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The Zocalo Newsletter!

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Maintained by David Boyd
Last Update on August 28 '99

[What can be done to help?]
        [ Write to the Networks!]
        [Phase 1 - Ad Campaign]
        [Phase 2 - Write to the Sponsors!]
[Letter Writing Tips]
[The Save Crusade Banner]
[Support Sites]

  • Write to Crusade's Sponsors:

    With the help of fan volunteers we have compiled a list of the names and addresses of companies who advertised during the episodes of "Crusade". Now we ask everyone to write letters to these companies praising them for supporting "Crusade" (and including proofs of purchase for their products whenever possible).

    Remember networks can afford to ignore "Crusade" but they can't ignore the companies which buy their advertising space. This could be a very important piece of our campaign. If we can get the sponsors on our side we can not lose.

    For a huge list of sponsors, go here.

    If you only have time to write a few letters, write to the companies listed here. These are some of the most frequent advertisers and/or companies most receptive to our letters.

    If you can write more letters, go to the list of sponsors for the individual episodes here. Note that you should be able to send essentially the same letter to all the sponsors - just change the company name and reference to their product. So once you have written one letter, the rest will go quickly.

    Folks, this is where we take the bull by the horns. Write your letters today!

Thank-you for taking the time to read this.


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