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The Zocalo Newsletter!

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Maintained by David Boyd
Last Update on March 19 '99
29/02/99 - 19/03/99

Q: Haven't seen them yet, but just read description of Crusade opening titles. Sounds sorta like the second part of the opening to The Prisoner, the part with the episode title and episode credits. Was this your intent?

JMS: No, it draws from the primary questions asked in the B5 series.


Q: I was wondering if you would ,at some point in the future,consider writing your biography, as i am sure a great many people would be very interested.

JMS: I dunno...I've actually been asked to write one, but have so far declined; it just ain't that interesting a life in many respects, and I'm only 44, writing a bio at this point would be rather self-indulgent. I guess -- and I'm not being fascetious here -- I can't imagine anything less exciting to read than my bio.


Q: JMS confirms that WB owns Crusade, lock stock & barrel. JMS also said he was planning on picking up other possible B5 threads. Would WB own these also? If not, who would.

JMS: WB owns it all, including any and all spinoffs.


Q: Was it your choice to cancel the series because you felt it was being interfered with creatively, or did TNT cancel it because you wouldn't do things their way

JMS: I do not have the power, authority or contractual ability to cancel a show and take it elsewhere. WB owns the show, lock stock and barrel.


Q: I know the author wrote this based on (as it says on the front of the book) "an original outline from JMS". So my question is, how much detail does the outline have and how much does the author get to add?

JMS: The usual length of my outlines tends to be about 15-18 pages per book, so 45-54 pages total per trilogy. It's fairly extensive and has all the major beats worked out


Q: The first of the new batch, Dark Genesis was EXCELLENT. And I'm glad to say Deadly Relations is just as good! It's scope is a little less epic than the previous one. Instead of focusing on multiple characters as the first did, it focuses mainly on Alfred Bester.

JMS: I think book 2 is terrific as well, maybe in some ways better than 1 because though it's not as epic, it really makes the Psi Corps come alive in some nifty ways.

I haven't seen 3 yet, but it should be a real kick.

The technomage trilogy, at this point, may work out to be my favorite, given how much of the B5 storyline it interweaves.


Q: I was just wondering whether the Crusade situation has affected the possibility and/or timing of a B5 feature film? Last I heard, everyone was waiting until after the new Star Wars release. Has anything changed?

JMS: Yeah, but I'd rather wait a bit.


Q: I have seen upto 16 episode titles for Crusade. My question is what are the 13 episode titles that have been produced and will go to air?

JMS: Warzone
Each Night I Dream of Home
The Memory of War
Visitors from Down the Street
The Well of Forever
Patterns of the Soul
The Needs of Earth
Racing the Night
The Long Road
Path of Sorrows
Ruling from the Tomb
The Rules of the Game
Appearances and Other Deceits

The last one written and turned in was called "End of the Line." John blames me for the synchronicity.

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