the magazine so that you can see who was featured and what stories were covered. If you have any other questions about the magazine, just drop me a line.

The Fan Club has most of the back issues of the magazine over at in The Emporium. Issues #22 and #23 have been added to the listing of available issues. They also have the much sought after Issue #1, Volume #1. So be sure to check out ISN and see what magazines you still need to complete your set.

Here are the perfect take-along items for a convention! The Fan Club has some PERFECT items for you – and they are reasonably priced, and waiting to be autographed!

The Antioch Calendar for 1999 is awesome. Yes, we know that it’s a 1999 calendar, but it carries a serial number – making it a collectible! The pictures are perfect for framing once you have the autograph in place! You can use this link for the Antioch Calendar or go the 'collectibles' portion of the Emporium.

Order any of the four sets of Autographed Magazines and receive the calendar FREE!

Second – Season 5 Cast Poster. The Club made available to members a wonderful poster for season 5. The poster would make a wonderful remembrance of the show – not to mention a fantastic collector’s item. It is located in the 'merchandise' portion of the Emporium.

Third – Season 5 Fan Club Photo & "Season 4 Fan Club Photo – These marvelous photos created for members of the Club are available for your enjoyment. They are $4.99 each with the purchase of $10.00 or more. Available in the 'merchandise' portion on the Emporium.

Babylon 5 Bible -- The original Season One Babylon 5 Writer's Bible. This massive tome weighs in at over 60 pages with comprehensive backgrounds on all characters and story arc; as well as guidelines for writing SF for TV. This document is peppered with original (color and B&W) illustrations by Peter Ledger. Use this link to place an order Babylon 5 Writer's Bible.

Babylon 5 Series Treatment -- This beautifully bound original Babylon 5 Series Treatment written in September 1988, was used to sell the series. It contains different characters than were ever seen in the show. This treatment was ONLY given to Network/Studio heads. This document is peppered with original color illustrations by Peter Ledger. Use this link to order your copy from the Emporium Babylon 5 Series Treatment.

Ordering Information: There are a number of ways to order merchandise from the Club:

Credit card purchases can be made on-line, by mail, or by fax. The Fax number is 1-818-771-1677.

FOR PHONE ORDERS: Here are the numbers to use: 1-888-777-8517 or 1-818-623-1198 . Phone lines are open Monday thru Friday, 10-6pm PST. If no one answers the phone, please leave your credit card information on the voicemail. Val and Tony do process orders based on the time-stamped voicemail messages. Be sure to leave your phone number as well, just in case they have any questions.

You can send a check or money order for merchandise -- made payable to Babylon 5 Fan Club -- to Official Babylon 5 Fan Club, P.O. Box 856, North Hollywood, CA 91603.

** For all orders done by mail, it's best to send in an order form with your check or money order. Use this link to get a copy of the Order Form. There is a new reference list as well, so that you can check to see what merchandise is still available. Ref List.


cartoon Another toon from Todd Brugman.

I'm moving some cartoons from Todd and Tye over to a new page so that you can enjoy them longer than just a week. Check out the new Toons Page!

Toon Zone Toon Zone Toon Zone Lyta Artist John Cook has some interesting toons at ToonZone . Do you have a punchline for the Bester toon? Visit Toon Zone and submit your ideas.

Got toons? Want to share them? Drop me a line at and let's chat!


Pat Tallman and Jeffrey Willerth have a chat room at their site Starglaziers. You can also get there through Pat Tallman's site.

There are a couple of regular chats that you might want to take advantage. One is over at Mike Helba has organized a weekly chat on Wednesdays at 10pm EST.

On the first Sunday of the month, there is a chat at Groucho's Babylon 5 Calvalcade beginning at 5:30pm ET. Groucho's is a good place to drop over and chat anytime.


The Art Gallery at The Zocalo Today is open. There are SO MANY talented people in our Babylon 5 community. We have enjoyed works by Todd Brugman and Tye Bourdony on our toons page, but there are a host of others who enjoy drawing, painting, sketching their favorite characters. Here are a few works that have been received. I have some others that will be added soon.

If you would like to share your work with us at The Zocalo Today, please send along a digital photo of your work and I'll begin putting the gallery together. If you do not have your work in digital format, drop me a note and we'll see what we can work out.


There are a number of fabulous Babylon 5/Crusade Clubs around the world. I'd like to begin listing them here on The Zocalo Today. Eric dropped me a note the other day providing information about a Club in France. I know there are other clubs in Brazil, Germany, Russia -- and who knows how many here in the US. Let's get a listing together. Perhaps we can share resources, even get together as we travel around. Drop the information about your Club to me at or That information will be added to the new B5 Fan Club Listing.

So far, we have clubs listed from France, Germany and Italy! That's fantastic. Let's hear from others -- even those in the U.S.!!!


Have you read the Babylon 5 books? Do you want to share a review? Want to voice an opinion? Here's the place to do it! Send along your review or opinion about any of the Babylon 5 books. It will be posted on the Review Page for others to read -- and comment about!


If you have a newsletter you'd like to have listed at The Zocalo Today, send the information along. It will be posted on the B5 Fan Club/Newsletter page.



Want to know what conventions are ahead for the Babylon 5 and/or Crusade cast and crew? Use this link Convention Calendar.


Rick Biggs is NOT going to be at the Raleigh Slanted Fedora convention as previously reported.


AUGUST 5-6, 2000, Burbank Airport Hilton Hotel, 2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank CA, 1pm-7pm daily

In person guest stars: BEN BROWDER, CLAUDIA BLACK, VIRGINIA HEY, ANTHONY SIMCOE, GIGI EDGLEY, LANI TUPU, KENT McCORD, and series creator ROCKNE S. O'BANNON. For more information on this convention, check out their website at


Are you attending one of the conventions on the calendar? Or another one perhaps? Do you want to see who else might be there? Drop your e-mail address to We've begun an attendance page so that perhaps we can get together while enjoying the activities of the convention. Convention Attendance .


Robin Atkin Downes sent along a couple of photos from FedCon.

There are some great shots of Jerry Doyle and Jeff Conaway at the Star Trek Grand Slam convention in Pasadena, March 31-April 2 on the Creation Entertainment web site.


San Diego ComiCon
July 20-23, 2000; San Diego, CA
Guest: J. Michael Straczynski, Claudia Christian, Richard Biggs, Carrie Dobro, Marjorie Monahan, Joshua Cox

For more information, visit their website at .

Slanted Fedora
July 28-30, 2000; Philadelphia, PA
Guest: Mary Kay Adams

For more information, visit their website at or send an e-mail note to

Crescent City Con
July 28-30, 2000, New Orleans, LA
Guest: Wayne Alexander (Lorien)

For more information, drop a note to Robert Neagle, Chairman, Crescent City Con XI, PO Box 52622, New Orleans, LA 70150-2622 or visit their website at or send an e-mail note to

Wizard Chicago Comic Con
August 4-6, 2000; Rosemont, Illinois
Guest: J. Michael Straczynski

For more information, visit their website at

August 5-6, 2000; Jacksonville, NC
Guest: Claudia Christian, Joshua Cox

For more information, visit their website at

Gen Con
August 10-13, 2000; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Guest: Peter Woodward

For more information, visit their website at


There are some new and interesting items in the Trading Post. Take a look. If you have items you'd like to trade, post a note here. If you need a particular item, the Trading Post or Message Board could help you find it. Use this link to see what is listed. Trading Post. To have items included in The Trading Post, send a note to The Zocalo. Please put Trading Post in the subject line.

Pen Pals

If you are looking for someone to talk about Babylon 5 and Crusade with, the Pen Pal section is for you! Check it out! Drop a note to someone who is feeling B5 withdrawal -- BIG TIME!

People thought a Pen Pal page was a good idea. If you would like to meet people who you could chat with or share your opinions of the show with, send along your e-mail or snail-mail address The Zocalo. It will be incorporated on the new Pen Page Page.


We haven't forgotten all the wonderful pages created in support of Babylon 5 or Crusade. They now have their own page! I've added a few new ones, so be sure to use the button at the top of the page or Links Page.


Wednesday 7/19/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Point of No Return

Thursday 7/20/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Severed Dreams

Friday 7/21/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Ceremonies of Light and Dark

Saturday 7/22/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Sic Transit Vir

Monday 7/24/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - A Late Delivery from Avalon

Tuesday 7/25/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Ship of Tears

Wednesday 7/26/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Interludes and Examinations

Thursday 7/27/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - War Without End, Part 1

Friday 7/28/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - War Without End, Part 2

Saturday 7/29/00
6:00am TNT Babylon 5 - Walkabout


July Birthdays:

Jerry Doyle - July 16
J. Michael Straczynski - July 17
** David Warner - July 29

To those sending along a "Happy Birthday, Joe" -- they were greeted by a "foo" -- a bit different than the traditional "Ba Humbug".

To follow Babylon 5/Crusade history, visit the new History Page for all significant dates in July! This is an extract from Terry Jones' wonderful Babylon 5 Chronology.


Here's a recent note from JMS on the subject:

Just an FYI to those who've been using the Ventura Blvd. mail drop for fan mail to actors....

As mentioned before, we're phasing out the forwarding of fan mail because we a) don't have the resources, complicated by b) the actors have scattered to the four winds, and it makes it very difficult to get everything to everybody in a timely fashion.

So, having provided prior mail to actors coming to the Ventura Blvd. mail drop will be sent back. Mail to actors should be sent via their official fan clubs. I will still be taking mail there, since it's my mailbox, but that's it.

Just so's y'all know and save a few bucks on postage and returns.

JMS' mail can be sent to:

14431 Ventura Boulevard, PMB 260
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


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The Zocalo - Today, July 15

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