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BABYLON5: Shadow Dancing
Album Name: Shadow Dancing
Composer: Christopher Franke
Episode #: 321
Order Online: - -

Track Title Time
1A Towards Fate 0:50
1B Delenn At The Gray Council 1:17
1C Advance Scout Mission 1:20
1D Main Titles (With Narration) 1:29
2A Marcus & Ivanova Depart 0:26
2B Garibaldi Worried 0:43
2C Franklin & Child 1:02
2D Ivanova & Minbari Rest 0:58
2E Three Nights Together 1:34
2F Franklin Attack 1:08
3A Franklin Wounded 0:51
3B Shadow Scout Encounter 1:14
3C The Signal 2:38
4A Countdown 0:35
4B The Grand Confrontation 6:47
5A Emergency Treatment 0:56
5B What's Next? 0:38
5C Recovery 0:47
5D Dream Interpretation 2:28
6A I'm Anna Sheridan 4:13
6B End Titles 4:13

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