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This series had it all -- a good cast, terrific writing, wonderful production values -- and a good story. Unfortunately, in today's world of show business, that's not always enough. J. Michael Straczynski started out to create a totally different universe from the one first brought into being with Babylon 5. He continued to give us characters we cared about -- but this time around, he gave us different worlds to visit, different problems to solve. In the quest for a cure for the Drakh plague, the crew of the Excalibur could seek out new civilizations and go where many feared to tread. The series ended after only 13 episodes, but it was imaginative and represented some of the best science fiction of the time period -- and still ranks up there when compared with what we have to watch today.

The DVD set is divided into 4 disks. There are two different sets of commentaries. The first features director Janet Greek, Fiona Avery, Carrie Dobro and Peter Woodward as they talk through the episode "The Well of Forever". At first it was a little disorienting - watching the action and just hearing their voiceover of their comments. But very quickly I found that it is like having someone whisper in your ear little tidbits that make the episode more enjoyable. All four people obviously loved making this episode - Fiona Avery wrote it with a very definite feel for the character of Galen and technomages. Janet Greek directed a number of Babylon 5 episodes so she had an advantage in knowing the general story and environment around Babylon 5. While Crusade was different in nature, the production crew was much the same and their care in visual storytelling is most apparent. I had the good fortune of actually seeing this episode being made at Babylonian Productions in California. It was amazing to see the end product on film when you know how tiny the studio facility was and how large it looked - especially with all the talking & walking segments throughout the series. This exchange between the four is very intelligent -- and a delight to listen to.

The second set of commentaries begins with "The Making of Crusade". J. Michael Straczynski, John Copeland, Doug Netter, John Iacovelli and others go over casting, set design and story concepts. Getting insights from Marjean Holden (Dr. Sarah Chambers) and hearing from David Brooks (Max Eilerson) that he knew his character was headed for a fall were interesting. Like many good actors, they created a total environment for their characters - one in which they had fun and were able to share their talents with everyone.

All in all, watching the CRUSADE DVD is like meeting an old friend again after an extended absense. I still can't say I like the music, but perhaps I've matured enough to appreciate it a bit more than I did when the series began. Peter, Marjean, Carrie and David are lovely people and a joy to work with - on and off the set. I've run into them at conventions and we share some very fond memories of CRUSADE. Joe Straczynski, John Copeland and Doug Netter did a phenomenal job on this series - too bad it didn't reach the heights it could have reached.

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