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NEWS ARCHIVE: (29/08/98) -> (27/09/99)
Maintained by David Boyd
Last Update on October 24 '99
 Monday, 27th September, 1999


The news we reported yesterday was wrong! Crusade is airing on ASN on Saturday's at 6:00 pm. Last Satursay aired The Long Road (episode 2)
 Sunday, 26th September, 1999


We were just informed (thanks to John Cutler) that Crusade started to air on ASN (Atlantic Satellite Network) which broadcasts in Atlantic Canada at approx. 5:30 PM Saturdays. We believe it started to air yesterday, but are still not sure about it.

Washington State/Greater Vancouver CRUSADE INFO!

We got this today: Crusade is now airing on KVOS TV 12 in Bellingham, Washington State. It's available on Roger's Basic Cable in Greater Vancouver. Wednesday nights at 9 PT beginning Sept. 29.
 Saturday, 25th September, 1999


Crusade will air in Australia by the Nine Network (the largest and most powerful television network there). It will start airing Thursday, 30 September 1999 at 11:30pm (and each subsequent Thursday at the same time).
 Saturday, 25th September, 1999


Good news for the Babylon 5 game from the Adrenaline Vault site:

Here is an extract from the article:

"Now Babylon 5 programmer Dan Foy has told the Adrenaline Vault that the design team has been getting inquiries from publishers considering obtaining the title. “I obviously hope it will be possible to finish the game with another publisher. We have a strong, committed team who believes in the game and has already gone through a lot to see it through,” he wrote in an e-mail to us. While inquiries are encouraging, there would still be little hope unless Sierra relinquished the project materials. Which it might."

"Foy also told us Sierra has indicated a willingness to sell the project materials. “I believe Sierra will not be renewing their exclusive license with Warner. It is set to expire soon, so it will be available. And our development team is interested in completing the project. What the details are about bringing these pieces together is something still being discussed by the team."."

There is a campaign to save the game at the site.


Over at the Vengeance Fleet site they have an audio interview the ex-developers of the B5 Combat Sim. The interview is very informative.

The interview will be available today at


This Sunday, is hosting a moderated chat with the ex-developers this Sunday. This is your chance to ask questions about the death of the game on the hands of Sierra and ask questions about this great game we've missed.

Time: Sunday, September 26th, 12:00 Pacific, 3:00 Eastern.

Location: IRC, EFnet. #Babylon5 for the main moderated channel, #Babylon4 for posting questions and unmoderated public discussion.

Those new to IRC or those who have never visited EFnet should read this quick guide for getting on IRC with a comprehensive server list. Newbies should do this early so they can ask for help if they encounter problems.

 Thursday, 23th September, 1999


Gamecenter has an article on the cancellation. Codemasters has taken 25 members of the team, and Gamecenter speculates that they might take on more ex-sierra workers (ie take over the B5 game). Again, to show your support, check out the forums at! Also be sure to vote at GameSpot for the B5 Simulation Game.

 Wednesday, 22th September, 1999


Our fellow anchor man Ranger reports that the Crusade soundtrack release is tentatively scheduled for late October 1999 (no definite dates). Still no info on the A Call to Arms soundtrack.

 Tuesday, 21th September, 1999

B5 Combat Sim dead

Sierra Online killed the project and 105 employes. Here is the offical press release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kathy Gilmore Miller Sierra On-Line, Inc. (425)649-9800


Bellevue, WA (September 21, 1999) - Sierra On-Line, Inc., a leading developer and worldwide publisher of interactive entertainment and productivity software, today announced a reorganization into three business units; Core Games, Casual Entertainment and Home Productivity. This new structure enhances Sierra's focus on developing and publishing leading products for these three distinct marketplaces and is effective immediately.

Each business unit, led by veteran Sierra talent, is outlined below:

· Core Games, led by Sr. VP Business Unit Manager, Mark Hood and VP of Marketing Jim Veevaert, is recognized by the award-winning Sierra Studios(tm) label, publisher of Valve's mega-hit Half-Life®, and features several of the world's most renowned development teams including Impressions Games(tm), Papyrus(tm), Sierra's Northwest studio, and the Tribes(tm) team. In addition to Valve, other third party relationships include Relic (Homeworld(tm)), Troika Games, and Massive Entertainment (Ground Control(tm)). This Core Games group is the market leader in the core gaming genres, which include strategy, action, RPG and adventure games.

· Casual Entertainment, led by Sr. VP Business Unit Manager, Steve Van Horn and VP of Marketing Barbara Schwabe, includes the Hoyle® line, the Trophy Bass(tm) Fishing series, Professional Bull Rider, the Field and Stream® Hunting series, the 3D Ultra(tm) series, YOU DON'T KNOW JACKŇ, and Austin Powers(tm): Operation Trivia(tm). This group has a 26% share of the casual entertainment market, one of the fastest growing genres in entertainment software.

· Home/Productivity, led by Sr. VP Business Unit Manager, Dianna Amorde and VP of Marketing Anne Boswell, will continue phenomenal growth in the market with titles for cooking, gardening, home design, home publishing, family heritage, digital imaging and web page design.

This reorganization comes at a time when Sierra is enjoying spectacular success. Its overall year-to-date net revenue is up 33% versus last year. Several of its titles are among the top 10 best selling titles in the US. For example, Half-Life is the number one selling game in its category and has won more than 45 "Game of the Year" awards from a variety of publications. Complete LandDesigner® and MasterCook(tm) dominate their categories, each owning 60% of the market. Hoyle® Casino has been the number one selling casual entertainment title in recent months, while the critically acclaimed YOU DON'T KNOW JACKŇ series recently released for the PlayStation® platform, has led the market in the trivia category. Many new and highly anticipated titles will be released later this year including Homeworld, Pharoah(tm), Gabriel Knight(tm) 3, Tribes Extreme(tm), NASCAR® 3, iStyle(tm) MakeOver, Professional Bull Rider, SWAT(tm) 3D and more.

"Over the past year, Sierra has made huge strides in our growth and profitability," said Dave Grenewetzki, president of Sierra. "These changes will create an even better environment for the development of great titles and, as a result, increase our growth pace."

This success illustrates the effectiveness of a strategy focused on publishing products that provide a superior experience and value to the customer. As a result, Sierra has elected to cancel several titles that did not meet its success criteria. Cancelled titles include Desert Fighters and Pro Pilot Paradise at the company's Dynamix studio in Eugene, Oregon. In addition, Babylon® 5, a project of Sierra Studios, and Orcs: Revenge of the Ancient(tm), a Berkeley Systems(tm) title, will be cancelled. The product cancellations will result in the loss of 105 jobs.

This new structure clearly defines the organization in a way that streamlines processes, adds leadership and increases the momentum of Sierra's market success.

Sierra On-Line, Inc is one of the original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and productivity software. Sierra is a division of Havas Interactive, a global leader in interactive content. It is one of the world's largest publishers of education, entertainment and home productivity software. Its divisions, Blizzard®, Coktel, Knowledge Adventure®, Sierra(tm) and are famous for releasing critically acclaimed and award winning titles. Havas has operations in the US and in Europe and is a subsidiary of the French publishing house Havas, part of Vivendi Communications.

First Ones will have more info on this, and have set up boards dedicated to the future of the game. Maybe we can salvage the video scenes filmed...

 Sunday, 19th September, 1999


ISN News presents for the first time a brand new limited edition poem, UNTITLED, written and hand signed by Jason Carter.

UNTITLED comes beautifully matted and framed with never-before-seen photographic artwork of Jason Carter created by Nancy G. Hefka-Pedersen, also hand signed.

This collaboration is limited to 200 pieces. Only the first 25 have been released. Numbers 2 through 24 are now available.

Size Framed: 13" wide x 26" tall.

Cost: $150/US plus shipping and handling.

For information, contact Nancy Pedersen at


A message from GWARBCO Studio's producer and director Alyssa Gobell:

>Greetings everyone!

This notice is going out to everyone we could find who has a love for "Babylon 5" and/or "B5:Crusade".

As some of you have already heard through the grapevine, GWARBCO Studios, the ones who made the first "Babylon Park" animated short of the series, has taken their parodies of the B5 universe a step further.

Running with the fiasco that is now surrounding "Crusade", GWARBCO Studios has created "Crusade Wars", a riotous lampoon of all the bureaucracy that has torn the show apart and merged it with the theme of the original star wars. The offending network taking on the role of the "TNA Empire" vs. the intrepid crew of the Excalibur who are on a daring mission to rescue Straczynski from the clutches of the Emperor and his black clothed lackey.

The final 10 minute production is available from our site at in RealVideo format. Feel free to offer your own reviews, feedback, or even link to our site.

We are also offering a section on our "Crusade Wars" pages that will be dedicated to the "Save Crusade" movement. If you would like your site added to the area (if it is relevant), we will be happy to do so.

I hope each of you will enjoy the production and laugh heartily.

Thanks for your time!

Alyssa Gobelle
Producer and Director
GWARBCO Studios -

PS: There is an infamous B5 actor also lending his chords to the production. Can you guess who he is and what characters he is playing?


A cartoon parody of Babylon 5 - Sevylon 5:

"This week's Sci-fi Cartoon Competition features a Sevylon 5 cartoon with caricatures of Dr Franklin and receiving his mechanical eye. You get to write G'kar's response - the funniest punchline will be used in the cartoon. The competition ends 24 Sep so get your entries in now, at:"


The guys at FirstOnes report that a demo (pre-demo, actually) will be released as an exclusive with the official Babylon 5 Magazine, and a CD will be included in the November 1999 issue.


The Crusade video box set which was due for release on Dec 2nd in the UK (as reported by Visual Imaginations publications Starburst, TV Zone and SFX) has been postponed until later next year (reported by new newewst TV Zone).

 Saturday, 18th September, 1999


We requested info from SonicImages regarding Crusade Music:

We still have not decided on a release date at this point. What I can tell you is that it is slated for a late fall/early winter release. As far as a track listing, we are still waiting for this info. -- Jonathan Miller

 Thursday, 09th September, 1999


The rating for episode 13 - "Each Night I Dream of Home" was 1.3.

This makes the season average rating 1.3 -


Channel Nine in Australia will begin showing Crusade on the 30th of September.


Dear Babylon 5 fans:

"A lot of folks have been asking about the release date for BABYLON 5: FINAL RECKONING, and we're pleased to let you know it will be on sale October 5. Thanks for being patient--we think the result will be well worth the wait. FINAL RECKONING picks up the trials and tribulations of Alfred Bester in the wake of the telepath war, when he finds himself hunted by friend andfoe alike. The novel opens with Bester as a hunted war criminal, then transforms into perhaps the strangest love story you've ever read. By the end, though, we reunite Bester with the one person who has always been most concerned for his safety--Michael Garibaldi. And that's not all: FINAL RECKONING will include a bonus excerpt from the_next_ Babylon 5 novel, LEGIONS OF FIRE: THE LONG NIGHT OF CENTAURI PRIME, by Peter David. This novel launches the three-book Centauri Republic series, and THE LONG NIGHT OF CENTAURI PRIME is on schedule to be on sale the first Tuesday of December. As with the Psi Corps trilogy, the outlines for these books were prepared by J. Michael Straczynski, placing the stories firmly in B5 canon. Thanks for your patience, and we hope you will spread the word--the Babylon 5 saga is far from over. The action is still coming fast and furious."

Steve Saffel
Senior Editor Del Rey Books

 Saturday, 05th September, 1999


An Open Letter to Science Fiction Television Fans Everywhere - An editorial written by one of ISN's reporters, Joe Steinkamp (who is also the main message board moderator), has been added to the site.

You can read the editorial here.


There are only a few days for you to enter the TNT Crusade poster contest on the TNT/Crusade website.

The contest ends this Tuesday Sept. 7th.


CKVR (Barrie, Ontario) will be showing Crusade starting Saturday September 18th at 7pm ET.


After a lot of mailings by Babylon 5 fans to Norway's TV2 (which aired all of Babylon 5), they have finally agreed to get the rights. There is curently no airdates, and they might air it on the station TVNorge.

Thanks for Ruben Edna for the news.


US, Canadian & UK air dates & times for Crusade next week. (The week of 06/08/99)
- As always, check your check your local listings for the time in your area just in case.

TNT (US) - Episode 13: "Each Night I Dream of Home". 11 pm ET/PT - (repeat)

CityTV - Episode 13: "Each Night I Dream of Home". 8:00pm


CFCF-12 - Episode 13: "Each Night I Dream of Home". 00:00am (i.e. Midnight - start your vcr on Wednesday at 11:58PM or so)


SkyONE (UK) - Episode 12: "Visitors from Down the Street". 8pm

SkyONE (UK) - Episode 13: "Each Night I Dream of Home". 8pm

 Wednesday, 01st September, 1999


Channel 4, which is the home of Babylon 5, now have the rights to air Crusade in the UK!

Crusade is currently airing in the UK on Sky One at 8pm on Saturday's & Sunday's. Channel 4 at the earliest will not be able to air Crusade until Sky One finish their run (Sun, 12th Sept).

    Re: C4ED! Is it true that CH4 will screen B5 Crusade?
    posted by C4ED on 17:39 1/9/1999

    It is indeed true - although we have no date yet.

Great news!


The official Babylon 5 fan club is being shutdown, mainly to do with the fan club running at a loose. The Babylon 5 emporium will continue to sell merchandise however.

Existing members will be credited the amount of money remaining (calculated in quarterly blocks) to any purchases they make via the Fan Club.

For a full statement from jms on this, go to the official fan club site at:


I have put up a review of the eleventh episode of Crusade, "The Needs of Earth", written by Lars Joreteg.

Here is a small quote from the review:
"Overall this is a very entertaining episode of Crusade. Great character interaction and production values coupled with a wonderful plot makes this one of the best Crusade episodes so far."

Don't forget to put your views on the ISN News message boards.

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