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The Narn Regime
Homeworld: Narn
Capital: G'Khamazad, Narn
Ruling Body: The Kha'Ri
G'Quan Class Starcruiser, T'Loth Class Heavy Cruiser, Frazi Class Heavy Fighter, Transport
[G'Quan Class Starcruiser - click for larger image]
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starcruiser outside B5 (550*412, 33kb)
G'Quan Class Starcruiser
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A G'Quan Class Starcruiser is an impressive spacecraft in the Babylon 5 universe. As the newest and largest ship in the Narn military fleet, it is approximately 1.2 km long and 650 m wide. But while the ship may be large, it is not very maneuverable. When it comes to weapons power the Starcruiser is a force to be reckoned with, equal in power to a Centauri Primus Class Battlecruiser. Its known weapons are mine-launchers, missile launchers and beam weapons. Starcruisers also carry many Frazi Class Fighters on board, but the exact number is unknown. The Starcruiser is of course with a jump-point generator. There is no artificial gravity on board.
[T'Loth Class Heavy Cruiser exiting a jump-point]
T'Loth Class Heavy Cruiser
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The T'Loth Class Heavy Cruiser is an older warship, almost 1.2 km long, slightly heavier than the newer G'Quon Class Starcruiser. It has two parts, both resembling Starcruisers by themselves, connected at the middle, where the main bridge seems to be located. So from ahead and behind, this ship's cross section looks like an "H". The T'Loth class has jump-point capability, as well as a number of Frazi Class Fighters on board.
[Frazi Fighters]
Frazi Class Heavy Fighter
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The Frazi Class Fighter is the workhorse of the Narn military, used for many purposes. It has a crew of one pilot, and is armed with two cannons, located on either sides of the cockpit. The Frazi fighter is capable of atmospheric flight, but it is not as maneuverable in space as its Centauri and Earth counterparts. It is about 25 meters long.
[Narn Transport]
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The front of the Narn Transport is shaped roughly like a Frazi Class Fighter, but chunkier and larger, at 70 meters long. The back 2/3rds of the ship is the box-shaped cargo bay, which can fit many types of cargo. Around 700 people can fit into one transport without any other cargo, but then space will be very tight. The Transport also has limited weaponry, probably similar to that of the Fighter.
Top, G'Quan Class Starcruiser, T'Loth Class Heavy Cruiser, Frazi Class Heavy Fighter, Transport

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