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May 30, 2003

Mary Kay Adams ( NaToth #2 )

Diagnosis Murder
Marked for Murder
Saturday, 31 8:00 PM EST PAX
A mad bomber whom Dr. Sloan helped put away has escaped and wants the good doctor blown away. Vanessa Sinclair: Mary Kay Adams. Brian: Stan Cahill. Vaughn: Michael Harney. Rosser: Jay A. Michaels. Jesse: Charlie Schlatter. Briggs: Michael Tucci. Amanda: Victoria Rowell. (VCR Plus+ 5365702)

Wayne Alexander ( Lorien, others )

Spaced Invaders
Thursday, 5 7:00 PM EST STZF
Inept Martians invade a town on Halloween. Sam: Douglas Barr. Wrenchmuller: Royal Dano. Kathy: Ariana Richards. Brian: J.J. Anderson. Klembecker: Gregg Berger. Vern: Wayne Alexander. Blanzee: Kevin Thompson. Pillsbury: Fred Applegate. Doris: Patrika Darbo. Ernestine: Tonya Lee Williams. (VCR Plus+ 6469785)

Bruce Boxleitner ( John J. Sheridan ) and Peter Jurasik ( Londo Mollari )

Friday, 6 7:00 AM EST ACTN
Special effects illuminate a plot about a scientist (Jeff Bridges) imprisoned inside a video game. Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner. Lora/Yori: Cindy Morgan. Gibbs/Dumont: Barnard Hughes. Ram: Dan Shor. Crom: Peter Jurasik. Steven Lisberger directed.

Bruce Boxleitner (Captain/President Sheridan)

Hope Ranch
Sunday, 1 6:00 AM EST APL
Bruce Boxleitner stars as a tough ex-Marine and former policeman who opens his ranch to troubled teens in this 2002 cable drama. In an effort to steer misguided youth clear of a life of crime, J.T. Hope (Boxleitner) takes in miscreants and tries to teach them to be responsible young men. His three charges, Booker (Richard Lee Jackson), Ernesto (J.D. Pardo) and Keith (Brian Gross), prove to be quite a challenge---and Hope has only two weeks to set them straight. With help from Hope's right-hand men Colt and Shorty (Lorenzo Lamas, Barry Corbin), two of the boys start to come around. But Hope has yet to reach Keith, who steals horse tranquilizers and tries to run away. June: Gail O'Grady. (VCR Plus+ 5077230)

Judith Krantz's `Till We Meet Again'
Tuesday, 3 8:00 PM EST WE
Wednesday, 4 2:00 AM EST WE
Conclusion. Treachery and passions mark the years between World War II and the 1950s. Lucy Gutteridge. Jock: Bruce Boxleitner. Bruno: Hugh Grant. Eve: Lucy Gutteridge. Tony: John Vickery. Delphine: Mia Sara. Paul: Michael York. Armand: Charles Shaughnessy. Gen. Von Stern: Michael Sarne. Jane: Serena Gordon. Capt. Rutteman: Wolf Kahler. Annie: Kimberly Dunham.

The Perfect Nanny
Wednesday, 4 2:00 AM EST USA
A woman (Tracy Nelson) tries to make her reality more like the romance novels she loves. Dr. Lewis: Bruce Boxleitner. Mrs. McBride: Katherine Helmond. Dr. Bruning: Susan Blakely. (VCR Plus+ 172966)

Julie Caitlin Brown ( Na'Toth #1 ) Sliders
Thursday, 5 7:00 AM EST SCI-FI
A beloved, long-lost Slider contacts Rembrandt, who subsequently winds up being used by the crafty Kromaggs in a biotechnological plot to eliminate all humans. Voice of Wade: Sabrina Lloyd. Rembrandt: Cleavant Derricks. Capt. Kesh: Julie Caitlin Brown. Maggie Beckett: Kari Wuhrer.

Thursday, 5 7:00 PM EST USA
Meg goes undercover as a recruit to investigate the boot-camp death of a female private, who an anonymous letter claims was murdered. Carrington: Julie Caitlin Brown. Cline: John Finn. Gonzalez: Jenny Gago. Whitley: Sam Jenkins. Harm: David James Elliott. (VCR Plus+ 596679)

Claudia Christian ( Susan Ivanova )

Wing and a Prayer
Tuesday, 3 6:15 PM EST LMN
Wednesday, 4 7:45 AM EST LMN
An air-traffic controller (Claudia Christian) faces the challenge of her career when she is forced to guide a disabled plane to safety, unaware that her husband is aboard the doomed vehicle. Jack: Jeff Yagher. Harriet: Judith Scott. LaVaughn: Jessica Tuck.

Gary Cole ( Capt. Gideon )

Mutiple Listings including Pay Per View
A secret agent (Owen Wilson) and a boxing champ (Eddie Murphy) try to vanquish an arms dealer who has stolen a top-secret stealth fighter jet. Gundars: Malcolm McDowell. Rachel: Famke Janssen. Carlos: Gary Cole. Jerry: Phill Lewis. Based on the 1960s TV series of the same name. Betty Thomas directed.

Stephen Furst ( Vir )

Up the Creek
Saturday, 31 12:00 PM EST UPN
White-water competition between inept students and ruthless preppies. Tim Matheson, Stephen Furst. Max: Dan Monahan. Heather: Jennifer Runyon. Irwin: Sandy Helberg. Rex: Jeff East. Braverman: Blaine Novak. Tozer: James B. Sikking. Rocky: Mark Andrews. Robert Butler directed.

Melissa Gilbert ( Anna Sheridan )

The Lookalike
Saturday, 31 9:45 PM EST LMN
Sunday, 1 1:00 PM EST LMN
A woman (Melissa Gilbert-Brinkman) is tormented when she spots a girl who resembles her recently deceased daughter. Diane Ladd, Thaao Penghlis, Frances Lee McCain, Jason Scott Lee, Bo Brinkman.

Childhood Sweetheart?
Wednesday, 4 9:45 PM EST LMN
Thursday, 5 1:00 PM EST LMN
Melissa Gilbert plays an enigmatic woman whose erratic behavior casts doubt on her claim to be the same person who mysteriously disappeared some 17 years before. Greg: Michael Reilly Burke. Warren: Ronny Cox. Rose: Barbara Babcock. Lt. Walker: Leon Russom. Sandra: Stephanie Erb.

Marjean Holden ( Dr. Chambers )

Exclusively Yours
Thursday, 5 1:00 AM EST NICK
An invasion of models tests Brian's commitment to Alex. Vi: Lee Garlington. Tiffany: Darla Slavens. Brian: Steven Weber. Marjean: Marjean Holden. Zarrina: Katy Thorson. (VCR Plus+ 317650)

Peter Jurasik ( Londo Mollari )

Sex and a Married Detective
Thursday, 5 9:00 PM EST A&E
Friday, 6 1:00 AM EST A&E
A sex therapist (Lindsay Crouse) prescribes murder for the lover she spies with her personal assistant in the clinic's therapy boudoir. Cindy: Julia Montgomery. Dr. Simon Ward: Peter Jurasik. Dr. Walter Neff: Ken Lerner. Columbo: Peter Falk.

Andreas Katsulas ( G'Kar )

Next of Kin
Sunday, 1 3:15 AM EST TBS
A detective (Patrick Swayze) and his relatives are at odds over avenging his brother's murder. Briar: Liam Neeson. Joey: Adam Baldwin. Jessie: Helen Hunt. John: Andreas Katsulas. Gerald: Bill Paxton. Lawrence: Ben Stiller. Harold: Michael J. Pollard. John Irvin directed. (VCR Plus+ 4976246)

A Piece of Eden
Thursday, 5 3:45 PM EST SHO
When his contentious father (Robert Breuler) falls ill, a New York press agent (Marc Grapey) returns home to Indiana to run the family fruit farm. Happy: Rebecca Harrell. Aunt Aurelia: Tyne Daly. Paulo: Frederic Forrest. Giuseppi: Andreas Katsulas. Victor: Tristan Rogers. Maria at 90: Irma St. Paule. Andres: Marshall Efron. Gregory: Jeff Puckett. Claire: Julia Swart. Maria at 30: Rengin Altay. TV Reporter: Lara Phillips. Nurse: Jeannette Washluske. Teenage Franco: James Ferguson. (VCR Plus+ 58832105)

Bill Mumy ( Lennier )

Saturday, 31 12:35 PM EST TRUE
Saturday, 31 11:10 PM EST TRUE
Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman in this adaptation of Henri Charriere's bestseller about his escape from Devil's Island, the infamous penal colony to which he was sent in 1931. Clusiot: Woodrow Parfrey. Maturette: Robert Deman. Warden: William Smithers. Julot: Don Gordon. Toussaint: Anthony Zerbe. Indian Chief: Victor Jory. Lariot: Bill Mumy. Dr. Chatal: George Coulouris. Franklin J. Schaffner directed. (VCR Plus+ 64015927)

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Soul Mates
Thursday, 5 8:00 PM EST WB
Sabrina tries to conceal her wedding-day jitters after waking up with a case of cold feet (literally). The bride-to-be receives a measure of comfort from her mother (Alley Mills) and Aunt Hilda (Caroline Rhea), who arrive unexpectedly with an unrecognizable Zelda in tow. Shirley: Faith Prince. Bob: Robert Picardo. Amanda: Emily Hart. Aaron: Dylan Neal. Harvey: Nate Richert. (VCR Plus+ 109853)

Patricia Tallman ( Lyta Alexander )

Night of the Living Dead
Wednesday, 4 1:30 AM EST MYST
Remake of the 1968 cult thriller about strangers in a farmhouse fending off flesh-eating zombies. Ben: Tony Todd. Barbara: Patricia Tallman. Harry: Tom Towles. Helen: McKee Anderson. Tom: William Butler. Judy Rose: Katie Finneran. Johnnie: Bill Moseley. Sarah: Heather Mazur. Directed by Tom Savini. (VCR Plus+ 250568)

Marshall Teague ( Captain Daniels, Ta'Lon, Nelson Drake , Ta'Lon )

Pensacola: Wings of Gold
SOCEX: Final Exams
Tuesday, 3 6:00 AM EST TNT
As the unit prepares for a special exercise, Kelly and Hammer become the targets of a terrorist's assassin, while Spoon and Ice examine their relationship. Col. Drayton: Marshall Teague. Col. Nathan: Patrick Kilpatrick. Dick Hennesy: James Wellington. Megan Ryan: Deborah Zoe. Ramsey: Justin Sundquist. Kelly: James Brolin. Hammer: Bobby Hosea. Spoon: Michael Trucco. (VCR Plus+ 579241)

Andrea Thompson ( Talia Winters )

Monday, 2 8:00 PM EST NTV
A blow to the head transports a soap-opera writer (John Candy) into the fictional world of his characters. Louise/Janet: Mariel Hemingway. Laura/Rachel: Emma Samms. Carter: Raymond Burr. Blake: Dylan Baker. Ty: Charles Rocket. Dennis/Dr. Kirkland: David Rasche. Nurse Helen: Andrea Thompson. Directed by Tom Mankiewicz.

Peter Woodward ( Galen )

Stone Age Weapons
Saturday, 31 1:30 PM EST HIST
Sunday, 8 11:30 AM EST HIST
Stone Age weapons are examined, including flint and bone axes, spears and slingshots. Also: primitive weapons still in use, such as boomerangs. Host: Peter Woodward. (VCR Plus+ 5040144)

Unarmed Combat
Sunday, 1 11:30 AM EST HIST
A history of unarmed combat includes Egyptian and Greek wrestling; and Greek and Roman boxing. Host: Peter Woodward. (VCR Plus+ 2959449)

Alex Zahara ( Dulann )

Kill Me Later
Friday, 6 3:00 AM EST MOMAX
Friday, 6 11:00 AM EST STZC
Friday, 6 6:20 PM EST STZC
Sunday, 8 7:00 PM EST TMC
A suicidal woman (Selma Blair) agrees to be a hostage for a fleeing bank robber (Max Beesley) who promises to kill her at the end of the ordeal. McGinley: O'Neal Compton. Reed: Lochlyn Munro. Richmond: D.W. Moffett. Billy: Brendan Fehr. Jason: Tom Heaton. Ara: David Adams. Off. Larry: Alex Zahara. Heather: Keegan Tracy. Lucy: Pam Hyatt. Elizabeth: Stacy Fair. Lyle: Marcel Maillard. Suzan: Dana Lustig (who also directed). (VCR Plus+ 19304658)

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