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BABYLON5: Interludes & Examinations
Album Name: Interludes & Examinations
Composer: Christopher Franke
Episode #: 312
Order Online: - -

Track Title Time
1A Diary Entry 1:59
1B Nothing Else Goes Wrong 0:31
1C Main Titles (With Narration) 1:30
2A We Cannot Defend Ourselves 0:28
2B Crisis In Medlab 3:32
2C Mr. Morden 0:22
3A Londo Meets with Morden 0:36
3B Changing Plans 0:57
3C Reports Of Shadow Attacks 0:38
3D In Need of a Victory 1:17
3E Garibaldi and Hobbs 1:11
4A Vir on a Shopping Spree 1:14
4B Garibaldi Confronts Franklin 1:27
4C Sheridan Confronts Kosh 3:48
5A Vorlons Attach Shadows 1:47
5B The Face of Death 5:06
6A The Day After 0:36
6B Londo Seeks Revenge 1:19
6C Final Departure 1:27
6D End Titles 0:38

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