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What's New Today

Friday, July 25:

CSI: The CSI website has a few hints about the fourth season premeire episode. "Assume Nothing" will air on September 25. This two-parter will involve Grissom and his team tracking down a husband-and-wife serial killer team. This is the first two-part episode arc story for CSI.

UNDERWORLD: Trailers for UNDERWORLD are now online at http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/underworld/. You can visit the site and learn about the story -- the struggle between vampires and werewolves at http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/underworld/index.html. The film is set for release on September 19.

HARRY POTTER: According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. Pictures is already building a team for the next Harry Potter installment -- HARRY POTTER AND GOBLET OF FIRE. Helmer Mike Newell and Warner Bros. are looking to team up even though Newell has not yet seen a script nor met with studio executives about the project. Both sides are eager to work together on "Goblet." Should Newell sign, he would be the first British helmer to come aboard the franchise. Mexican helmer Alfonso Cuaron is set to direct the upcoming "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."

SEABISCUIT: This will be a fun weekend at the movies. SEABISCUIT looks like the movie to watch -- with Oscar rumors already accompanying rave reviews for Jeff Bridges, Tobey McGuire and Chris Cooper. For a look at the movie through Tobey McGuire's eyes, go to http://www.prevuemagazine.com/Articles/Flash for an interview with the guy who went from being Spiderman to Red Pollard, jockey.

FARSCAPE: Word is out that the second season DVD for FARSCAPE is due out in August. Unfortunately it may cost you dearly to own it. The list price is $149.00!

THE PUNISHER: Production is set to begin August 2 in Tampa, Florida on THE PUNISHER from Artisan Entertainment/Marvel Studios. Director Jonathan Hensleigh will shape the comic book adaptation of FBI undercover agent, Frank Castle, whose world is shattered when his family is executed as a repercussion from his final undercover assignment. With unparalleled intensity, ferocious intelligence and fearless actions, Castle seeks to punish the murderers -- and finds the one thing he least expected: redemption. The cast includes Thomas Jane in the title role, Samantha Mathis, Will Patton, John Travolta, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Laura Harring, James Carpinello, Mark Collie, Ben Foster, John Pinette, Eddie Jamison and Russell Andrews.

Thursday, July 24:
BABYLON 5 DVD: Fans of Babylon 5 will be featured on the season five DVD says JMS. In a post made to the B5 moderated newsgroup just before San Diego ComiCon, JMS said, "For those who will be at my talk on Saturday, or know someone who will, Warner Bros. will be there with a film crew to interview fans and tape material for the season 5 DVD, which at my request will have a whole section on the fans, since that has always been an important part of the show."

JEREMIAH: Season Two of Jeremiah will premiere on Friday, September 19 at 10:00pm ET/PT. The pilot episode for Season One will air right before -- at 8:30pm ET/PT.

ENTERPRISE: Executive producers Brannon Braga and Rick Berman are talking about some of the changes ahead for the third season of ENTERPRISE. A new alien threat—the Xindi—is revealed and Enterprise is sent off into the dangerous Delphic Expanse to confront them. There will be new characters, members of Military Assault Command Operations, or MACO. "They're kind of semi-recurring and will be used on certain away missions." Scott Bakula said in a recent interview that Captain Archer will get a little darker, a bit more driven in his mission to stop the Xindi. "The idea of being the peaceful 'We-come-in-friendship' [guy], ... that guy is gone." Enterprise returns to Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, starting Sept. 10.

Season Three Babylon 5 DVD SALES: Top 10 SF Sales: 1. The Two Towers extended edition; 2. The Two Towers regular edition; 3. Adventures of Indiana Jones; 4. Daredevil; 5. The Chamber of Secrets; 6. Angel season two; 7. Stargate SG-1 season four; 8. Buffy season four; 9. Final Destination 2, and 10. Babylon 5 season three. Source: Amazon.com, top-selling genre DVDs, 7/21/03.

ATLANTIS: With the annoucement of the eighth season of STARGATE SG-1, the SCIFI Channel said that this season will serve as a launch pad for STARGATE: ATLANTIS, a spin-off series. Currently in development, ATLANTIS will feature an entirely new cast of explorers and scientists who will search for clues to the origins of the Stargate.

STARGATE SG-1: SCIFI has confirmed the renewal of STARGATE SG-1, bringing back the entire cast, which includes Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge. SG-1 is currently in production on its seventh season and season eight is slated to premiere in the summer of 2004. Since coming to SCIFI in June 2002, the series has become SCIFI’s highest-rated original series, averaging a 1.7 rating (1.35 million households) for new episodes. Reruns of the show’s earlier seasons on Monday nights have averaged a 1.2 rating (985,000 households).

ELLISON VS. AOL: According to the Wall Street Journal, SF author Harlan Ellison is suing America Online for copyright infringement. Ellison charges that AOL did not act fast enough when a fan posted some of his stories without permission on an online forum carried by the service. AOL says it's not to blame and that it removed the stories once it was aware of them. Ellison told the newspaper that the suit is more a crusade to hold Internet service providers accountable for material pirated by their users.

DEATHLOK: Die Another Day director Lee Tamahori will direct Marvel's cynical cyborg DEATHLOK. The story concerns a cop who after being badly maimed is rebuilt as a ultra-violent robot, but manages to regain his consciousness. Tamahori is currently shooting The Guide starring Halle Berry.

BOOGEYMAN: Lucy (Xena) Lawless has signed to star in the horror pic BOOGEYMAN. The film is being produced by Sam Raimi’s new genre label Ghost House Pictures.

Wednesday, July 23:
RATINGS: Top 10 SF Syndicated Programs: The X-Files 2.3; 3rd Rock 2.0; Adventure, Inc. 2.0; Mutant X 2.0; Stargate SG-1 1.8; Buffy 1.8; Beastmaster 1.7; Andromeda 1.4; John Edward 1.4, and The Outer Limits 1.4. Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 6/23/03 - 6/29/03.

X-FILES: We want to send along our wishes for a speedy recovery to X-FILES star Gillian Anderson. She was rushed to a hospital Monday after a fall at her home in London. The news report indicates that she may have badly damaged her lower back and possibly her hip in the fall.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: SCI FI Wire talked to Jamie Bamber, who will play Apollo on the SCI FI Channel's upcoming BATTLESTAR GALACTICA miniseries at the San Diego Comic-Con. Bamber and fellow cast members Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) and Tricia Helfer (Number Six) joined executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick to answer fan questions and screen footage from the upcoming miniseries, which re-imagines the original 1970s TV series. Bamber said, "I think I was surprised pleasantly by the response and by the dialogue that's actually there. And they can understand some of the issues that Ron and David were facing when they conceived of the project. And I think, hopefully, that everyone who was there will be one step closer to being on board with us." The four-hour Battlestar Galactica premieres Dec. 7.

Stargate TV Guide STARGATE RENEWED! President of MGM Television, Hank Cohen, told fans at San Diego Comic-Con that the show has been renewed for an eighth season. That would make it second only to The X-Files as the longest running single science-fiction series in American television history. Cohen said that fan support and opinions not only influenced the decision to bring back the character of Daniel Jackson, played by Michael Shanks, but also made the difference in bringing the series back for another season. Amanda Tapping, who plays Maj. Samantha Carter, was also present on the panel and joked that she had not yet been informed of the show's renewal. "This is the first I've heard of it," Tapping said, laughing. Stargate SG-1 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET/PT.

FIREFLY: Fans of the short-lived series FIREFLY will rejoice in knowing that the series will be available on DVD December 9. Amazon.com is accepting pre-orders now for $37.49. I haven't found any details yet.

CATCHING UP: I'm back and catching up. Here's some news and a new TV listing. More tomorrow.


"Monk" on USA Network, 10:00pm - 11:00pm ET
Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is able to convince some of his partners that the world's oldest man did not die from old age. The detective's fear of murder just might pay off.

On SciFi Tonight:

8:00 PM
The Key
A Las Vegas thug returns to Perfection to retrieve the key to a lockbox.

9:00 PM
Stargate SG-1
Enemy Mine
O'Neill and the crew investigate the Naquadah planet to discover it is inhabited by Unas.


Here's the latest from JMS on his on-going projects:

Polaris is still making the rounds, so we'll see what happens on that front. "World on Fire" is not do-able anymore because the events of the world caught up with the story. (Essentially, it was about the events leading up and following America getting into its next war, starting with an attack on New York. Very eerily, nearly everything that was in the script and the planned series has now happened, so the show is now a moot issue.)

I've put my play "Among the Ruins" on a back burner for now, because it got too clever for its own good, too slick, almost self-consciously so...it needs time to season and develop the right kind of maturity.

Comics: the first issue of Supreme Power comes out August 6th, and it's going to be a terrific book. And Spidey continues apace, I'm just about to start writing issue 500, a 38 page monster that culminates a three-issue arc that encompasses much of Spidey's history and some things that should be real surprises for people.

TV: I'm making the network rounds with the people at Marvel Productions, pitching a new series, but that's all I can say about it for the moment.

Audio: I've finished the 20 short scripts for "The Adventures of Apocalypse Al" for a company that will be distributing them either late fall or early Spring 2004. It's a very, very funny series.

Other than that, working on a novel, making the pitch rounds for Midnight Nation as a feature, and taking some down time after finishing season two of Jeremiah last month.


JMS has pointed everyone over to http://www.comicbookresources.com/columns/?column=13 for an answer to the burning question, Where is Rising Stars?

While JMS' note above listed a particular column at Comic Book Resources, that page reference has changed. To read what is going on between JMS and Top Cow, go to http://www.comicbookresources.com/columns/index.cgi?column=litg&article=1670..

A number of readers have asked about JMS' comic book series, RISING STARS. It has been quite a while since the last issue came out and they were wondering when they might expect to see the next one. JMS was asked this question in the B5 moderated newsgroup not long ago. His response was:

June 3: That depends entirely on a situation with Top Cow that is in need of resolution. The delay in writing has not been a delay in writing; it's been working through some problems with Top Cow for the last...almost year now. The final issues won't be turned in until those issues are resolved.



Here is the blurb from the MGM Newsletter that arrived this morning. Not a lot of information in it, but it's good to see it finally arrive.

Jeremiah returns this summer for its second season on Showtime.
Luke Perry and Malcolm-Jamal Warner star as two drifters living in a post-apocalyptic world. Joining the cast for the new season is Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings) playing Mr. Smith, a man with a very unique gift.

Fans of this JMS show have been wondering when it will return to the Showtime line-up. JMS responded to a question in the B5 moderated newsgroup that gives a bit more information than previously available:

"The season finale aired July 19, 2002, so it's less than one year since the season ended. Last I heard the show was going to run starting the first week in September so that it could conclude with the last four shows in November sweeps."

There are a couple of places where you can find information on JEREMIAH. Monica has a very up-to-date site at http://abyss.hubbe.net/jeremiah/. She has a newsletter that you can sign up for as well so that information comes into your mailbox on a regular basis. The "official" website is located at http://sho.com/jeremiah/. It isn't terribly timely, but it does have background about the show if you need it.


B5 Season Three DVC Thanks to everyone who have sent along their suggestions for extras on the upcoming DVDs. So far, some good items have been mentioned.

Warners is SO happy with sales of Babylon 5 DVDs they are pushing up the release of Season Three. The release projected date is August 12. You can put in orders now at Amazon.com.

Season 3 Details

Warner Brothers has announced August 12th as the street date for Babylon 5: The Complete Third Season. Subtitled "Point of No Return", it will be another 6-disc extravaganza featuring all 22 episodes of the third season. In addition, Warner is again working with producer/creator J. Michael Straczynski to bring you the very best in the way of supplements:

Introduction from series creator J. Michael Straczynski
Commentaries on 3 key episodes by series creator and stars
Documentary: Behind the Mask: Creating the Aliens of Babylon 5
Documentary: Designing a Better Narn
Documentary: Designing Tomorrow: The Look of Babylon 5
Data and Personnel Files

Once again this will by brought to you in 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen, and with sound remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1...all for a list price of $99.98.

DVD BARGAIN ALERT: Ranger Gary reports that CostCo has some great deals on DVDs. They have the STARGATE SG-1 SEASON THREE DVD for $39.99. That is well below what I've seen on e-bay and about $30.00 less than Suncoast Video Stores. Gary also reports that they have a huge supply of the latest BUFFY DVD.

Ranger Donita has a tip for those wanting to purchase DVDs here in the U.S.
The cheapest place to get B5 Season 1 and 2 is Playcentric. I paid $59 for season 1 and $60 for season 2. Also to get the cheapest price on all DVDs I recommend using Bargainflix.com, for those of us in the US. All you have to do is to type in the name of the DVD, or actor, or director, and they will show you the price comparison. Great for those of us who like to support our favorite sci-fi shows and movies by buying the DVD.

Ranger Dave sent along this report on purchasing the Season Two DVD in the UK: " I picked up the Season 2 DVD of B5 at MVC for £5 less than most other people are selling it - including Amazon.co.UK or Play.com. If you become a card member (it is free, hardly a hassle and takes a moment) you can get the set for £37.99 where as most others are selling it at £42.99 - just a handy saving tip."

Ranger Manuela has a bargain to match Dave's -- in Germany. Here is here report:

Got one like that for German readers: avides.com (despite the url, they're located in Lower-Saxony here) are selling season two for 39,95 Eur. It's got English and German on the dvds, so perfectly fine. :-)

B5 Season Two DVC


Here's a discussion topic suggested by Ranger Gary:

Of all of the B5 books/novels that have been published, which one(s) would you most like to see made into a movie or TV Movie?"

Send in your comments to sgbruckner@aol.com and I'll start posting them on the Discussion Page for everyone to share.


Another segment of the Babylon 5 Chronology from Terry Jones is up for your reading pleasure. This segment begins with 2263. Go to 2263 and enjoy.

THANKS TERRY for all your hard work on this.!


Ranger Mary-Kaye reports that Mary Kay Adams (N'Toth, second season) is back on daytime in the form of a recurring role on All My Children. Her character is Diane Lacey, the owner of Pine Valley's major department store. Her character is caught between two rival cosmetic companies' vying for prime shelf space in her store. She is being coerced into spotlighting Fusion Cosmetics - the upstart company co-owned by Erica Kane's illegitimate daughter Kendall Hart. The company losing out to Fusion is Enchantment, owned by Erica Kane. Adams appears sporadically, but it might be fun to check out.

Ranger Tom reports that the May/June issue of "Audrey" magazine (a magazine aimed at the Asian American community) contains an interview with Daniel Dae Kim. The article also has several color photos of him modeling trendy outfits. Evidently he had a small role in "The Hulk" which due to editing is now a lot smaller.


FIONA AVERY: Fiona Avery got her start on Babylon 5. She wrote an episode of CRUSADE and then went on to EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT. She also developed a comic book entitled NO HONOR and that is now coming to Showtime as a TV series. At San Diego ComiCon, Fiona explained the premise of "No Honor." It's the story of an art thief who, in the course of trying to steal an ancient Japanese katana, accidentally cuts himself on the sword and frees the spirit of the samurai warrior trapped within it... who then promptly enters the body of the art thief. "But not completely," Avery added. "It's back and forth -- sometimes it's Tanin the samurai warrior in control, sometimes it's Random, the art thief." Fiona will be working with Brent Friedman on the series. In talking about their collaboration, she said "we complement each other very well. I work from character to plot, and he works from plot to character, and we sort of meet in the middle without colliding." Showtime is expected to greenlight the final script and begin casting for the series in November.

PETER WOODWARD: I talked to Peter on Thursday and he is very excited about the second season of CONQUEST on the History Channel. New episodes begin July 6. Peter is writer, co-producer and host of this look at martial competition throughout history. It is a fun program and airs on Sunday at 10:30pm.

MELISSA GILBERT: After some speculation, Melissa Gilbert's name was placed before the SAG nomination committee Thursday with actor James Cromwell for the new position of secretary-treasurer. No other candidates have announced their intention to run. Gilbert was elected in 2001 and has been involved in several tough fights, including a push to adopt a new plan to regulate the relationship between actors and talent agents. Gilbert and SAG staff strongly backed the plan, which was overwhelmingly rejected by members. Gilbert also pushed a consolidation with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, a proposal that failed by a slim margin this week. Other candidates have until July 24 to submit nominating petitions. Ballots will be mailed to members Aug. 26 and are due Sept. 23.

BRUCE BOXLEITNER: Ranger Margarets reports some very good news for Bruce Boxleitner fans. Bruce will have a recurring role in SHE SPIES, a new series coming to us from MGM. According to Bruce's Fan Club, he starts filming in July. SHE SPIES sounds like a Charlie's Angel-type show and you can get more information at http://www.mgm.com/shespies/main.html. I didn't see anything about Bruce on the page, so that may follow as the site is updated.

Ranger John reports that "She-Spies" has been on for a year. Claudia Christian was the principle guest star in one episode, playing roughly the role Demi Moore plays in the new "Charlie's Angels" movie. But it's not _exactly_ like "Charlie's Angels". It's more like the love child of "Charlie's Angels" and "The Monkees", about "three paroled former criminals who now work for a clandestine government organization dedicated to saving the world from evil on a nearly weekly basis".


SMK Anniversary
2003 marks the 20th anniversary of SCARECROW AND MRS. KING's debut on CBS. A very special event is being planned. On October 17-19th at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn in Los Angeles, California, a celebration is being planned. A number of guests have already confirmed -- including Bruce Boxleitner, Beverly Garland, Martha Smith, Paul Stout and Greg Morton. For more information on activities related to the anniversary, go to http://www.smk20thanniversary.com/.


Peter as Galen Peter is considering cruising the Caribbean in early 2005 and wants to invite his fans to join the fun. He would like to see if there is sufficient interest before going too far into planning, so if you would like to receive a brochure about Peter's upcoming cruise once the details are finalized please advise of your:

Postal Address, City, State, Zip:
E-mail address:
Phone number:
Total number of guests in your party:
Age range of the guests including yourself:

Send this information to pwoodwardinfo@yahoo.com. Any information you send us will be handled respectfully. This is not a commitment from you, just an indication of interest.


Jerry Doyle - July 16
J. Michael Straczynski - July 17
David Warner - July 29

Have I missed anyone? If you know the birthday of someone connected with Babylon 5, pass the information along. We want to include everyone in our Happy Birthday Wishes.


Sometimes you just can't find the e-mail address for someone you know you have -- it's someone who responded to a discussion topic or you met in one of the chat rooms. You'd like to send a personal note, but .... No address!!!!

We've started a White Pages of Zocalo Readers! It's a handy way of keeping track of people -- and putting together a birthday/greeting card list as well. If you would like to be part of the listing, just send me your name, state, e-mail address and (if you'd like to have it listed) birthday (without year) to sgbruckner@aol.com. Check out the Directory of Readers.

Name: Julie Bemment
State/ Country: England
Birthday: 8 July

Name: Peter Dougherty
State: New York
E-mail: ve3thx@canada.com
Birthday: July 5

Name: Christopher Moore
State: Florida
E-mail address: psycho_pcb@yahoo.com
Birthday: July 21

Name: Lauren Swinkey
State: Michigan
E-mail address:
Birthday: July 17


Ranger Tia sent along this note to share with B5 card collectors:

Don't know if you've heard of my card program yet or not, but I thought the other B5 card collectors might like to try it out. With having almost all of the B5 trading cards and CCG cards available and no program to keep track of them withm, I started writing my own. Here's the website for it. Go half way down and click on the small screen shot for a full size screen shot. I have the pic of Pat Tallman's card from the Profiles card set feautured in the shot.

Oh, and I also have a lot of the card lists already saved as files so people won't need to type in all the card names. Being written by a B5 fan, ALL the card lists have already been made and are downloadable. :)




Amazing Spiderman #55 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #55
Amazing Spider-Man #55 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by J. Michael Straczynski and Fiona Avery, with art by John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna and a cover by Mike Deodator Jr.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:
"More secrets of the enigmatic Ezekiel are revealed in this first part of a 2-part story co-written by J. Michael Straczynski and his protege Fiona Avery."

Amazing Spider-Man #55 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.25.

Supreme Power #2 SUPREME POWER #2
Written by J. Michael Straczynski, pencils and cover by Gary Frank.
I n a world with no heroes, what happens when powerful superhumans emerge? And now that the government knows that superbeings exist, what lengths will they go to use them for their own purposes? J. Michael Straczynski tells a hard-edged, mature and deeply personal saga that pushes the limits of the comics form into new, uncharted territory.
32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 3.

Supreme Power


Here's a new post from JMS on SUPREME POWER from the B5 moderated newsgroup:

I've previously mentioned my new book from Marvel, called Supreme Power. I just got a note from Marvel mentioning that the cutoff for orders is going to be this Thursday, July 17th (also my birthday). I genuinely think that Surpeme Power may be one of the best things I've done in the comics field, maybe the best to date, and I just want to put out the word to any Babylon 5 folks out there who don't normally read comics, and encourage them to check this one out. This is a great book for people who don't generally go for comics, a strong character story from end to end.

Anyway, once the orders for issue #1 are filled by the 17th, they won't be taking any additional orders, and Marvel doesn't do reprints anymore. If you miss issue 1, you'll have to wait for the trade, which could take six months or more. So I wanted to let everyone know that this is your last chance, 'cause this is almost certainly going to sell out and be impossible to find afterward.

As I've noted here before, I don't usually go to this length to promote something I'm doing -- I've really not spoken a lot about the Jeremiah series for Showtime, or the B5 quote book, or other projects -- but I'm making an exception for this one because I truly believe this is something extraordinary, in large measure thanks to the amazing artwork by Gary Frank, who also penciled Midnight Nation.

You can get more info on the book at:



And for a peek at issue 2:



So: long story made short, July 17th is the cutoff date for orders at comic shops. Just so's nobody can say later they didn't have fair warning on what Marvel thinks may end up being the book of the year for them.

From Previews magazine:
by J. Michael Straczynski & Gary Frank

Presenting a brand-new vision of a world about to give birth to its first generation of superheroes! This new MAX ongoing series follows the origins of these new heroes - from their birth through adulthood, and examines how their lives and abilities change and shape the world around them. A hard edged, mature, and deeply personal saga that pushes the limits of the comics form into new, uncharted territory.

FC, 32 pg ..........$2.99



To Dream In the City of Sorrows DelRey is reprinting the original Babylon 5 novels. They started with #7 - Jeanne Cavelos' THE SHADOW WITHIN. Here's one I've been waiting for -- Kathryn Drennan's TO DREAM IN THE CITY OF SORROWS. The release date is scheduled for July 29, 2003. I love the new cover art! It can be pre-ordered from www.amazon.com. For those of you who love Babylon 5, this one reads just like an episode from the series. You just can't put it down.

Histories, and Casts and Credits for 62 Prime Time Shows, 1959 Through 1989
by Mark Phillips and Frank Garcia

While this book has been out for a while (1996), there wasn't really a lot of advertising or promotion for this reference book and you could easily have missed it all together. However, copies show up on e-bay every so often, so you may want to give it a look-see. You can get more information on the book from the publisher's page at http://clk.about.com/?zi=1/XJ&sdn=scifi&zu=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mcfarlandpub.com%2F and there is a review now posted at http://scifi.about.com/cs/newsinformation/fr/scifitvseries.htm.

Looks like a terrific addition to any science fiction lover's book shelf.


Ranger Jason has filed the following report that will be some interest to you:

Mongoose Publishing recently received the B5 Licence to do a d20 style game in the B5 Universe. The main book and supplements will start rolling out very soon (next 3 weeks).

They published a sneak peak booklet at http://www.vita.clara.net/b5preview.pdf which has tons of useful B5 stuff including a diagram of the station, and a near comprehensive map of the B5 Universe.

We need B5 Fans to support this because unless JMS releases another series or book, this will be the only new B5-feel product for some time.

Mongoose's site can be reached here http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/.


CFQ #35.4 CFQ 35.4: This issue promises a great deal for science fiction fans. There is a big 16-page spread on SMALLVILLE. Also included Joss Whedon looks back on BUFFY over it's seven-year run; Michael Shanks returns to STARGATE SG-1 and drops a few hints about the seventh season.

Cult Times Special #26 Cult Times Special #26: Immortals are the subject of this issue. There have been a number in science fiction history and whether they are people who just won't die -- or images that live on and on, it is an interesting premise to explore. Also in this issue, Richard Dean Anderson joins fellow producers Robert C. Cooper, Michael Greenburg and Brad Wright in discussing STARGATE SG-1; Ben Browder looks at the last days of FARSCAPE and JJ Abrams discusses the changes ahead for ALIAS.

TV Zone #164 TV Zone #164: The big attraction for this issue will be JMS's look at Season Two of Babylon 5. Also included are interviews with James Marsters (Spike), Carlos Bernard from 24, and a look at what TV Zone readers feel is The Best Cult Television Program Ever.

Expose Special#77 Expose Special #77: This special issue is a review of 2002. With Harry Potter #2, Lord of the Rings and Terminator 3, they also look at Star Trek: Nemesis, FIREFLY, Buffy and Dinotopia.

Starburst #298 Starburst #298: ANGEL's new season is the focus of the issue. David Boreanaz talks about what makes the show so special to him. Also in this issue, a behind the scenes look at MATRIX RELOADED. Another show with changes ahead is SMALLVILLE. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar talk about what is in store for the next season.












Charmed-Peter Peter as Galen

Peter Woodward has sent along a new photo -- a rather dreadful one -- from his appearance on CHARMED. It will be added to the collection of photos available from Peter, including additional copies of the Crusade poster in photo format. Both are autographed by Peter.

You do NOT have to pay the prices asked for over at e-bay! Here are photos of B5 and Crusade cast members at fantastic prices. Check out Photo Shop. Ordering is easy -- and you can't beat the prices! Just let me know which photos you want and I'll check to make sure they are still in stock.


I-SCI-FI will be re-broadcasting their interviews with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen cast and crew tonight from 7-9pm MDT (5-7pm EDT). These are pre-recorded so you will not be able to call in and be eligible for prizes. All of these people are special in different ways. You are sure to enjoy Dave Lea, fight choreographer and cool guy. He's been in several top flight movies and taught some of Hollywood's 'A' list of actors and actresses how to fight and look like they are fighting, including Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell and more. Check out his nearly one hour interview! We had so much fun talking we lost track of time! He was just here in Utah filming on the fourth Crow movie and you're going to want to listen to every word he has to say.

If for some reason you have trouble getting the audio stream at I-SCI-FI, try ufpgalaxy.org, cosmiclandscapes.com, and now at radiostarfleet.com. Cosmic Landscapes, Radio Starfleet and UFPGalaxy rebroadcast live Thursday nights from 7-9 pm MDT and Cosmic Redux rebroadcasts the previous week's shows.


Tony Tellado has been very busy gathering interviews from the cast and crew of MATRIX RELOADED. You can listen to interviews with Keanu Reaves, Carrie Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburn Jada Pinkett Smith, Monica Bellucci plus Producer Joe Silver and Efx Master John Gaeta daily at Sci-Fi Talk At Live365.Com. The Matrix Page will feature transcripts.

Be sure to check out Sci-Fi Talk's schedule on Broadcast Schedule - http://hometown.aol.com/scifitalk/broadcast.htm.

Home Page - http://www.scifitalk.com
Listen To Sci-Fi Talk:
For 56K Modem or less connection - http://www.live365.com/stations/211667
Cosmic Landscapes Radio - http://www.cosmiclanscapes.com
Broadcast Schedule - http://hometown.aol.com/scifitalk/broadcast.htm


John Cook has a wonderful collection of cartoons -- many are take-offs from Babylon 5. Here's just one of them.
What Do You Want?
He has a cartoon caption contest going on as well. Try your hand at a punch line.

Go to http://contests.sev.com.au/index.php?contestid=1


XR Pick-Up Line Tye Bourdony will have several cartoons published in the upcoming Cracked Magazine that hits newstands on the 29th. The issue will feature satire for Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars) and Grace Lee Whitney, BarBara Luna, & Celeste Yarnall (Star Trek). Theese folks are all signing satires and Tye will be auctioning off one signed by Mr. Bulloch and one signed by the three Star Trek celebs for one of their favorite charities. More information on the auctions and charities shortly.

I love science fiction related cartoons and Tye Bourdony is one of the most talented artists out there. He has done dozens of toons for Babylon 5. Here is his latest -- for FARSCAPE fans.



RICHARD BIGGS, JASON CARTER and ROBIN ATKIN DOWNES: You can catch up with these three at the GenCom Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana beginning July 24.

BILL MUMY: The folks at FarPoint are excited to announce that Bill Mumy will be joining them in February!


GenCon Gaming Convention
July 24-26, 2003
Place: Indianapolis, Indiana
B5 Guest: Richard Biggs, Robin Atkin Downes, Jason Carter

For more information, visit their website at http://www.gencon.com/display.aspx?file=indy.

Official Star Trek Las Vegas Convention
August 1-3, 2003
Place: Las Vegas Hilton, 3000 Paradise Rd.
B5 Guest: Richard Biggs
Other Guests: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan, Michael Dorn (a ton of ST stars)
For more information, visit their website at http://www.creationent.com/.

Bill Blair Birthday Celebrity Cruise
August 18-22, 2003
Ports of Call: Key West, Cozumel
Guest: Bill Blair, Peter "Chewbacca' Mayhew
For more information, visit Bill's website at http://www.BillBlairFanClub.com.

August 29-Sept. 1, 2003
Place: Atlanta, GA
B5 Guests: Stephen Furst, Peter David, Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan, Walter Koenig, Peter Woodward, Brad Dourif, Julie Caitlin Brown, Bill Mumy
Other Guests: Luke Perry, Ray Bradbury, Christopher Judge, John Rhys-Davies, George Takei, Virginia Hey, Tony Amendola

For more information, visit their website at http://www.dragoncon.org.

Be sure to visit our Convention Calendar for a full listing of upcoming conventions featuring Babylon 5, Crusade and Legend of the Rangers cast members as guests.

If you would like to share your convention experience with your other Zocalo readers, send along a convention report. I will gladly post it for all to read. Got pictures? I'll post those as well.


Do you have extra copies of B5, Amazing Spiderman, Midnight Nation or Rising Stars comics you'd like to trade? How about those extra trading cards or B5 magazines? There are a lot of fans looking for these items -- and the Trading Post can help you buy or sell them. To see what's available, just use this link to the Trading Post. To have items included in The Trading Post, send a note to The Zocalo. Please put Trading Post in the subject line.


If you are looking for someone to talk about Babylon 5 and Crusade with, the Pen Pal section is for you! Check it out! Drop a note to someone who is feeling B5 withdrawal -- BIG TIME!

People thought a Pen Pal page was a good idea. If you would like to meet people who you could chat with or share your opinions of the show with, send along your e-mail or snail-mail address The Zocalo. It will be incorporated on the new Pen Page Page.


Here's a recent note from JMS on the subject:

Just an FYI to those who've been using the Ventura Blvd. mail drop for fan mail to actors....

As mentioned before, we're phasing out the forwarding of fan mail because we a) don't have the resources, complicated by b) the actors have scattered to the four winds, and it makes it very difficult to get everything to everybody in a timely fashion.

So, having provided prior notice...fan mail to actors coming to the Ventura Blvd. mail drop will be sent back. Mail to actors should be sent via their official fan clubs. I will still be taking mail there, since it's my mailbox, but that's it.

Just so's y'all know and save a few bucks on postage and returns.

JMS' mail can be sent to:

14431 Ventura Boulevard, PMB 260
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


Warner Bros. Address:

Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Warner Home Video:

Mr. Douglas Wadleigh
VP for Marketing and Special Features
Warner Bros.
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Bonnie Hammer, President
Sci-Fi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY. 10020-1513

Mr. Thomas Vitale
Senior VP of Acquisitions, Scheduling & Program-Planning


The front page of the The Zocalo Today changes daily, so be sure to check the back issues to make sure that you haven't missed anything IMPORTANT! I don't want the front page getting too long so I shift information periodically into the archives. So if you aren't a regular visitor to The Zocalo Today, be sure to check out the back issues. Just use the button above!

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you.
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