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The Zocalo Newsletter!

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Maintained by David Boyd
Last Update on August 28 '99

This page is dedicated to saving Crusade. It features all the information you need to contribute to this movement.


We call upon all Crusade fans to send letters to the Sci-Fi Channel, Warner Brothers, and TNT on September 2, the day after the final TNT episode of Crusade airs. At that time, all the ratings for Crusade will be in and the networks will be ready to make decisions. Only by demonstrating that Crusade has a tremendous audience can we convince Warner Brothers to work hard to sell Crusade and make the Sci-Fi Channel and TNT want to buy it. It is critical that everyone send their letters simultaneously to show that Crusade has an enormous and loyal following.

Please spread the word to other fans and encourage your friends and family to write letters. Help us to speak with one voice which is so loud and strong that it cannot be ignored!

[What can be done to help?]
        [ Write to the Networks!]
        [Phase 1 - Ad Campaign]
        [Phase 2 - Write to the Sponsors!]
[Letter Writing Tips]
[The Save Crusade Banner]
[Support Sites]

The Spin-Off to "Babylon 5" has been cancelled!

Many fans do not even know that there IS a spin-off to the 'Emmy' and 'Hugo' award-winning series "Babylon 5". Even fewer know of the problems it currently faces: Cancellation.

"The Babylon Project: Crusade" is the sequel/spin-off to "Babylon5". "Crusade" was to be a five year story created by "Babylon 5" creator J. Michael Straczynski; however, TNT, which was to air "Crusade", has cancelled the show before airing a single episode. On Wednesday, June 9th at 10pm ET/PT, TNT the first of 13 episodes of "Crusade" began it's run. These episodes had already been filmed before their decision not to carry the show. After that, the fate of "Crusade" is up in the air. "Crusade"'s best hope is to find a new, more Science Fiction friendly home. To help make that happen, we need your help!

What can be done to help?

The Save Crusade Banner:

If you have a web site (Babylon 5, Crusade, Sci-FI etc) and want to help the campaign, please either add a link to or download the banner below (please do not link directly to the banner on this server) and link it to the same address.

The Save Crusade Campaign

Thank you.

Support Sites:

Finally, a big thank-you to all of the other dedicated people out there trying to rescue this show. I'll link to as many sites as I can find specifically dedicated to this cause here:

Main Campaign Sites:

Other Campaign Sites:

If you have a site dedicated to making this show work, please e-mail me and I'll try to add it to this list.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this.


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