Bio for Max - Short Version

Patience level:
A fist through the wall, tempered by years of forced Tai Chi.

Other People:
Necessary to provide a network of services, but slow inferior, frustrating. Boring, common level of conversation, slow realization of objectives when forced to use ordinary channels.

A huge, highly designed home, overlooking Jupiter from a Martian cliff outside the Metropolis of Bargon. So highly designed in white and uncluttered spaces that it is hardly noticeable until the air car is on the landing roof. Separate chambers are kept on the ground for the monthly purchase of a woman; cleaning and cooking sometimes included if they are inclined.

David/Max Clothing:
Silks, leathers, Earth Italian wool, style of a conservative intelligencia. The style is used almost as a negotiation ploy to soften the blow of the true agenda: ice hard capitalism and pursuit of an exceptional level of power.

Power is the protectorate. At protectorate of a racing mind that defracts and differentiates into splinter thoughts like the tributaries of the Mississippi in Spring. The brilliant mind moves three to four times faster than the normal IQ. If that mind has ghosts and fears it is exaggerated and compounded by three to four times proportionately. So we have speed, ambition, grandiosity, subliminal worries all exaggerated by the brilliance factor of that particular mind.

A visual Symbolic Picture of Max's Mind:
Defense mechanism - Left brain mount Everest of quantium 40. Snow covered hard as ice, a ruthless anger and domination frozen in place. A picture of awe and respect. Trailing out of that, a long diamong thread of verbal jeweled brilliance that peppers his communication in a clarity worthy of the best horse-sense. That's why people listen to him.

The logic and wit of a sensitive humorist. The right brain contains an opened mouthed child lost in the non-thought at the expanse above him, with the warmth of Mr. Kitty in his arms. A giggling bubble gum excitement at seeing patters click into place as people around him are still realizing it is a puzzle, and he is only six.

To write the quintessential book. Wealth and power will come to him beyond any of his acquaintances because of this book. He will become immortal because of this book. He will command awe and quiet as he enters a room. The brilliance of a man who found the common thread through all languages of all time. In alien outer worlds all the way to Earth. A link up so simple that it is hard for most to understand because it comes from pretime. It is a mathematical philosophical configuration.

Favorite Character:
Niche at the Café Fluer in Paris thinking he could actually live inside his Nihilism

Favorite Flower:

Favorite Color:

Aerobic Martian kick boxing, Thai Chi

Favorite Accomplishment:
Designing the IPX headquarters on Mars because they said he couldn't do it. They said he needed to be an engineer. A half-acre purple quartz roof, covering a 1000-foot archway leading into the matrix was his piece de resistance. He designed his ring after it.

Favorite Touch:
Butterfly powers on the backs of beautiful women. Touching the physical hieroglythics on out planets of Alien cultures.

Most Exciting Mysery:
To decipher all languages of the First ones and to understand the level of thought that could produce such sophicated tools so simply and could produce such harmony in a culture. Apparently resultant from the mind over matter discipline that they had achieved.

Max has two sides. 70% of him is defense mechanism of the frozen mountain of quantium 40 with snow and these diamond threads of verbal communication and brilliance coming out of him. And inside the snow covered mountain of quantium 40 is this awestruck little child who is worried about the world falling in on him and crushing him and Mr. Kitty. He's also in awe of what's behind those dark eyes or his nightmares. He is always conquering himself, strengthening himself so those dark eyes don't get him. The patronizing sarcasm towards others just keeps them at arms length to protect a fragile heart.