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BABYLON5: End Game
Album Name: End Game
Composer: Christopher Franke
Episode #: 420
Order Online: - -

Track Title Time
1A Imperial Palace 0:23
1B Emperor's Exit 0:35
1C Request Denied 0:37
1D Main Titles 1:29
2A Doing Business 0:50
2B Preparing The Speech 1:11
2C G'Kar Gets Ready 0:51
3A Greeting The Emperor 0:22
3B Reflection On Life 0:59
3C G'Kar's Will 0:19
3D Emperor Collapses 2:22
3E Londo's Plan 1:31
4A Bad Timing 0:21
4B Apologies & Dreams 2:08
4C Shadow Attack 1:44
4D Toast To The Emperor 1:29
4E The Message 0:14
5A Darkness Is Coming 0:27
5B Betrayal 2:24
5C G'Kar's Defeat 0:27
5D Emperor's Last Wish 0:32
5E Emperor Dies 1:42
5F Transition 0:24
5G Now At War 0:50
6A Take Over Plan 0:20
6B Londo's Nightmare 0:23
6C Hello Old Friend 0:25
6D End Titles 0:44
Total Time: 35:25

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