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Raiders, Rangers, Technomages

[Raider Jumpship - click for larger image]
[Jumpship exiting jump-point]
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The Raider Jumpships are large transports of different designs capable of opening their own jump-points. They are modified commercial transports that are able to launch many Fighters from external hard-points or bays. They serve as a Raider mobile bases of operations. Since jump-capable ships are incredibly expensive, they can only afford a few far in between.
[Raider Fighter]
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The Raider Fighter is actually an old Narn design, like much of the Raider arsenal. It was phased out of Narn service a long time ago, but the Raiders were able to buy some of the remaining ones. This Fighter was designed to be capable of both space and atmospheric flight, but due to its design it is no match for space-only designs, like the Starfury, in space combat.

[Whitestar - click for larger image]
[Whitestar - click for larger image]
[Whitestar - click for larger image]
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whitestar in hyperspace (550*412, 21kb)
entering jump-point (400*300, 15kb)
chased by shadows (550*412, 27kb)
Whitestar Class
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The Whitestar Class was created in secret by the Minbari Religious Caste, with some Vorlon help, to fight in the Shadow war. It is a very small ship, around 270 meters long, and amazingly maneuverable. There is one main beam weapon, plus 6 pulse cannons. But while it is incredibly powerful for its size, it has less weapons power than most major capital ships. The Whitestar Class is also the smallest ship known that can open its own jump-point, making it very useful for smaller attacks and intelligence gathering missions. The ship also has internal artificial gravity. The Vorlon parts of the Whitestars are the computer system, the advanced tracking system, the auto-repair system, and the the semi-organic "learning" armor. This armor can to some degree adapt to certain weapons, absorbing some of the energy and leaving only physical impact damage. It is no match, however, for heavier weapons. After sustaining damage, the auto-repair system on a Whitestar starts working on the problem, re-routing resources. This is, however, a time-consuming process, and will not work if the damage is too great. The normal crew complement of this class is around 50. The Whitestars also have a small cargo bay that is capable of holding a shuttle or a few fighters. This carco bay located between the aft main propulsion fins. In addition, a Whitestar is also capable of landing on a planetary surface.

[Technomage Transport exiting jumpgate]
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The Technomage Transport is a very small personal spacecraft, around 30-40 meters long. Its technology is extremely advanced, however, only surpassed by ships from the Vorlons, Shadows, and the other First Ones. Its advanced sensors and navigational equipment allow the technomages to travel far off hyperspace beacons to avoid detection. It is not known wether these ships can open up their own jump-points, but it is likely that they have some method of entering and exiting hyperspace on their own. The offensive and defensive capability of a technomage transport is not known, but it should not be underestimated.
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