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On January 9, Season Four of Babylon 5 will be available on DVD. Here are some pictures to remind you of what episodes are included:

Season Four ("No Surrender, No Retreat")

#401 The Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf Sheridan's disappearance begins to unravel the alliance. Londo discovers that Emperor Cartagia has struck a disturbing deal. G'Kar decides to search for Garibaldi. Ivanova, Delenn, and Lyta head toward Z'ha'dum to search for Sheridan. Ed Wasser as Morden. Wortham Krimmer as Emperor Cartagia. Wayne Alexander as Lorien. Damian London as Minister.

#402 Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?

Happened to Mr. Garibaldi G'Kar tries to avoid capture by the Centauri while continuing his search. Delenn urges the Rangers to strike against the Shadows. Wayne Alexander as Lorien. Wortham Krimmer as Emperor Cartagia. Lenny Citrano as Isaac. Anthony DeLongis as Harry.

#403 The Summoning

The Summoning Zack makes a discovery in the search for Garibaldi. Delenn's plan to attack the Shadows runs into trouble. Ivanova and Marcus attempt to solicit aid from more First Ones. Wayne Alexander as Lorien. Wortham Krimmer as Emperor Cartagia. Eric Zivot as Verano. Jonathan Chapman as Ambassador Lethke.

#404 Falling Toward Apotheosis

Falling Toward Apotheosis The Vorlons step up their battle against the Shadows. Londo uncovers a new wrinkle in his plan to unseat Emperor Cartagia. Sheridan asks Garibaldi to remove Kosh from the station. Delenn gets a surprise from Sheridan. Ed Wasser as Morden. Wortham Krimmer as Emperor Cartagia. Wayne Alexander as Lorien.

#405 The Long Night

The Long Night As the Army of Light prepares to strike, Londo and Vir continue to plot Cartagia's downfall. Ivanova and Lorien look for more First Ones. The Shadows unleash a terrible new weapon. Wortham Krimmer as Emperor Cartagia.

#406 Into the Fire

Into the Fire The Army of Light mounts its final assault. Londo learns some surprising information about Morden. Ed Wasser as Morden.

#407 Epiphanies

Epaphanies Bester arrives with news of an Earth Alliance plan to further isolate Babylon 5. Garibaldi delivers some surprising news to Sheridan. Walter Koenig as Bester. Damian London as Minister.

#408 The Illusion of Truth

Illusion of Truth ISN sends a team to do a second story about Babylon 5. Jeff Griggs as Dan Randall.

#409 Atonement

Atonement Delenn is recalled to Minbar to resolve a problem concerning her relationship with Sheridan, and must finally face up to her role in the Earth-Minbari War. Sheridan sends Marcus and Franklin to Mars on a secret mission. Brian Carpenter as Callenn. Reiner Schone as Dukhat.

#410 Racing Mars

Racing Mars Franklin and Marcus arrive on Mars to begin their undercover mission. Sheridan confronts Garibaldi about his behavior. Mark Schneider as Wade. Donovan Scott as Captain Jack. Clayton Landey as Number Two. Marjorie Monaghan as Number One.

#411 Lines of Communications

Lines of Communications Franklin and Marcus try to convince the leaders of the resistance to go along with Sheridan's plan to unseat Clark. Delenn investigates a series of attacks on Minbari allies. Minbar begins to slide toward civil war. Marjorie Monaghan as Number One. Paolo Seganti as Phillipe. G.W. Stevens as Forell.

#412 Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest Garibaldi takes on a new job. The resistance's counter-propaganda broadcasts begin. Sheridan proposes a plan to protect the Non-Aligned Worlds from raiders. Tim Choate as Zathras. Denise Gentile as Lise Hampton. Mark Schneider as Wade. Charles Walker as Ben.

#413 Rumors, Bargains and Lies

Rumors, Bargains and Lies Sheridan tricks the League of Non-Aligned Worlds into accepting his proposed defense pact. Delenn tries to work with an old rival to defuse a brewing Minbari civil war. John Vickery as Neroon.

#414 Moments of Transition

Moments of Transition The warrior caste demands Delenn's surrender. Bester makes an offer to an increasingly desperate Lyta. Sheridan is compelled to act after receiving horrible news from Ivanova. Scott Adams as Mr. Adams. Bart McCarthy as Shakiri. Walter Koenig as Bester. John Vickery as Neroon.

#415 No Surrender, No Retreat

No Surrender, No Retreat Sheridan's forces attempt to liberate Proxima 3. Londo tries to enlist G'Kar's aid in backing Sheridan against Earth. Marcia Mitzman Gaven as Commander Levitt. Richard Gant as Captain MacDougan. Ken Jenkins as Captain Hall.

#416 The Exercise of Vital Powers

Exercise of Vital Powers Garibaldi arrives on Mars and meets William Edgars. Lyta helps Franklin in an attempt to make contact with the frozen telepaths. Denise Gentile as Lise. Mark Schneider as Wade. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as William Edgars.

#417 The Face of the Enemy

Face of the Enemy Sheridan's search for his father leads him into danger on Mars. Lyta warns Franklin of an impending clash between telepaths and mundanes. Garibaldi chooses between loyalty to Sheridan and to Edgars. Richard Gant as Captain MacDougan. Denise Gentile as Lise. Walter Koenig as Bester. Marjorie Monaghan as Number One. Mark Schneider as Wade. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as William Edgars.

#418 Intersections in Real Time

Intersections Sheridan faces an inquisitor from Earthdome. Wayne Alexander as Drazi. Raye Birk as William. Bruce Gray as Interrogator.

#419 Between the Darkness and the Light

Between the Darkness and the Light Garibaldi is captured by the Mars Resistance. Ivanova's fleet clashes with Clark's forces. A plan to free Sheridan is launched. Marjorie Monaghan as Number One. >

#420 Endgame

Endgame Sheridan's forces make their final strike. Marcus weighs a vital decision. J. Patrick McCormack as General Lefcourt. Marjorie Monaghan as Number One. Carolyn Seymour as Senator Crosby.

#421 Rising Star

Rising Star Earthgov decides Sheridan's fate. Delenn makes a remarkable proposition to the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Garibaldi searches for Lise. Denise Gentile as Lise. Rance Howard as David Sheridan. Beata Pozniak as President Luchenko. Walter Koenig as Bester.

#422 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

Deconstruction Fourth season finale. A look back at the impact of Babylon 5 from 100, 500, 1000, and 1000000 years in the future.

For more information on each episode, go to The Lurker's Guide is THE guide to Babylon 5 and the synopses used on this page were obtained from the Guide.

Images used were obtained from Warner Bros.
1993, 1994 PTN Consortium and Warner Bros. Television. 2003 Warner Home Video. All rights reserved.

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