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BABYLON5: The Long Night
Album Name: The Long Night
Composer: Christopher Franke
Episode #: 405
Order Online: - -

Track Title Time
1A Giants In The Playground 1:29
1B Conspiracy 0:29
1C Main Titles 1:29
2A Couch Conversation 0:31
2B A Soldier's Promise 1:54
2C The 'Throne Room' 1:14
2D The Plot 0:26
2E Subjective Humor 0:52
3A Cartagian Justice 0:44
3B Cartagia Murdered 2:36
4A Londo, Prime Minister 0:51
4B Planet Killer At Work 2:20
4C Vir's Good Heart 2:22
5A Anticipation Of Natives 0:32
5B Explaning The Mission 1:57
5C Erikson's Special Mission 1:14
6A Narn Celebration 0:31
6B What G'Kar Endured 1:06
6C Sheridan's Poem 1:15
6C End Titles 0:43

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