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circa 15 Billion Years Ago.

The universe is created in a massive explosion called the "Big Bang".

Scientific theory.

circa 12 Billion Years Ago.

The Milky Way galaxy is formed.

Scientific theory.

circa 7 Billion Years Ago.

The First Ones evolve, and the first of the First Ones is a being called Lorien. His race are the first to find the Shadows and the Vorlons. The First Ones are vast, timeless beings who go out into the galaxy and found great empires, explore beyond the Rim and teach the younger races as they emerge.

In The Shadow Of Z'ha'dum. In Whatever Happened To Mr Garibaldi? Lorien describes himself as the first of the First Ones, he was old even before the Earth solar system formed. Into The Fire establishes Lorien's race were the first to find the Shadows and the Vorlons.

Author's note: Obviously Delenn wasn't told about this earlier race by the Vorlons.

circa 5 Billion Years Ago.

The star Sol and it's accompanying planets form out of stellar material.

Scientific theory.

An underground city is constructed by some of the First Ones on a planet that is later designated Beta Durani 7.

The Legend Of The Rangers:To Live And Die In Starlight. G'Kar says the city is billions of years old. Assumes it was constructed by some of the First Ones.

circa 3.5 Billion Years Ago.

The first building blocks of life are formed on Earth when amino acids combine to form the first proteins.

Scientific theory.

circa 1 Billion Years Ago.

After destroying a thousand worlds, a race of First Ones are captured by other First Ones at the world later designated Beta Durani 7. A gateway is constructed leading to a dimension parallel to this universe and they are exiled into it for their crimes. From their exile, these First Ones are still able to watch our universe. A record of their deeds is kept in the ancient underground city with a warning to be wary of their return. Over the eons they, the gateway and city almost pass from memory.

The Legend Of The Rangers:To Live And Die In Starlight.

circa 3 Million Years Ago.

The Vorlons come to Earth and genetically manipulate the primitive ape men they find there, to view them as the Vorlons wish to be seen, rather than in their natural glowing jellyfish like form. The Vorlons repeat this exercise with many other evolving races throughout the galaxy.

Conjecture. In The Shadow Of Z'ha'dum,Kosh cannot leave his encounter suit as he would be recognised by everyone, a fact borne out in The Fall Of Night when he left his suit to fly to Sheridan's rescue. Each race saw Kosh according to the legends of their world, hinting at Vorlon manipulation that is revealed by Morden in Z'ha'dum. Matters Of Honor suggests the Vorlons use telepathic projection to hide their form. Falling Toward Apotheosis reveals the Vorlons true appearance.

circa 1.5 Million Years Ago.

After travelling to many worlds manipulating the races to see them as beings of light and being revered as gods, the Vorlons start to think they are gods, superior to the universe that created them. Believing they could transcend this dimension, the Vorlons apply all their knowledge and wisdom to create a gateway into another universe. In their pride, they did not think to what lay on the otherside of the gate and let loose a race older than them, more powerful and all of them telepathic. This alien race was destroying all life in their own universe because they believed only they had the right to exist, all the other races were inferior and had to be exterminated. Modifying the gate to enhance their telepathic inpulses, the aliens create an army of Vorlons willing to die for them. Those Vorlons not being controlled fight back, disabling the gate to prevent any further intrusions. Before it can be destroyed, those still under telepathic control drop the gate into hyperspace to hide it. The memory of their mistake is passed from generation to generation of Vorlon.

Thirdspace. The carbon dating result on the Vorlon gateway shows it is over a million years old.

Author's note. Is it possible that the beings the Vorlons released into our universe when they opened the gateway were the First Ones exiled billions of years earlier? If so, it leads to the interesting notion that these may have been from Lorien's race as they were older than the Vorlons.

On a visit to Earth, the Vorlons take gene samples from the population of Homo erectus. Visiting other worlds and repeating the genetic harvesting for their experiments, the Vorlons begin re engineering the DNA to produce the first telepath genes at their chief experimental station.

The Nautilus Coil.

circa 1 Million Years Ago.

Many of the First Ones tire of looking after the younger races. Some disappear beyond the Rim never to be seen again, while a few remain to walk openly among the races barely aware of their existence, in pursuit of tasks incomprehensible to them. The Shadows and the Vorlons acting as guardians to the younger races, begin warring with each other over how best to help them evolve. The Vorlons favour evolution by control and the Shadows by creating conflict. Each side abides by rules of engagement laid down by Lorien, respecting each others position.

In The Shadow Of Z’ha’dum, Voices Of Authority and The Summoning reveal the fates of many of the First Ones and the reason for the war between the Shadows and the Vorlons. The Passing Of The Techno-mages:Invoking Darkness reveals Lorien set down the rules.

Lorien, the first of the First Ones takes up residence in catacombs beneath the surface of Z’ha’dum.

Conjecture, from Whatever Happened To Mr Garibaldi? Assumes Lorien came to Z’ha’dum around the time other First Ones were leaving or going into hiding.

After a split in the evolutionary line, the Hyach and Hyach-doh evolve in parallel. At first, the two races compete for resources,but eventually learn to live together and begin interbreeding.

Secrets Of The Soul.

circa 500,000 Years Ago.

An unknown intelligence genetically engineers a race of living biological recorders called Vendrizi. These genetically neutral symbiotic beings record all aspects of their host culture as a means of preserving it should anything happen to that civilisation. The Vendrizi accomplish their tasks by joining with those in society who have lost hope and a sense of purpose in their lives. As each culture moves out into the stars, the Vendrizi go with them ready to move onto a new civilisation.

Exogenesis. The Vendrizi reveal their history to Marcus and Franklin.

circa 8,740 Years Ago.

Having abided by rules of engagement, the Vorlons decide their way of helping the younger races to evolve is the right way. So when the Shadows begin encouraging conflict between worlds according to their own evolutionary doctrine, they are fought to a standstill by the remaining First Ones and driven back to their stronghold on Z’ha’dum. The First Ones go into hiding, watching and waiting for the Shadows return. This is the last time they walk openly among the races.

In The Shadow Of Z’ha’dum. Delenn says the last great war with the Shadows was 10,000 years ago.

Author’s Note: I am assuming that Delenn meant 10,000 years before the Great War of 1260-1261.

circa 7,8OO Years Ago.

Soul Hunters come en mass to Ralga, drawn there by what they sense is the Ralgans physical death. In reality the Ralgans are evolving into non corporeal beings but before they can evolve, the Soul Hunters capture their life energy and place the Soul globe in one of their archives on an unknown world.

River Of Souls. The Soul Hunters came to Ralga 10,000 years ago.

The inhabitants of Ceti 4 abandon one of their underground cities.

Crusade:War Zone. The city was abandoned 10,000 years ago.

circa 4,800 B.C.

Civilisation dawns on the Hyach home world.

Secrets Of The Soul. Hyach civilisation began 7000 years ago.

Civilisation dawns on Minbar. Over the coming centuries Minbari society divides itself into three castes, Worker, Warrior and Religious.

Conjecture, from Meditations On The Abyss. Findell establishes Minbari civilisation has been around for several thousand years.

A network of jump gates is created by an unknown race throughout the galaxy.

To Dream In The City Of Sorrows. The jumpgates are 7000 years old.

circa 3,800 B.C.

Civilisation dawns on the Abbai homeworld.

The Official Guide To Babylon 5. Abbai civilisation began 6000 years ago.

circa 3,500 B.C.

The Sumerian civilisation is founded at the confluence of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates in Africa.

Historical account.

circa 3,100 B.C.

The Sumerians begin using a pictorial language called cuneiform.

Historical account.

circa 2,800 B.C.

Civilisation dawns on the Yolu homeworld.

The Official Guide To Babylon 5. Yolu civilisation began 5000 years ago.

circa 1,800 B.C.

A Soul Hunter is born among their race who later in life comes to Babylon 5 in 2263, in pursuit of the stolen Ralgan Soul globe.

River Of Souls. The Soul Hunter is 4000 years old.

circa 800 B.C.

Civilisation dawns on the Drazi homeworld Zhabar.

The Official Guide To Babylon 5. Drazi civilisation began 3000 years ago.


circa 200.

The civilisation that built the jump gate network disappears, leaving no archaeological record of their existence.

To Dream in the City Of Sorrows. The jump gate builders disappeared 5000 years after building the network.

circa 261.

Civilisation dawns on Brakir, the Brakiri homeworld.

The Official Guide To Babylon 5. Brakiri civilisation began 2000 years ago.

Civilisation dawns on Gromahk, the homeworld of the Grome.

The Official Guide To Babylon 5. Grome civilisation began 2000 years ago.

Civilisation dawns on Pak’ma, the homeworld of the Pak’ma’ra.

The Official Guide To Babylon 5. Pak’ma’ra civilisation began 2000 years ago. The homeworld is named in Moments Of Transition.

circa 262.

Tuscano becomes the Emperor of the Centauri Empire. He commissions the Imperial guards after the construction of the first Royal Palace, incorporating his seal into the design of the buttons on their uniforms. Tuscano also commissions an elaborate jewel called "The Eye" which becomes the symbol of power and authority for the Emperors.

The Ragged Edge and Objects At Rest. The palace was built and the guards were commissioned 2000 years ago. Signs And Portents, assumes it was Tuscano who commissioned The Eye.

As the Centauri Empire spreads, it comes into conflict with the Xon, the other race living on Centauri Prime and a long war ensues.

Conjecture, from The Parliament Of Dreams.

On Centauri Prime, paranoid that his people would turn on him, Emperor Olion has a series of catacombs constructed beneath the capital leading to the outer regions as a means to escape.

Conjecture, from Legions Of Fire:Out Of The Darkness.


Owain Ddantgwyn, who adopted the battle name of Arthur and united the Kingdoms of Gwynedd and Powys, is killed in battle at Camlan.

Historical account and A Late Delivery From Avalon. Franklin says there was probably a real person behind the Arthur of legend.

circa 761.

Civilisation dawns on Vartas, the homeworld of the Llort.

The Official Guide To Babylon 5. Llort civilisation began 1500 years ago.


Morell becomes the Emperor of the Centauri Empire.

The Shadow Of His Thoughts.


Religious laws are passed making it immoral for Hyach and Hyach-doh to interbreed. Immoral soon becomes illegal, punishable by death. It is deemed more efficient by Hyach’s Geritocracy to eliminate the Hyach-doh completely. Bounties are placed on the Hyach-doh and they are forbidden to leave their territory. Many try to slip away, but along with the ships Captains that transport them, they are arrested and executed.

Secrets Of The Soul. The law was passed 1200 years ago.

Defeating a Xon army at the Battle of Scoria Plains, Emperor Morell and his troops are resting near the river Tuwain when he meets Malia, the prophetess of the village of Tuwain. She foretells of a great danger facing Morell and that a dagger would strike to his heart from near his heart and his life would be forfeit unless he heeded her warning. Asking how he could avoid this death, Malia speaks only of the crescent moon hidden in darkness. Wanting nothing in return for her prophecy except Morell’s good wishes, his troops return to the Royal palace where a great banquet is held in his honour. With his wife Celina and his family gathered round, Morell’s favoured nephew Elfeni stands to raise a toast when Morell notices the crescent moon brooch on his tunic hidden by the shadow of his arm. He cries out to the guards who seize Elfeni as he is about to strike the Emperor with a blade. Under questioning, Elfeni confesses to an alliance with others who would bring civil war and make him Emperor. With his life saved by prophecy, Emperor Morell returns to Tuwain and gives Malia a tenth of his fortune pledging that while an Emperor sits on the throne there would always be a prophetess in Tuwain who would always be in Royal favour. Over the years as one prophetess died and another took the title, the Emperor would make the journey to Tuwain for her inauguration.

The Shadow Of His Thoughts.

The Lady Celina takes her own life hanging from the highest tower of the Royal Palace.

The Shadow Of His Thoughts.



Encountering the Shadows, the Taratimude make an alliance with them in their quest for power and are given access to their more advanced technology, oblivious to the plan to use them as soldiers in the coming war. DNA samples are taken by the Shadows to create the organic part of the tech and the Taratimude are unaware that it is grown on another living being, who dies when the tech is fully grown and harvested.

The Passing Of The Techno-mages:Invoking Darkness.


After suffering half a dozen invasions of their homeworld, the leaders of Ikarra 7 decide to build the perfect weapon to defend themselves. The scientists create twelve machines, bioorganic in construction, capable of intelligent thought with the ability to adapt to any situation and meld with a living being. The machines personality matrix is formed from the brainwave patterns of researcher Tu'Lar and programmed with what it is to be a pure Ikarran. When eleven warriors are activated to save Ikarra from another invasion, they turn on their creators, wiping out the planet's population because they did not match the restrictive and idealistic definitions of the machines programming. The eleven machines eventually wear out through neglect.

Infection. Ikarra 7 has been dead for 1000 years. Franklin discovers the fate of the Ikarrans.

The Shadows return to the Taratimude with the tech and Wierden is the first to accept it. Those who accept it do so for their own purposes and motivations. Some take it to help their own world while others for their own personal quest for power. The Taratimude are unaware of the tech's true purpose to promote agression, carry great destructive power to those that wield it and have the ability to promote rapid healing with organelles released into the hosts body when damaged in conflict. The tech can also extrude a protective shield akin to the skins of Shadow vessels around the wearer.

The Passing Of The Techno-mages:Summoning Light and The Passing Of The Techno-mages:Invoking Darkness reveals what was planned for the original mages.

With the last of the Xon wiped out, the Centauri Republic is founded and a new government, the Centaurum is established. A new Emperor is elected who consults with techno-mage Frazur and his two associates and receives their blessing before taking the throne.

Conjecture, from The Parliament Of Dreams, The War Prayer,

The Geometry Of Shadows and The Passing Of The Techno-mages: Summoning Light. Assumes the Republic was founded 1000 years ago after the Xon were wiped out.

The Centauri Republic introduces the custom of arranged marriages.

The War Prayer. Londo says there have been arranged marriages in the Republic for 1000 years.

House Jaddo and House Mollari become close allies.

Knives. The two Houses have been allied since the early days of the Republic.

A brotherhood forms to embark on a quest to find the mythical Holy Grail. Their number dwindles over the millennia and by the 23rd century, only one of their order remains.

Grail. Aldous says his order has been searching for a millennia and he is the last of their number.


The Shadows return to their places of power and begin rebuilding their forces as a prelude to war.

In The Shadow Of Z'ha'dum. The Shadows returned 1000 years ago.

The Shadows set up a base of operations on one of the southern continents on the Narn home world.

Matters Of Honor. The Book of G'Quan tells of the Shadow presence on Narn.

The Taratimude discover too late the nature of the implants and that the Shadows have a device that can control, manipulate them and switch off their tech at will. Seeing their race slowly being wiped out through in fighting and assisting the Shadows sow the seeds of chaos, a few of the Taratimude vow to never let their Shadow technology do harm and begin a long quest to find a way to negate the Shadows hold over them. Wierden founds the Circle and the principles that govern the techno-mages at their first convocation.

The Passing Of The Techno-mages:Casting Shadows. The Circle was founded nearly a thousand years ago. Kosh has observed three hundred and thirty three such gatherings in 2258.

Transport ship Qal’thaal, carrying nearly a thousand slaves from Zander Prime to Theta 49 as labor for constructing a colony there, comes under attack from Shadow vessels just as it reaches its destination. Before it is destroyed the ship launches lifepods, some are captured by the Shadows while others make it to the surface of Theta 49. With only a hundred survivors and no way of contacting home, they begin building a life there.

Crusade:Patterns Of The Soul.


The Apostolic monastic order is founded.

Passing Throught Gethsemane. Edward's comments suggest the order was founded 1000 years ago.

Techno-mage Osiyrin surreptitiosly begins a study into the Drakh, making anatomical scans and notes on their language, culture and beliefs. Fearing his work would be discovered by the Drakh and in turn, bring down the Shadows wrath on them, the Circle order Osiyrin to stop his research. He becomes the first mage to be reprimanded by the Circle and on their orders, the record of the proceedings are closed.

The Passing Of The Techno-mages:Casting Shadows. Osiyrin was reprimanded by the Circle shortly after its founding.


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