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Each Night I Dream of Home
Maintained by David Boyd
Last Update on October 12 '99
Title: Each Night I Dream of Home
Episode Order Number: 113
Production Number: 105
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski    Director: Stephen Furst
First US Air Date: Wednesday 01st September 1999
Episode Message Board: Talk about the Episode here
Contents: [Plot] - [Regular Cast] - [Guest Stars] - [Review]

    Drifting in space, an injured Lochley is picked up by the Excalibur on an extra special and especially secret mission. An already risky experiment is nearly compromised when the Drakh pinpoint their location and attack.

Regular Cast: Gary Cole, Tracy Scoggins, Daniel Dae Kim, Marjean Holden
Guest Stars: Richard Biggs, Lance Legault, Timothy Williams
Review:   By Lars Joreteg

Review: Crusade episode 13 - "Each Night I Dream of Home"

"Doctors orders - Life goes on" - Captain Matthew Gideon

And so it ends... "Each Night I Dream of Home", the final episode (for now we hope) of Crusade has arrived. And fortunately it does not disappoint, this limited run goes out with a bang.

The Excalibur is recalled to participate in a top-secret experiment, designed to get a better understanding of the Drakh plague and how it works. Unfortunately the Drakh figures out what is going on and attack...

The plot of "Each Night I Dream of Home" centers on a dangerous guinea-pig experiment. In order to be reunited with his love back on Earth, someone has agreed to be exposed to the plague. It is hoped that the plague can be understood by observing a human infection as it happens. But during this experiment, the Drakh attack, thus providing some extra tension and excitement. (As well as cool effects) :-) The true nature of the plague is eventually revealed, and it turns out to be a nano-technology "virus" that exhibits some intelligent behavior. This does tie in nicely with the nano-technology plague shield that was discovered a while back. Will nano-technology be required to defeat nano-technology? It seems likely. I also liked how the five-year time period was explained, even though my medical knowledge is very limited, it does seem to make a lot of sense. What this experiment reveals is both discouraging and encouraging. It is discouraging, because we learn that the plague will be even harder to beat than previously thought. But it is also encouraging, because we see how a crisis can bring out the best in people. Despite the plague, life does go on. I also enjoyed the symmetry of the ending. Even though this episode was filmed 5th and not intended to serve as any kind of finale episode, it fits almost perfectly in its slot. After these 13 episodes of Crusade, we are back where it all started - Babylon 5. And even though we are at a cliff-hanger, knowing the Drakh plague is worse than we initially thought, we are also reassured: "Life goes on - Indeed it does".

Gary Cole once again turns in a wonderful performance as Captain Gideon. His interactions with Lochley and Matheson are definitely some of the high points of this episode.

Trace Scoggins is also outstanding in her role as Captain Lochley. This might in fact be her best episode ever, including her Babylon 5 work. There was great chemistry between her and Gideon, and she was very likeable.

Daniel Dae Kim is also great as Lt. Matheson, as is Marjean Holden as Dr. Chambers. Although both of them aren't given much to do, they both gave very good perfomances.

Unfortunately David Allen Brooks (Max Eilerson), Peter Woodward (Galen), and Carrie Dobro (Dureena Nafeel) do not appear in this episode.

The guest stars of this episode are very good. The standout is of course Richard Biggs (as Dr. Stephen Franklin), the first regular cast member of Babylon 5 to guest-star on Crusade. (Not counting Lochley, but she is a Crusade regular too) He turns in a very good performance; even though he is a little shaky in the beginning he quickly gets into his character.

Lance Legault is also very good as the Earth senator, playing a typical politician very convincingly, yet giving him some unique quirks. A likeable and amusing character in an odd way. :-) Timothy Williams plays the mysterious "plumber", and he is portrays an average kind of person pretty well.

The technical aspects of this episode are very good, we get to see some very impressive FX work during the Starfury capture and battle. And then there is of course the appearance of the elusive and mysterious Warlock destroyer, a short but sweet moment. Evan Chen's music is pretty good here too.

Overall this is truly an excellent episode. A great story, excellent character interaction, and impressive effects all come together making this one of Crusades best episodes. All the reasons why Crusade deserves to survive were clearly on display here. How could a show as good as this be cancelled after only 13 episodes? It boggles the mind. But somehow the Crusade will go on, the Excalibur will return, and a cure will be found.

Rating: 9/10

- Lars Joreteg (

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