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The Zocalo Today is a newsletter for Babylon 5 and science fiction fans everywhere. It is as much YOUR newsletter as it is mine! I'm just pulling together things for you!

Join our discussion topic. It is just one way you can share with other Z readers. If you see Babylon 5 cast and crew in other roles, let us know. We enjoy convention reports, photos, etc. Don't miss our back issues. I hope this will become more than just a newsletter. It's a community of people that enjoy sharing their experiences and interests. Babylon 5 brought many of us together -- and it remains with us, despite the fact that is no longer in production. Don't be shy. Join us today!

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TRUE BLOOD's creator, Alan Ball said in a recent interview that he didn't know too much about vampire movies or lore, so he created his own mythology. "In our world, a lot of the myths about vampires were created by vampires themselves over history so that they could pass, because if you could convince everyone that you couldn't be seen in a mirror or that you would freak out if somebody shoved a crucifix in your face then you could prove you weren't a vampire pretty easily," Ball said. Ball (Six Feet Under) said that he had never read an Anne Rice book and added: "I personally have never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel. I'm not really a big vampire fan. This was really my first." But he is a big fan of Kathryn Bigelow's 1987 film Near Dark, with Lance Henriksen. When asked about CBS' canceled vampire show MOONLIGHT, Ball said, "I think it's pretty lame when you let your vampire go out in the day just because you don't want to shoot at night." TRUE BLOOD is based on the Southern Vampire series of books by Charlaine Harris. The show is set in Louisiana and centers on a parallel world of vampires, who have learned to co-exist with humans by drinking synthetic blood. In his series, vampire teeth are important. "We went to great pains to sort of depict a certain kind of physiology for the fangs, where they actually are retracted like rattlesnake fangs and then they click forward," Ball said. "I wanted to approach the supernatural not as being something that exists outside of nature, but something that is more deeply rooted in nature." Killing a vampire on TRUE BLOOD is different, too. Ball said, "There are differences in what happens to vampires being staked. I wanted to avoid the instantaneous incineration or the instantaneous turning into dust. ... It's probably different than what we've seen before." Vampires do burn in TRUE BLOOD. "What happens to vampires when they burn in a fire ... is different than what we've seen before, but for the most part I didn't want to focus too much on visual effects or special effects," Ball said. "I wanted it to be a show about characters and to really explore what it means to be 170 years old and what it means to fall in love with somebody who [finds it] satisfying being fed upon, you know, not being able to see this person except at night, having the entire town think, 'What? Are you crazy?'"
The 12-episode first season of TRUE BLOOD debuts on HBO on Sept. 7.
To go behind the scenes with Alan Ball, go to, sign up for a TRUE BLOOD newsletter to stay current with all the news on this series.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Ntare Mwine has been added to the cast of HEROES, playing an African who is artistic and close to many of the original heroes. His special abilities will be developed throughout his nine-episode arc.

Actor and writer Ricky Gervais is now in the process of editing his fantastical film THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH, which marks his feature-film directorial debut. Gervais is co-directing the project with co-writer Matthew Robinson. "I'm deep in the process of editing now," Gervais said during a recent interview where he was promoting his upcoming HBO special. In the film, "I play the man who [can lie,]" Gervais said. "It's a world in America, and the human race had never had the gene for lying, and I'm the first person who can lie. It was either me or Jim Carrey." Even in something like the science fiction genre, Gervais said he likes being grounded in reality. "Realism is so exciting to me: Then you can do comedy-plus, and that's what is always exciting," Gervais said. Gervais' HBO Comedy Special debuts in the fall; it follows his sold-out British concert tour "Fame."

Joss Whedon is ready to see just how viable the Internet is as a business model. The "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator wanted to do something original and came up with a "musical for the Internet" and wanted the project to "work as a story. We had the idea of the blog, and this low-rent/underdog feel to it." The story of Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris, CBS' "How I Met Your Mother") and his nemesis Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion, Whedon's "Firefly," "Serenity") and the not-so-good doctor's bid to get into the Evil League of Evil and win the affection of Penny (Felicia Day, "Buffy"), the musical truly illustrates that "everyone's a hero in their own way" and is packed with Whedon's trademark sarcasm and wit as well as clever commentary on how "society is slipping" and changing the establishment. Act 1 of "Dr. Horrible" streams Tuesday, with Act 2 on Thursday and Act 3 bowing July 19. All three parts will remain online until July 20 at midnight, at which time they will be removed from the site. "There's a 48-hour period to watch the end. We wanted to make an event out of it – like an old TV event," Whedon said. "It's a way to start building buzz." In the meantime, plans are in the works for a soundtrack and Whedon is hoping to make it downloadable but will know more once it starts streaming. A planned DVD release will feature "Commentary!" – an original musical score commentary – as well as a "serious" look behind the scenes at "Dr. Horrible."
"Dr. Horrible" also will screen in its entirety during a July 25 panel at the San Diego Comic-Con.
Be sure to tune in at

There is still a week before THE DARK KNIGHT opens at theaters and word is that almost all of the 1500 midnight Thursday night showings are sold out. Theaters have been adding a 3am and 6am pre-opening show time to meet demand. meanwhile reports that the pre-sales for the film's tickets are already higher than such major openers as "Spider-Man 3", "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest", "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers," "The Matrix Reloaded" and "Passion of the Christ".
Early reviews have been stellar. Will it be able to break records set by "Indiana Jones" and "Iron Man"?
The other question -- How long will it be before you can get a ticket?

Batpod The Joker Batman

To catch up on the latest news from around the world of science fiction, go to News Page. You'll find the highlights this week and this month here.


8:00pm on CBS
The Unit - Outsiders
While Brown and Williams are in New Guinea, Mack learns that Crystal is feeding information to an inquisitive reporter and tries to stop the leak.

Robin Hood 9:00pm on BBC America - NEW
Robin Hood - Walkabout
Prince John's private army believes the Sheriff has been killed and plans to raze Nottingham; Little John unwittingly leads the Sheriff to Robin's camp.

9:00pm on SciFi
A college student learns about her family's dark secret.
Credits: Kristen Renton, James DeBello, William Atherton, Erin Gray, Dan Badarau

10:00pm on ABC
Eli Stone - Praying for Time
When Eli foresees an earthquake hitting San Francisco, he does whatever it takes to save the people living in its epicenter.


Circular Come celebrate the debut of Bill's brand new CD, CIRCULAR, with a free concert!

Universal CityWalk Main Stage
Saturday, July 12, 9-10 PM

Dave Batti: Bass, Vocal
John Hoke: Guitar, Vocal
David Pearlman: Pedal Steel Guitar
Chris Ross: Drums

As always, more details on the new album and all things Mumy at


For those of you lucky enough to go to the San Diego Comic-Con in late July, there will be more than enough to occupy your time -- and I hope that some of you will remember us back here and send in some reports of what is going on.

Here is a portion of the schedule that is of particular interest to Babylon 5 Fans:
Thursday, July 24
11:00-12:00 Professional Writing: Threat or Menace?—
Let's talk writing, creativity, and selling (and selling out), and what the world of professional writing is like. Questions that you've always wanted to ask? Creative blocks bugging you? Wondered what the H*O*L*L*Y*W*O*O*D life is really like? Show up and get answers to those questions. This no-holds-barred talk is moderated by J. Michael Straczynski. Room 5AB

The schedule is still undergoing some changes. As more items are posted, I'll list those I think are of particular interest.

If you had to describe Babylon 5 in a sentence or two, what would you say? There have many descriptions written, but what would make a new science fiction fan want to pick up the DVDs or VHS copies and watch – and then read all the books that are canon?

Send in your thoughts and comments to I will post them on the Discussion Page for everyone to share and enjoy. There are some good ones so far. Add yours! If you see an old topic you want to respond to, go right ahead. We enjoy hearing from you.

G'Kar Mask


Ranger Amy sent along this link to make sure that all Babylon 5 fans know that the prosthetic mask worn by Andreas Katsulas as G'Kar is now on display at the Museum of the Moving Image. The mask is mounted on a life mask of Andreas Katsulas. You have to read the wonderful story of Babylon 5 fans who banned together to purchase the mask so that it could be shared by fans and the general public. Go to to read how this piece of Babylon 5 history was preserved. The Museum of the Moving Image is located at 35 Avenue at 36 Street, Astoria, New York 11106. There website can be viewed at

**Hear Amy talk about the mask and how she and other B5 fans banded together to preserve this piece of Babylon 5 history for fans around the world during the latest Babylon 5 Podcast. See the section on the podcast below.

Volume 2


Babylon 5 Scripts: Other Voices
Price: $39.99

For more information and to order B5 Other Voices, go to

Featuring these 6 scripts
• "By Any Means Necessary" by Kathryn M. Drennan
• "TKO" by Larry DiTillio
• "Eyes" by Larry DiTillio
• "Legacies" by D.C. Fontana
• "A Distant Star" by D.C. Fontana
• "Spider in the Web" by Larry DiTillio

All scripts include an introduction/commentary by the writers, written exclusively for these volumes.

Just like previous volumes, the scripts included in Volume 2 are early drafts that include never-before-seen dialogue and action that were later cut from the episodes.

Because there are so many differences, you also get the Script/DVD Variations inventory, which catalogues all the changes, deletions, additions and extras that were in the script but you never actually got to see in a handy, easy-to-reference grid.

Volume 2 has a total of 140 entries detailing these B5 Script/DVD variations you probably never knew.

Volume 2 is part of a 3-volume limited edition release that will only be available through September 30, 2008.

B5 Podcast B5 Podcast


Welcome to Show #119!

Michael, Summer and Jeffrey recap the FarPoint Fool Party for the group, and Tim really wishes he could have visted the heat and enjoyed the fun. Summer still doesn’t understand the appeal and attraction of this game called Washers.

Interview: Amy Guskin joins us to talk about her efforts to organize a group of B5 fans to acquire an original G’Kar mask and donate it to the Museum of the Moving Image in New York.

And you thought the Browncoats were good at organizing rescue efforts…

Discussion: Today, in sector 14, Tim had no emails or voicemails pulled aside, so there’s nothing to discuss. Pay no attention to the live stream from the party… there’s nothing happening here.

And because Jeffrey mentioned wanting 5 more years of doing the series, all of a sudden, Summer’s imagining he and Bruce starring in an updated rendition of Butch and Sundance…

Questions from the chat room: Mike Stark wants to know what Jeffrey liked least about working on the show; Neroon wants to know what the preferred beverage would be if Zima could be replaced (because the beer would go skunky!); what B5 episode without commentary would you have liked to have heard commentary on (we should make a list).

Second Life Info: FarPoint Media’s Second Life space is now the penthouse suite of Third Life Books, the place for SL versions of Michael A. Stackpole’s writings, and many other goodies, including a Wednesday night writing workshop. You can find the castle at Come see the castle roof pool!

To catch up on all the wonderful podcasts, go to


Joellyn from Jason's fan club writes that: Jason Carter will not be attending JumpCon (Boston, Pittsburgh, or Washington DC). Jason's name is still on the JumpCon website and tickets are still available for purchase, so because he is not attending do not purchase.
If you did purchase a ticket for Jason, per Shane Senter's post on the JumpCon forums regarding refund/changes:
"Email or call 603-249-9002 for what you would like to change."

Hope you caught Robin in last week's episode of IN PLAIN SIGHT on USA. This series about the witness protection program, might be a good choice as the rest of the network schedule is in re-runs. You can catch up on episodes on-line at

A new trailer for DEAD AIR can be found at by Corbin Bersen, written by B5's Kenny Yakkel, stars Bill Moseley and Patricia Tallman.

While Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar), Rick (Biggs) and Tim (Choate) are no longer with us, we will not forget their wonderful personalities and talent. Be sure to visit In Memory Of for more information about memorial efforts. Until we met again, in a place where no shadows fall.


Jerry Doyle - July 16
J. Michael Straczynski - July 17
David Warner - July 29

Have I missed anyone? If you know the birthday of someone connected with Babylon 5, pass the information along. We want to include everyone in our Happy Birthday Wishes.



Ranger Judy notes that while SciFi is beginning the run of JEREMIAH, some local network affiliates are also showing the series. For her JEREMIAH airs at 2:00am, providing her with a flash back to BABYLON 5 days.

Attention JEREMIAH fans!!!! The SciFi Channel will begin running this JMS series on July 10 at 7:00pm -- running four episodes in a row: The Long Road, part 1 and 2; Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass and ...And the Ground, Sown with Salt.
Many of you will remember this exceptional series from Showtime a few years back. Luke Perry and Malcolm Jamal Warner starred in this drama that followed survivors of a virus that kills everyone over 13. Season One is out on DVD. Season Two has not yet been released.

New DVDs

Release date: July 22, 2008
Official website:

SPACED revolves around two idle twentysomething flatmates - immature skateboarding would-be comic artist Tim (Simon Pegg), and moody, responsibility-shy Daisy (Jessica Stevenson), and their self-induced lack of success in employment, relationships and life in general. Together with their oddball assortment of friends and neighbors - Marsha, Brian, Mike and Twist, they exist in a world perched precariously on the edge of normality.

Teen Titans5

Teen Titans: Season 5 & The Batman: Season 5

Release date: July 8, 2008
Official website:

The Emmy-winning animated series The Batman is an action-packed animation adventure that currently airs on Saturdays on the Kids WB. In the fifth season, the Caped Crusader works side by side with the likes of Superman, The Flash, Robin, Batgirl and Green Arrow to protect the streets of Gotham City as they are infiltrated by cunning criminal masterminds. The Joker, Lex Luthor, and Firefly are just a few of the evil foes who give the heroes a run for their money with each one bringing their own brand of chaos to the city. The Batman: The Complete Fifth Season 2-disc collection contains 13 action-packed episodes and amazing bonus features including:

The Batman's Legendary Team-Ups - The producers and writers from the show have taken a page from classic DC Comics titles to present a series of team-up tales. Throughout the season, the Dark Knight joins forces with individual heroes from the DC Universe to fend off a whole new batch of super villains.

The Batman: Justice League Profiles - This featurette covers the design and level of authentic detail, stemming from the comics to the screen in an installment of The Batman.

WHV will also release Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season which currently airs on the Cartoon Network. Robin, Starfire and Raven square off with Brain, and his ultimate team of villains in The Brotherhood of Evil. Some Titans will be lost along the way as the vendetta escalates into a global war, and the teen phenoms must rely on Beast Boy to bring them to victory as he performs his most amazing transformation yet. This action packed 2-disc collection contains thirteen episodes and special features highlighting a motley crew of scoundrels and crooks including:

Teen Titans: Friend and Foes - The fifth season of Teen Titans finds our heroes in a worldwide membership drive recruiting new allies to combat the growing Brotherhood of Evil. In order to prepare for the final battle, all new character files for the Titans database have been created. The vignettes include:

1.) Control Freak
2.) Bob & The Source
3.) Billy Numerous
4.) Mother Mae-Eye
5.) Trigon

Mm-5 Some clips from Warner Bros:
The Batman S5 Joker Express:
Caves 1:18
Windows Media:

Laughers 1:20

Moving 1:11

Fastlane DVD Fastlane: The Complete Series
Release Date: July 8, 2008
Official website:>

Van Ray and Deaq Hayes are cops, but they don't carry badges. They're more likely to carry a case full of Benjamins. Everything they need to fight high-end criminals, they get from the Candy Store - the armory of toys and bling confiscated from busted crimelords and used to help the cops pass as legit criminals. From creators McG (the Charlie's Angels movies) and John McNamara (TV's The Fugitive) comes the undercover overdrive of Fastlane. Tiffani Thiessen plays the hip Candy Store overseer. Peter Facinelli and Bill Bellamy are Van and Deaq, who may have different 'tudes about movies, tunes and hotties but who agree that what's good is taking down the bad. Buckle up for their fast, 6-disc, 22-episode ride.

Some Warner Bros. clips:
Driving 1:44
Windows Media:

Eye Candy 1:52
Windows Media:

No Limits 1:50
Windows Media


Release date: July 29, 2008
Official Website:

Witchblade: The Complete Series Synopsis:
In this adaptation of the Top Cow comic book, Witchblade is the story of a New York detective, Sara "Pez" Pezzini, whose search for justice brings her into contact with the Witchblade, an ancient, intelligent, living weapon so powerful it can battle Earth's darkest evil forces. Week in and week out, "Pez" employs her skills as a police detective to fight crime. She finds she must employ the Witchblade to combat a much greater and frighteningly organized conspiracy of evil that threatens the very soul of humanity. As Sara tries to keep the secret of the Witchblade, do her job and have a personal life, she finds that her most formidable adversary may be the Witchblade itself.

Video clips from Warner Bros.
Murder Scene 1:41
Windows Media:

Photo Shoot 1:52
Windows Media

Sara Pezzini 1:17
Windows Media:

Witchblade 0:49
Windows Media

Release Date: July 8, 2008

Batman Begins: Limited Edition Gift Set
Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force for good in Gotham. In the wake of his parents' murder, disillusioned industrial heir Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)travels the world seeking the means to fight injustice and turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. He returns to Gotham and unveils his alter-ego: Batman, a masked crusader who uses his strength, intellect and an array of high tech deceptions to fight the sinister forces that threaten the city.

Director: Christopher Nolan
Actors: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy, Tom Wilkinson, Rutger Hauer, Ken Watanabe, Morgan Freeman, Mark Boone, Jr., Gus Lewis, Linus Roache, Rade Serbedzija

Blu-ray™ Hi-Def Limited Edition Gift Set extras include The Dark Knight Prologue, a 32-Page Booklet featuring an exclusive comic adaptation of The Dark Knight Prologue, a BATMAN BEGINS Motion Art Lenticular, 5 Collectible Batman Begins Postcards and $7.50 "Movie Cash" to see The Dark Knight in theaters.

Release Date: July 15, 2008

Birds of Prey: The Complete Series
Who will stand up to villains now that a heartbroken Dark Knight has mysteriously vanished? Never fear, New Gothamites, a trio of champions is ready to take wing - and Helena, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, is among them. She calls herself Huntress and crime is her prey. Teenaged Dinah is the youngest of the group, learning as she goes and gifted in clairvoyance. And overseeing the awesome threesome's high- tech nerve center is Batgirl. Left wheelchair-bound by The Joker, she has reinvented herself as Oracle, the team's cyber expert. Huntress, Dinah, Oracle: They are the Birds of Prey. Fighting together. Living together. And soaring into adventure together in 13 breathtaking live-action episodes.

A video clip from WB:
Connection with Cops - 1:43
Windows cops_300.asx

Release Date: July 1, 2008
Official website:

The Closer: The Complete Third Season
Golden Globe Award-winner and Emmy Award nominee, Kyra Sedgwick portrays the role of Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, a CIA-trained detective who has been brought from Atlanta to Los Angeles to head up the Priority Murder Squad, a special unit of the LAPD that handles sensitive, high-profile murder cases. Despite her offbeat personality and tendency to step on people's toes, Brenda's tough-as-nails approach and track record prove her to be one of the country's leading investigators. Brenda is tapped to lead the team because she is a world-class interrogator, and when it comes to obtaining confessions, she is a closer. But her quirky attitude and hard-nosed approach to her job sometimes rub her colleagues the wrong way, as does the fact that she is a tough-minded Southern woman in a department dominated by men.

During season three, Brenda faces several challenges both personal and professional, as she is assigned to some very complex cases. She investigates a retirement facility where a man confesses to seven murders but refuses to give his name. She is put on a case that involves the slaughter of an entire family in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood and has to deal with becoming the most downloaded video on YouTube after she's assaulted by a bride whose wedding she stopped. Half-way through the season, Brenda begins to feel ill until test results from the doctor reveal what's going on. The series also stars J.K. Simmons (Juno), Corey Reynolds (The Guardian), Robert Gossett (Passions), G.W. Bailey (The Jeff Foxworthy Show), Tony Denison (Prison Break) and Jon Tenney (The Division).

Arresting Bonus Features on the DVD set include:
- The Art of Interrogation - A featurette that depicts law enforcement professionals and criminal psychologists explaining the real-world art of interrogation and the skills necessary to be a "closer." The show's producers, writers and creators discuss the techniques used on the show and the advantages of using a female Deputy Police Chief as the show's main character.
- Gag Reel
- Unaired Scened

Here are some clips from the WB for you:

Retirement 1:42
Windows Media


I have posted a new interview with writer Greg Rucka. Drop over to Gotham Knight page for the latest on this new video.


Click on this widget to check out the latest images, trailer, clips, character & DVD info. and sign up for email updates. The Official Batman Gotham Knight website is at

Be sure to visit the official website at to see the new teaser for this video. It arrives in stores July 8. Go to Batman-Gotham for an interview with writer Alan Barnett. More information about the video can be found below in the DVD section.

BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHT is a fresh and exciting new entry into the Batman mythos, spinning out of a 40-year history in animation including the Emmy®-winning "Batman: The Animated Series," widely considered a pivotal moment in American animation. A cross section of distinguished creators, award winning producers, and acclaimed writers weave six interlocking stories that reveal Bruce Wayne's journey to The Dark Knight, each with stylish art from some of the world's most revered animation visionaries. BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHT will arrive July 8, 2008 on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc, and will also be available On Demand via digital cable and for download through broadband sites.
Below is the official trailer from Warner Bros: Gotham_Knight_WVBAT-A0010_300.asx

Warner Bros. is pushing the limits on this one. The graphics and music are wonderful. The Batman story is one I have enjoyed for years -- along with others in my family. I can't wait to see this video. Go to Gotham-Knight for more information.

Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden give soaring performances in Rails & Ties, director Alison Eastwood's moving tale of people in crisis and emotions at the brink. Bacon plays Tom Stark, a train engineer unable to face his wife's (Harden) illness. Then a terrifying railway collision leaves a little boy orphaned. Tom takes the boy into his home and - step by step, strength by strength - learns how to bond with the wife he adores by opening his heart to a boy who needs the security of a devoted family.

Director: Alison Eastwood
Actors: Kevin Bacon, Miles Heizer, Marcia Gay Harden, Eugene Byrd

Official site:
The magic of Warner Bros. can now be yours. Introducing the Warner Bros. Photo Collection. Fine art prints from Warner Bros. Entertainment?s, extensive archive available for sale online direct from, the Warner Bros. Studios Photo Lab at

For more information on other DVDs that have just been released and reviewed, go to New DVDs

SF Publications

CT #154 Cult Times Issue #154: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: James Callis talks about his character, Dr Gaius Baltar and whether his character's luck is changing in the final season. HEROES: Brand new Hero actress Dana Davis discusses why she avoided news of Hurricane Katrina when she got the part, and what it's like having Star Trek's Uhura as a grandmother! GHOST WHISPERER: Star Jennifer Love Hewitt relates tales of the recent spooky happenings on set and gives some insight into Melinda Gordon's far darker third season world.

Starburst #364 Starburst Issue #364: MUMMY 3: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR: Actor Brendan Fraser dusts the sand off his boots and discusses the second sequel to the 1999 action Fantasy film. DOCTOR WHO: Director Graeme Harper provides details on the return of former companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and the changing life of Donna (Catherine Tate). HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY - Director Guillermo del Toro provides a ring-side-seat right in the middle of a night-shoot of this sequel near Budapest… THE INCREDIBLE HULK - Director Louis Leterrier talks about his hopes for a hulking success with his rebooted version of the big green giant.

TV Zone #230 TV Zone #230: DOCTOR WHO: Director Graeme Harper discuses the epic drama of season finale Journey’s End - and casting a new Davros! STARGATE ATLANTIS: Actress Rachel Luttrell returns to Atlantis following onscreen and real life maternity, to take on a new guise as her character Teyla goes undercover as a Wraith Queen… BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: As the Galactica nears Earth and the pressure comes to bear on President Roslin, star Mary McDonnell reflects on the burdens of command. REAPER: Former Invasion star Tyler Labine reveals how he knew the part of slacker Sock was made for him when he spotted that the character indulged in the same ‘tape hand’ stunts that he did in reality…

Be sure to drop over to Titan Magazine's website for updates on magazines associated with specific shows like 24, ALIAS, ANGEL, BUFFY, CHARMED, LOST, PRISON BREAK, SMALLVILLE and STARGATE SG-1.

Comic Books

Thor #10 THOR #10
Written by J. Michael Straczynski, pencils and cover by Olivier Coipel.

As the Asgardians returned to this life and Thor returned to Midgard, so came the ills that have plagued the gods and man for millennia. Now for the first time since their rebirth, Thor and his fellow hero-gods are venturing forth from the Shining City to confront the growing evils that amass on their horizon...and within their walls... 32 pages, $2.99.

Dark Horse Comics

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. sets out on another globe-hopping adventure in Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods, the all-new mini-series filled with ancient treasures, Nazis, and a spectacular cover by Tony Harris (Ex Machina)!

Written by J. Michael Straczynski and Paul Jenkins, penciled by Ron Garney and Ramon Bachs, cover by Steve McNiven.
Experience Civil War and its major tie-ins in chronological order! In Captain America #25, find out what happens next in the life of the Sentinel of Liberty! The biggest Cap story that Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting have yet to tell, "Death of a Dream" will stun readers and send shockwaves through the entire Marvel Universe for the next year and it begins here! And in Civil War: The Confession, the team that brought you the start of Civil War with the New Avengers: Illuminati special presents a heart-wrenching finale. Two of the Marvel heroes most affected by the shocking conclusion of the war get together one last time. What is said between them will set the course of the Marvel Universe for years to come.

The Twelve #6 THE TWELVE #6
Written by J. Michael Straczynski, penciled by Chris Weston, cover by Paolo Rivera.
The Laughing Mask--behind bars! Secrets of the Black Widow--revealed! Dynamic Man kicks ass! The Blue Blade bombs out! And the truth behind the origin of underground secret agent Rockman!

Dr. Who Classics #1 DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS #1
by Pat Mills, Wagner & Gibbons

IDW Publishing is proud to kick off its Doctor Who line with monthly re-presentations of classic Doctor Who comics, featuring some of the best talents in the business! Up first, adventures featuring the fourth doctor courtesy of Pat Mills, John Wagner, and Dave Gibbons (Watchmen). Each issue will feature all-new state-of-the-art coloring by color artist Charlie Kirchoff, as well as an all-new cover by Joe Corroney (Star Trek).
Here's how IDW describes the issue:
"The legendary Doctor Who is back, with the first-ever stories created exclusively for the U.S. market. The Doctor is the last of the Time Lords, survivors of a Great Time War and, along with his loyal friend and companion Martha Jones from London, they stop oppression, darkness and evil spreading throughout the galaxies. They're also on the hunt for the best chocolate milkshakes in the cosmosŠ and while they track that down, someone else has the Doctor in their sights. As the very last Time Lord out there, he's highly collectable, to the right people..."


Marvel Adventures The Avengers #17 will arrive in stores on Oct. 17 from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by J. Michael Straczynski, with art and cover by Joe Quesada. Here's how Marvel describes the issue:
"Ok, you're a super hero. And you've got to fight a robot. But while the robot can punch and blast you with lasers, you can't touch him. That's a problem, right? That's what the Avengers are up against when they encounter The Vision!"

Marvel Adventures The Avengers #17 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.99.

Silver Surfer: Reqiuem #4 will arrive in stores on August 29 from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by J. Michael Straczynski, with art and cover by Esad Ribic. Here's how Marvel describes the issue:
"For untold years, Norrin Radd surfed the galaxy, exploring the darkness between stars, witnessing the rise and fall of vast civilizations. Now his ride comes to an end. Zenn-La, the planet of his birth, the planet he saved through his own sacrifice -- the Silver Surfer crossed the galaxy to draw his last breath here. He¹s home. What waits for him?"
Silver Surfer: Reqiuem #4 will be 32 pages and will cost $3.99.

THE SITE IS NOW COMPLETE! If you are a fan of old series, you just have to visit". While BABYLON 5 is not listed, there are a lot of my old favorites, including IT TAKES A THIEF, IRONSIDE, AIRWOLF, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (all of them), THE PRETENDER, REMINGTON STEELE, HART TO HART, ROSWELL, MIAMI VICE, BIONIC WOMAN, THE SIXTH SENSE, JOHN DOE, 24 -- and many, many more. The list of movies available is pretty good as well, including ALIEN (4 of them), PLANET OF THE APES, X-FILES, X-MEN (2) and more. I can see that I'll be spending a lot more time on-line in the very near future. Now that the first season of BABYLON 5 has been made available, we can only wait to see what other favorites will follow.
There are some great series for the kids, including FLIPPER and ASTRO BOY. The best part -- IT IS FREE!


David Allen Brooks Tim Choate Galen - Peter Woodward

You do NOT have to pay the prices asked for over at e-bay! Here are photos of B5 and Crusade cast members at fantastic prices. Check out Photo Shop. Ordering is easy -- and you can't beat the prices! Just let me know which photos you want and I'll check to make sure they are still in stock.


July 11-13, 2008
Place: Marriot's Hunt Valley Inn
City: Baltimore, MD
B5 Guest: W. Morgan Sheppard (Soul Hunter) Guests: David Hewlett, George Takei, Malcolm McDowell, Jewel Staite, Kate Hewlett, Mark Sheppard, Leah Cairns

For more information, go to
July 11-13, 2008
Place: Double Tree By Hilton - Toronto Airport
Guests: Rachel Luttrell (Teyla Emmagan: Stargate Atlantis) *Sunday Only; Ellen Muth (George Lass: Dead Like Me); Jason Dohring (Josef Konstantin: Moonlight)and authors like Jim Butcher (Dresden Files) and more.
For more information, go to

July 11-13, 2008
Place: Stamford, Connecticut
Guests: Conner Trinneer, Adrian Paul, people from Star Trek, Stargate and others
For more information, go to

July 18-20, 2008
Place: Backbay Sheraton Boston Hotel
B5 Guests: Bruce Boxleitner, Peter Woodward, Mira Murlan, Tracy Scoggins, Jason Carter (cancelled), Dylan Neal
Other Guests: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, tons of people from Star Trek, Andromeda and others
For more information, go to

July 19-20, 2008
Place: Executive West Hotel
City: Louisville, TN
Guests include Dirk Benedict, the original Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica
For more information, go to

July 23-27, 2008
City: San Diego, California
Place: San Diego Convention Center
B5 Guest: J. Michael Straczynski
Guests: Tons of people from the comic book realm
For more information, go to

July 25-27, 2008
JUMPCON - Pittsburgh
Place: Westin Convention Center
City: Pittsburgh, PA
B5 Guest: Marjean Holden (Crusade), Dylan Neal (Legend of the Rangers)
Guests: Adrian Paul, Elizabeth Gracen, Spike Spencer, Paul Wingfield,JR Bourne, Vic Mignogna, Colin Baker, Steve Bacic
For more information, go to

July 26-27, 2008
Place: Monroeville, PA (near Pittsburgh)
Guests: Anthony Forrest, Star Wars, Vanessa Branch and Lauren Maher, Pirates of the Caribbean, THE BATMOBILE - 1966 model
For more information, go to

August 1-3, 2008
Place: Somerset, New Jersey
Babylon 5 Guest: Dylan Neal (Legend of the Rangers) Guests: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, tons of people from Star Trek, Stargate and others
For more information, go to

Las Vegas August 6-10, 2008
City: Las Vegas, Nevada
Place: Las Vegas Hilton Hotel
Guests: Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy and a huge guest list of Star Trek cast members

For more information, go to

August 6-10, 2008
Place: Denver, Colorado
For more information, go to

August 8-10, 2008
Place: Washington, DC
B5 Guests: Jason Carter (cancelled), Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy Scoggins, Mira Furlan, Claudia Christian, Peter Woodward, Walter Koenig, Ed Wasser, Maggie Egan, Peter Jurasik, William Forsythe, Marjean Holden, Joshua Cox, Mary Kay Adams, Stephen Furst, Kitty Swink

Other Guests: Tons of people from Star Trek, Stargate and others
For more information, go to

August 15-17, 2008
Place: Cleveland, Ohio
B5 Guests: Jason Carter, Kitty Swink

Other Guests: Adrian Paul, Tim Russ, Teryl Rothery, tons of people from Star Trek, Stargate and others
For more information, go to

August 22-24, 2008
Place: Detroit, Michigan
B5 Guests: Jason Carter

Other Guests: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Adrian Paul, Teryl Rothery, tons of people from Star Trek, Stargate and others
For more information, go to

August 22-24, 2008
City: Chicago, Illinois
Place: Wyndham O'Hare
Guests: Michael Shanks, Ben Browder, Don Davis, Alexis Cruz, Lexa Doig, David Kykl
For more information, go to

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS! Creation Entertainment has a large number of conventions planned for the next several months. They include stars from STARGATE, ENTERPRISE, FARSCAPE, XENA, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, etc. Check out their calendar to see if one will be in your neighborhood soon. Don't miss their Videos page as well. It is full of some priceless video from a number of conventions.

Be sure to visit the referenced sites to see if there have been changes in dates/guests attending. Visit our Convention Calendar for a full listing of upcoming conventions.


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