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The Zocalo Newsletter!

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Pat's Request


Dear Friends,

My sister is raising money to do 2 cancer triathalons. Can you help?


Saving Lives, One Mile at a Time!

Dear Friends,

I hope all is going well for you this year. I have been very busy. You may know me as a Bagpiper, as a Script Supervisor, or a Boy Scout Den Mom. What some of you may not know about me is that I have lost both of my parents and Aunt Rusty to Cancer. In the past three years my two best friends and my Aunt Dotty have been diagnosed with breast cancer and been successfully treated.

Instead of sitting back and waiting for my number to come up I decided to do something. In order to make a difference in the lives of people suffering with all forms of cancer, I joined The Illinois Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training (TNT) to compete in two triathlons! Yes, it’s going to be a long summer but with the support of the TNT coaches and staff I know I will cross the finish line in the Accenture Chicago Triathlon (August 28th) and in Disney’s International Distance Triathlon (September 25th) in Orlando.

Every TNT Member competes in honor of a patient Honoree. A Patient Honoree is someone who has bee stricken with some form of blood cancer. My “Patient Honoree” is Lindsay Pazerunas. Lindsay was diagnosed in November of 2001 with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia at age 5. She is currently in remission and just finished her maintenance chemotherapy in February 2004.

I need your support in reaching my fundraising goal. Asking for money is harder than the training for me. What motivates me is the love of my family and friends. Together we can help fight the cancers that affect 1900 new patients every week. Researchers believe that Leukemia is the most basic of cancers and finding a cure could serve as a foundation for finding a cure for all cancers. The huge advancements made already have impacted the treatment for breast cancer by pioneering chemotherapy.

Please take a moment to visit my site. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Sponsoring is easy! Donations are taken online HERE. If you need it, the long web address is:

Or you may send a check payable to: “The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society” to my home address. Ask your employer if they will match your donation. Sometimes they will double or even triple it! Stay tuned to my home site for updates. To make it easy to remember I have info and click link on my homepage too at:

Please feel free to forward this letter and website to others. Contact with me with any questions. 847-705-6279

Bless you.

Mary Tallman
315 South Bothwell Street
Palatine, IL 60067

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