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Babylon 5 Chronology



Following my last posting, explaining the revisions to the chronology, the 23rd Century section is where there are the most visible changes to date. Here certain events linked to the Minbari have been recalculated based on the Minbari cycle ( 1 cycle to 1.3 standard Earth years) and events linked to the Narn have also been recalculated, based on the Narn year (1 Narn year to 1.22 standard Earth years)

Some notable changes are involving Delenn.

From the comments in The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, it is stated that Minbari live longer than humans, one commentator expresses his opinion that Delenn couldn’t be alive after 140 years, it is not implicit whether he means human or Minbari years. If it were human years Delenn would be 105 cycles old. If it were Minbari cycles then Delenn would be 186 Earth years old. In the light of Joe’s postings regarding her involvment with the Grey Council for 20 cycles, I chose to go with her chronological apearance during the series and plummed for her age as 120 cycles in 2362 (a date also mentioned) or 160 Earth years.

The next major change comes with G’Kar and events around the Narn.

G’Kar established in 2259 that the Centauri invaded Narn 150 Earth years ago, in 2109. He also stated the occupation lasted 100 years. In the original chronology, Sinclair’s mention of the 100 year occupation also led me to believe it ended in 2209. It has been noted that G’Kar was a prominent resistance leader during the war of liberation not only by G’Kar, but also Jha’dur and Londo. By expressing the occupation as 100 Narn years, gives scope for G’Kar to reach this position. Based on this information the occupation began in 2109 and ended in 2231.

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